Where to Look in the Bible for Jews 

Who was the Bible written for? Read Genesis 5:1

Who did Jesus come for? Read St. Matthew 15:24

Are Jews Israel? Read St. John l0:24-26

Why Aren’t the Jews Israel? Read St. John 8:44

Did the Jews come from Abraham? Read St. John 8:39

Were the Jews ever in bondage? Read St. John 8:33

Did Cain come from Adam? Read Genesis 3:1, 13-l5

Who is this serpent? Read Revelation 12:9

Was Cain of the wicked one? Read John 3:12.

Is Israel at war with the Canaanite Jews? Read Genesis 3:15

What does the Bible say we are to do with these Canaanite Jews? Read Deuteronomy 7:1-6

Are we to “hate” the Jews since they are God’s enemies? Read Psalms 139:19-22

Did God say he would call His people Israel by a new name? Read Isaiah 62:2

What was this new name that Yahweh would call us by? Read The Acts 11:26

Would Jew Babylon be thrown down by violence? Read Revelation 18:21

Should we give heed to Jewish fables? Read Titus 1:14

Are the Jews anti-Christ? Read 2 John Chapter 7

Who is a liar? Read I John 2:22

Do the Jews deny that Jesus is the Christ? Read St. John 10:25 

Will there be any Canaanite Jews in the House of Yahweh of hosts? Read Zechariah 14:21

What is to happen to false preachers that teach that the Jews are “God’s Chosen”? Read Jeremiah Chapter 23

What is to happen to those who “overcometh”? Read Revelation 2:7

Do you know about the second mystery, the tares among the wheat? Read Matthew 13:24-30

Who are the tares? Is it not the devil and his children the Jews? Read St. Matthew 13:36-40