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Here, you can find many videos we have uploaded for our Kindred. Subscribe and share our videos with others you wish to share Truth with. As they say, the Truth hurts; people will hate you for knowing the Truth. The world is full of White people, who hate themselves, Faggots, Race Mixers (Mongrels), Drug Addicts, and many other Abominations. They are the ones who wish to hide the Truth from you, so you don’t know whats really going on in America, a one time Aryan Nation, full of whites. Now the enemies want to hide certain facts from you, while propagating jewish-lies of equality with non-whites. simply open your eyes and see for yourself the real world we live in.


Pastor Richard G. Butler on the Aryan Nations – Racial Symbol

Aryan Nations-Nigger Bumfights

Johnny Rebel-The Complete Collection

Biblical Truth