What We Believe

WE BELIEVE in the preservation of our Race, individually and collectively, as a people as demanded and directed by Yahweh. We believe our Racial Nation has a right and is under obligation to preserve itself and its members.

WE BELIEVE that Adam, man of Genesis, is the placing of the White Race upon this earth. Not all races descend from Adam. Adam is the father of the White Race only. (Adam in the original Hebrew is translated: “to show blood in the face; turn rosy.”) Genesis 5:1

WE BELIEVE that the true, literal children of the Bible are the twelve tribes of Israel, now scattered throughout the world and now known as the Anglo-Saxon, Germanic, Teutonic, Scandinavian, Celtic peoples of the earth. We know that the Bible is written to the family of Abraham, descending from Shem back to Adam. Yahweh blessed Abraham and promised that he would be the “father of nations.” This same promise continued through the seedline of Abraham’s son Isaac, and again to Isaac’s son Jacob, the patriarch of the twelve tribes, whose name Yahweh changed to Israel (Meaning: “he will rule as God”). Genesis 32:28; Exodus 12:31; 16:4; 19:20; Revelations 21:12

WE BELIEVE that there are literal children of Satan in the world today. These children are the descendants of Cain, who was a result of Eve’s original sin, her physical seduction by Satan. We know that because of this sin there is a battle and a natural enmity between the children of Satan and the children of The Most High God (Yahweh). Genesis 3:15; 1 John 3:12

WE BELIEVE that the Cananite Jew is the natural enemy of our Aryan (White) Race. This is attested by scripture and all secular history. The Jew is like a destroying virus that attacks our racial body to destroy our Aryan culture and the purity of our Race. Those of our Race who resist these attacks are called “chosen and faithful.” John 8:44; 1 Thessalonians 2:15; Revelations 17:14

WE BELIEVE that there is a battle being fought this day between the children of darkness (today known as Jews) and the children of light (Yahweh, The Ever living God), the Aryan Race, the true Israel of the bible. Revelations 12:10-11

WE BELIEVE in the gam-ma’di’on (ga’ma’di-on), n.; pl. -DIA (-a). [MGr., dim. of gamma.] A cross formed of four capital gammas (I’), esp. in the figure of a swastika. Gamma among early Christians symbolized Christ as a cornerstone of the church. WEBSTER’S DICTIONARY.

WE BELIEVE that the present world problems are a result of our disobedience to Divine Law.

WE BELIEVE that there is a day of reckoning. The usurper will be thrown out by the terrible might of Yahweh’s people, as they return to their roots and their special destiny. We know there is soon to be a day of judgment and a day when Christ’s Kingdom (government) will be established on earth, as it is in heaven. “And in the days of these kings shall the God of heaven set up a kingdom which shall never be destroyed; and the kingdom shall not be left to other people, but it shall break in pieces and consume all these kingdoms and it shall stand forever. The saints of the Most High, whose kingdom is an everlasting kingdom, and all dominions shall serve and obey Him.” Daniel 2:44; 7:18; 7:27

A Racial Symbol Seven Points of Spiritual Perfection, the Beginning and Ending of the Message to a Race.

1. The Crown: The symbol of our Father’s complete and immutable sovereignty over all things, the One and Only God, Whose Name is YAHWEH.

2. The Three Jewels: Of the Crown symbolize the Divine and complete perfection, the Triune absolute of our Father, The Everliving God.

3. The Shield: A symbol of our Christian Faith and Trust in His perfect Law and Covenants He has made to them that keep the Faith.

4. The Two-Edged Sword: A symbol of truth that proceeds forth solely from Him and shall, by His Divine sovereign will, be the instrument of His vengeance upon all that hate Him.

5. The Revolving Resurrection Cross: Centered on the Sword of Truth, symbolizing the returning to the righteousness of our Rare, who yet one day will be placed on the right hand of Christ in Faith of the sure promise of resurrection.

6. The Cross of Jacob: Symbolizing the blessings to Israel centers upon the Sword of Truth and Resurrection Cross. The three bars on each of the four comers symbolize the twelve tribes of His Racial nation’s inheritance in His Kingdom.

7. The Square: Outline symbolizes Divinely appointed four-square formation and order commanded by Yahweh of Hosts for the armies of the tribes of Israel in their beginning as His Nation and the symbol of the four-square city of His New Jerusalem with the twelve gates for the tribes of Israel, the Aryan Race of God.

Upon three pillars stand all the reason and purpose, all the hope of the creation, all the promise of “life,” and all that is to come.

The FIRST principle: our Race, a People related to Him Who beget us and of Whom we alone can in truth say, “OUR FATHER“.

The SECOND principle: our individual and collective national asset of will honoring the mutual brotherhood of our elect racial family.

The THIRD principle: total commitment of fidelity to the Law of Life for preservation of the existence of our life. The Life is the purpose by the Creator, Whom we call YAHSHUA, of all that was made.

Irrefutable Facts of Scripture, History, and Science: NATION is the Racial, Cultural and Spiritual cohesion of a People.

RACE is the Blood and Soul of the Nation. The Individual is a part of the Nation, with a share in its Purpose.

The Individual does not live for himself, but for his Race, Nation, and Posterity; for they are constant while the Individual is transient.

Individuals are shackled by the constant struggle to survive, and only a Nation of people who accept the struggle will survive: Only a Nation can be free.

Men are the Mind and Seed o€ the Nation. Women are the Heart and Earth of the Nation.

The Elderly are the Historical Treasures and Wisdom of the Nation.

FAMILY is the Foundation of the Nation; from it the structure of the Nation is derived, without it the Nation ceases to exist.

Children are the Immortality of the Nation and its most Precious Gifts. Children are the Reason and Purpose of the Nation; their Rights are Absolute. All exist for the child’s well-being.

NATURE is the Unwritten Law of the Nation: Kind unto Kind.

SOCIAL JUSTICE, the structure of Aryan government, is derived from the Law Word of our EVER LIVING FATHER AND GOD.

The whole thrust of the Aryan Nation’s movement is not just to be an organization but aims to be an organism, i.e., a structure of our racial kindred so integrated that their relation to one another is governed by their relation to the WHOLE, which is our salvation and the Temple of YAHWEH our Father and God!

1. A united racial convocation to establish a national and international Aryan solidarity of purpose for the existence, sustenance and reproduction of our Race.

2. To massively re-propagate to the masses of our racial kindred the culture, heritage and destiny of the White Aryan Race of God.

3. To ordain and establish a STATE representing the voice and will of the Aryan Race as a DIVINELY ORDAINED, SOVEREIGN, INDEPENDENT PEOPLE, separated from all alien, mongrel people in every sphere of their individual and national life.

4. To ordain, establish, and pledge our fidelity to our Aryan Racial Nation, under the Law of God, the uniting of our individual strength as a united lawful power, for the preservation and total independence from all alien influence and control over our Faith, Children, and Destiny.

5. To establish by this lawful Congress of our Race, executive, administrative, and judicial departments, to carry out the functions of lawful Aryan Civil Government and to provide for the defense of our Racial Nation.

WHEREAS: The White Aryan Race, regardless of our ethnic division or geographical location is now totally dispossessed of any STATE, (government) by, of, and for our race, culture and heritage, and

WHEREAS: The United non-White races of the under the guidance and leadership of Jewry, an international mongrelized mixture, are in the process of culminating their ancient war for the total extinction of our racial seedline, and

WHEREAS: All the POWERS possessed by these enemies devoted to the extinction of our race comes solely from the mental and material creations of our race, and

WHEREAS: It is by our racial failure to abide in and by the Covenant Law (Constitution) ordained solely for OUR RACE that we have become subservient slaves to the alien, serving them for our own destruction.Yahweh.

THEREFORE: WE, A REMNANT OF OUR RACIAL ARYAN NATION, who have not and will not bow the knee to the destroyer, do hereby seek a convocation, a Congress to meet in solemn assembly to HOIST A STANDARD and commence a great Aryan Racial Regeneration, to separate ourselves individually and nationally from laboring for that which destroys US.

1. We recognize that there exists no place in any branch of the Aryan Race a state of our Racial Nation.

2. An Aryan National State is an institution of God that has a single duty to itself and the people of the Racial Nation: The preservation of the Race, culture and people of the Nation.

3. There exists a Law Order that governs the life of men and Nations of men in that obedience to this life law is life; disobedience is death.

4. The Creative “Life Spirit” of the Adamic Aryan can only exist through the purity of the Race throughout all their generations [as with Noah].

5. No compromise or adulteration of this basic organic life-law principle can be made without violating all law.

6. The only hope for redemption of the Aryan Racial household is the return to the fundamental life law.

7. Life law is inseparable from the political government under which the Aryan Racial family lives.

8. Only by the single United Will of the people of the Racial Nation can there exist a state of government for the Nation.

9. The people of the Nation create the State; the state does not create the People.

10. A Nation begins and ends as a Race; everything else is predicated upon this fact.

11. There is, and can be, no separation of the “spiritual worship State” and the “political state”.

12. We have but one hope as a Racial Nation and that is the Life Law of our Father and God.

Previous to America’s discovery many Aryan civilizations and cultures had passed into dust bins of history. At America’s beginnings the Aryan Race of Britain, Holland, France Spain, Portugal, Belgium — all vibrant, energized peoples were sailing the oceans, probing the untrod wildernesses of the earth. Despite their ethnic diversity and linguistic differences they had sprung from the same racial seedline, and there existed within them a common energizing principle. Yet within each also were the seeds of decomposition, which would, if allowed to remain, short circuit the source of their power, prosperity and mental energy. As the foregoing countries and empires have now faded away to fourth and fifth-rate powers with their peoples now being swarmed by alien hoards, well may we take heed of our coming fate.

We of America should be aware of the warning of Professor Karl Behr of Munich, “that the best established doctrine of Historical Philosopy was that all the power, prosperity, and mental energy of a Race or Nation sprang from and lived by its Religion; that when its Religion ceased to be its Faith that is, its energizing principle the intellect, power, vigor, and prosperity of that Race or Nation died away in proportion, and ultimately perished, both mentally and physically.”

The time shall come that the lawful Constitution (Covenant) shall reinstituted by the will of our Race to return to their be original Covenant.

To re-establish the sanctity of the individual and make available to all of our “Racial Nation” the opportunity of full liberty; to be makers of their own destiny, and exercise their own right of self-determination within the framework of God’s eternal, natural Law Order!

Article I Only Aryans (The White Race) are allowed citizenship of the Nation, and only citizens can:
Vote and own property within the National borders. Conduct business, possess (keep) and bear arms.
Hold office in government, industry and society.

Comprise military and law enforcement personnel.

Be free of all taxation other than voluntary tax upon the net increase in wealth upon the previous year.
Receive interest free loans.
Have equal rights and duties.
Be free to perform the mental or physical work of their own choosing.

Article II Non-citizens can visit in the Republic, but only under the custodianship of a citizen.

Article III All racial hybrids (jews) are to be repatriated from the Republic’s territory. All of their wealth is to be redistributed to restore our people. It will be a capital offense to advocate or promote Anti-Christ Jewish Talmudism/Jewish Communism in any manner, recognizing that this has been the greatest crime against our people.

Article IV All beliefs that are hostile to Christianity will be prohibited. All Talmudism and other Satanic, Heathen beliefs will be outlawed. There will be encouragement of the expansion of true “positive Christianity”.

Article V There will be a thorough reconstruction in the local citizen and parental responsibilities, and control of the educational process in order that the curriculum will be brought in line with the requirements of practical life. There will be a renaissance of White Aryan Heritage, Culture, Sciences, Arts and Humanities.

Article VI A creditable news media will be established for the betterment of the people by; Requiring all having any part of the media to be citizens. Prohibiting the circulation of any non-white media, except with permission of the government and then only with the appropriate commentary from the Aryan point of view. Forbidding the publication, broadcasting, televising or circulation of any material that is not conductive to the National Welfare.

Article VII The Government, as a servant of all the Nations Citizens shall; Perform its duty, which is to protect and prosper the purity of its racial citizens and defend the territory of these citizens. Promote and preserve the industry and livelihood of the citizens.
Raise the health of the Nation by promoting a program of nutritional food production and processing, eliminate the current practice of damaging and poisoning life and environment. Provide honest aid to farmers and other business people, and shall restore to all citizens rightful land ownership.
Make the necessary provisions for the aged, who have been impoverished by fraud (inflation).

Eliminate any form of parasitical gain, both in government and in private practice, for a Nation divided against itself cannot prosper or survive.
Abolish all White against White fratricidal/genocidal wars; any murder of a white citizen is a capital offense.
Confiscate all unearned wealth, stolen by fraud or usury and that which is gain from war. The right of lawful inheritance is inviolable.

Nationalize all monopolies and multi-national interest. Immediately bring about land reform and completely prohibit land speculation and ownership of land and industry by racial aliens. Abolish the present fraudulent money system with its privately “Jew-Owned” Federal reserve system, and establish an interest- free monetary system based upon a just set of weights and measures.

Stop the practice of feeding and arming the enemies of our race and culture, and force all nations that want our food and technology to purchase it with their own wealth and to accept our lawful authority. Immediately annul all foreign alliances and treaties with the non-white nations who will not abide by our God given Laws.

Article VIII A ruthless war must be waged against any whose activities are injurious to the common interest, and that there be a immediate cessation of dishonoring the Nation.

Article IX Abolish the current materialistic Jewish “Law Merchant” judicial system and all “laws of men”. Establish our own God – Ordained, racially inherent Anglo-Saxon/Germanic Common Law Order.

Article X In order to implement the forgoing, a renewal of Racial self-respect in the Knowledge of our God’s Eternal Life Law Order, and the will to return to it with heart, soul and mind is imperative.

Feels no obligation to send thousands of White military personnel to distant lands to be killed for the purpose of enforcing the corporation’s greedy desires for cheap-labor. Wars that were not economic, were religious; both are anathema to our Racial family.

Is strongly opposed to drugs. Society has a problem when our youth turn to drugs to solve their problems, and when teachers and parents are unable to help their own kids work their problems out. Drugs are nothing more than a blueprint for destruction. Where you find drugs, you find non-whites, murder, rape, robberies, violent crime, and degeneracy. We want no part in this sickness that has a hold on American society. We seek to eradicate all these elements. However, police state oppression is even worse than drugs.

Does not support the program of Race-Mixing which is being promoted and pushed by schools, churches, media, and humanist groups around the country degenerating the White Race into a Third (TURD) World society.

The only way a race of people can exist in harmony is when that race recognizes its obligation to nature, and keeps its species genetically superior the way nature intended it to be. The tragedy of race-mixing is that it destroys your ancestors’ seed line, as well as disgracing your family. The sad part is that the child of this type of relationship will feel the effects for a lifetime, of two people’s twisted and lustful desires, in that the child has no racial identity or culture to adhere to.

Struggles against the fat-cats, the power structure, and the corruption of our own race. In reality, we are in a White Civil War to take control from the economic determinist (who has an allegiance only to the dollar) and return the control of our racial future to racial and cultural determinist.

Above all, appeals to self-starters, natural leaders, not robots. Whether student, businessmen or woman, homemaker, construction worker or senior. We are here for you and you are the future of your Race.

“We enjoin all people to choose intelligently which side they will be on. Make sure that you have the greatest number of relevant facts possible. There will surely come a day when fence-sitting will be impossible. And, once you have made up your mind and begin to act, the die is cast for you. There will be no turning back.”

1. ARYAN NATIONS is a White Racial “THEO-POLITICAL” MOVEMENT, It is a “GEOPOLITICAL” MOVEMENT for the re-establishment of White Aryan sovereignty over the lands of Aryan settlement and occupation.

2. ARYAN NATIONS is RACIAL, NATIONAL, in that our Race is our Nation on earth and every White Aryan is a member of this Racial National body regardless of geographical location of birth.

3. ARYAN NATIONS is “RACIAL” NATIONALISM, in that each country of our Race’s inhabitation is an essential national member of our racial body on earth.

4. ARYAN NATIONS is “LAWFUL,” in that it upholds and proclaims creation’s supreme “LAW OF NATIONS,” the Law of Nature’s God embodied in the Ten Commandments.

5. ARYAN NATIONS is “PROGRESSIVE,” in that it stands for the restoration of co-ordination of the Nation’s members of our racial body for the fulfillment of our Race’s purpose and reason for being on earth.

6. ARYAN NATIONS is “LIBERTY,” in that only by the sovereign Aryan will to return to the Creator’s Life Law may all creation be liberated from its present pain of travail.

7. ARYAN NATIONS is “HOPE,” in that the Plague of Death now upon our Nations may only be removed by restitution of God’s Life Order.

8. ARYAN NATIONS is “CHRISTIANITY,” in that by and through our Race, The Creator YAHWEH’s Supreme Sovereign Word YAHSHUA Jesus The Christ became flesh for the healing of the Nations. Luke 1:30-35; Isaish 9:6-7Redemption of our Aryan

The constitution of the Aryan World and National Aryan State is based upon the Leadership principle.

The Covenant combines the people’s will with the authority of administering the Law.

The best form of State and Constitution is that which, with natural sureness of hand, raises the best brains of the community to a position of leadership and predominant influence.

The end in view of all Aryan efforts and institutions is the preservation and increase of the race and people of their Father and God.

The Aryan Constitution is Divinely ordained and based upon Eternal Life Law principles.

The Divine-Ordained Aryan Constitution stems from a single central authority. The heads of all departments carry full responsibility in their work, exercising control over subordinates and being subject to the general control of their superiors. Such is the executive foundation of the Aryan National State.

The Aryan United States represents the leadership or the control of its own destinies by the entire community as a Nation and Race.    Neither the merchants nor the workers, private class nor group, can control a State for its own private interests.

Capitalism, or the lending and borrowing of money at interest, cannot be in the Aryan State. The economic system is, under Divine Law, controlled towards the equation of production and consumption in which there is only income earned by work.

The starting point of an Aryan National State is not the State but the people. The supreme test of every institution is: Does it preserve the people?

Intolerance of opposing ideas is necessary to strength. Strength lies in the disciplined observance of rigid principle based upon preservation of Nation and Race.

The Aryan political concept of government is by statesmen trained in natural Divine Law and administrators, advised by technical experts in the various fields of economic and cultural activity.

The Aryan views not only his State and Nation but his Race throughout the earth; and he works for understanding and union between the different language of the one, ordained ruling Race. Against the international organization of Jewry he sets his Aryan Christian World union.

Aryan Nationalism embraces the heroic Aryan principle. Sacrifice for the Cause rather than personal pleasure must be the guiding light. For, on the foundation of Aryan strength and unity are built the only possibilities of individual fullness of life. To the anti-Christ doctrine of the prime importance of the individual, the Aryan Nationalist replies with the doctrine of common Racial interest before private interest. This concept, together with the leadership principle forms the basis of this Aryan Christian Constitution, a Divine Compact.

The Aryan Nations movement is not mere theory: it is the acknowledgment of the millions of our Race that they are brothers and sisters. The future of an Aryan America as of the whole Aryan world, does not depend on the number of associations which work for this future, but it rather depends on the question whether the will of the many can be successfully brought to acknowledge our Father’s single Will and, thus, be united in a movement which will execute our purpose and our ordained mission on earth.

We are always cautiously seeking out men and women to help us continue our noble fight for survival of the White race. We are an elite organization, known as the Aryan Nations.

We are not a prison gang. We are a legal and law abiding organization. We are only looking for like minded people such as ourselves that can contribute to the cause.

The Church of Jesus Christ Christian – Aryan Nations possess what it takes to seek out and accomplish our goals as did those before us. Our primary purpose is to unite White citizens of our country together to fight for our Christ, Race and Nation.

Spirituality is the ultimate aim of the Church. It emphasizes the reality of spiritual things, and seeks to build up belief in the reality of spiritual life. It will cultivate the highest ideals and aspirations. It will develop faith, courage, confidence, sympathy, responsibility for others, self sacrifice and service. It will make these qualities operational in every aspect of human life and conduct. Its method is instruction, and its medium is the ritual. It recognizes that without the cultivation of Christianity, a man possesses neither a strong Character nor a TRUE life.

The life of a TRUE Aryan Warrior is noble, unselfish, loving, and pleasing before the eyes of Almighty GOD.