The Truth About the Sadistic Souls MC

A Decade AgoSadistic Souls MC Were Publicly Denounced and Exposed by Pastor Morris L. Gulett

Nothings changed; it’s 2023, the Mamzers and Nigger Lovers at Sadistic Souls MC are NOT in anyway affiliated with or sanctified by The Church of Jesus Christ Christian / Aryan Nations – World Headquarters, as you can see, and tell. Sadistic Souls MC are anti-Christian, using both our logo and Ben Klassens Creativity Movement Logo, without authority. The bogus “biker” idea was something the ADL / ZOG put together in 2007, and stopped in 2009; just before this “sadistic” group coincidentally formed out of thin air, the following year, in 2010.

Their “National President” (Dennis McGiffen) has a Mulatto grandson and has a Race-Mixing son, who has their mulatto breed baby by a Nigger. The Nigger lover, son, is also, a “National Officer”, with this so-called “White Nationalist”, motorcycle FED club. Check dates of both bike Gangs… it all coincides. Coincidence? No… The “Black and Silver Solution” is just another brand for the FEDS after it gained some members between 2007-2009 (with the other name), before changing its name of operation to “Black and Silver Solution”. August Kries was also one of the original chomos behind this biker FED idea.

In 2012, Dennis came into contact with Pastor Morris L. Gulett with an idea to form a “Biker Division”. Dennis became a ranking officer under Pastor Morris L. Gulett, under The Church of Jesus Christ – Christian / Aryan Nations; not the other way around, as they would wanna believe. That same year, in 2012, Pastor Morris L. Gulett found out these fakes were trying to infiltrate and destroy CJCC / AN with their anti-Christ “Black and Silver Solution”. Dennis was quickly banished from the Organization and Pastor Morris L. Gulett posted on the old Aryan Nations website that he had separated ties with these Race Mixing frauds. That’s when Dennis responded, calling Pastor Morris L. Gulett a “Rabbi” (further mockery and disrespect of the CJCC Ministry).

The articles can be found on the Internet word for word. Now Dennis claims on his bogus site that anybody wearing the founding Color Guard (Blue Shirts) is a “FED”. No. He is a FED, or retard that is trying to make this Organization anything other than what Pastor Richard G. Butler would have accepted; not following one single doctrine given to us by the late Pastor of our Church. Dennis wants to claim that Aryan Nations is a biker Gang, and NOT a Church. Pastor Butler would NEVER approve of a “Biker” Division, there never was one, therefore any bikers claiming it changed to one in 2012, when they were only members and soon became banished under Pastor Morris L. Gulett is just bogus.

ADL and SPLC speak of Dennis being a “Leader” and promote his Gang, because he works with them. One hand washes the other, with a main goal to destroy. These are the same Jews at SPLC & ADL who made claims to all the other false factions, that weren’t true, like August Kreis being one of the “leaders” amongst many others who tried removing The Church of Jesus Christ Christian Ministry from Aryan Nations.

Pastor Richard G. Butler didn’t work his entire life, with Betty, to fight for what they believed; risk everything, lose everything and lay the seeds for future generations, to only have some silly biker Gang throw it all away, and replace CJCC with some silly “Sadistic Souls MC”. That’s just simple and logical facts.

Anybody who believes the idea of removing the ministry from our Organization is a great idea and sides with heathens, race mixers, and anti-Christ, than you belong where you are, in your false biker Gang, ran by the ADL / SPLC.

The writing is on the wall. Sadistic Souls is a CONTROLLED PSYOP! Even the Jews at the SPLC have made reports on this Gang being Race-Mixers:


Dennis McGiffen teamed-up with well-known FED: Bradly Jenkins.

This Biker Gang is linked to FEDS.

By their fruit you will recognize them. Do people pick grapes from thornbushes, or figs from thistles?
-Mathew 7:16

This Race-Traitor, James McManus (AKA-Mazzone) and Agent Provocateur is NOT a Member of Aryan Nations. He was busted in early 2000’s selling cocaine (for third time) to white people. He has since caught animal abuse charges. We don’t want anybody to recognize this man as one of our state leaders. He is NOT affiliated with The Church of Jesus Christ Christian – Aryan Nations.

James makes another false claim that Pastor Richard G. Butler encouraged him to be a race mixer and marry with non whites to hurt the reputation of Aryan Nations:

William Fink makes a Blog on James:

The Catherine Daniels Story: