Here is our Ready to Print Flyer section. The message of white power must reach decent White people throughout the land in order to build a solid grass-roots power base. Your activism is the key element in this effort. You can spread the word by means of literature distributions. They are easy and low cost. We ask that you Flyer drop legally. So, here are some rules we ask our members to follow:

  • Don’t use any edible item as weights (falls under food tampering)
  • Don’t leave any candy or edible item as gift (falls under food tampering)
  • Don’t use large rocks as weights (will be considered a weapon)
  • Don’t use metals/metallic objects/marbles as weights (falls under bomb making materials)
  • Don’t put flyers in the mailbox, it’s illegal for anyone other than USPS to use a mailbox. It’s legal to leave flyers in driveway or porch. The yard falls under litter ordinance and you will be fined.
  • Local ordinances vary widely by towns even in the same state on leaving flyers on windshields and telephone polls so check first.
  • Don’t leave flyers filled with threats or commands to incite others to do harm/kill
  • Don’t use violent imagery with nooses, guns, swords, blood etc. Official logos/emblems/flags containing guns or swords is fine.
  • Don’t distribute flyers in majority non-white neighborhoods. It no longer is protected speech at that point, it’s harassment and possible terrorism. Distribute AN literature in White neighborhoods.