Dr. William Pierce on the Aryan Nations


From the American Dissent Voices broadcast: 
“Feasting on the sheep”

“Well, I promised you facts today.

I’ll give you the facts of a recent court case which illustrates how their system of bloodsucking operates. In Idaho, near Coeur d’Alene, there’s a church. It’s called “Church of Jesus Christ Christian.” Its minister is an 82-year-old retired aircraft engineer named Richard Butler, who came from California to Idaho in 1973, bought 20 acres of rural land, and built a church on it. He’s held Sunday services there for the past 27 years. Better known than the church itself is its outreach program, Butler’s “Call to the Nation,” which is also known by the name “Aryan Nations” and has members in many places outside of Idaho. Butler preaches a brand of Christianity generally known as “Christian Identity.” It’s a brand that is at odds with most of the mainstream brands, in that it preaches that Jesus wasn’t a Jew and that today’s Europeans are related to the Israelites of the Old Testament.Continue reading “Dr. William Pierce on the Aryan Nations”

Israel: the Harlot!

The JEWISH “nation” is the only nation that possesses the secrets of all the rest… there is no government in the world so completely at their service as America. “The British did this”, the Germans did that”, when it was the International Jew who did it…”the Americans are (now known as) a sordid, greedy, cruel people.” Why? Because JEWISH money‑power is centered here.Continue reading “Israel: the Harlot!”

Noahs Flood: Was the Flood Universal or Isolated? 

Was the Flood Universal or Isolated?
As I research this subject, the findings are dependant on the age of the commentary, and the source, whereas some comment that the flood was universal, while others conclude that it was an isolated event, and that the Biblical account has been taken out of context. I tend to agree with the latter, that the flood was an isolated event, and that the story grew and grew until it has become this well believed myth, and has lead to much scrutiny upon the Holy Scriptures. First, the position that the flood was in fact an isolated event is based upon the study of the original languages, second, upon geological and regional evidence, and third, it is based on the scientific impossibility, it is assumed that the date of the flood was approximately 2,348 BC, and many scholars look to an earlier date, so to believe this worldwide deluge happened, means that all animate live has regenerated within 4,351 years, and repopulated the earth, and also has evolved into all varieties, from the Negro to the Asiatic, from the Aryan to the Aborigine. Thus we all can look at this picture from a reasonable view and conclude that the story as told by the churches is impossible.Continue reading “Noahs Flood: Was the Flood Universal or Isolated? “

All Manner of Evil

The remnant of thinking white Aryans in America today are getting a dose of Jew perversion shoved down their collective throats! Its not bad enough that the movie industry, TV, and most all print media are full of lying Yid propaganda intimating that our male population have thrown their crowns of authority to the mongrel beasts of the earth.Continue reading “All Manner of Evil”

‘Racist’ Thesaurus & Dictionary 

The ‘Racist’ Dictionary


Function: Adjective
A member of a group or race characterized by light pigmentation of the skin. Consisting of white people or their culture marked by upright fairness. Free from color. Free from spot or blemish. Free from moral impurity. Innocent. Not intended to cause harm. Marked by the presence of snow. Heated to the point of whiteness as in white hot metal. Conservative in political outlook and action. Of, relating to, or constituting a musical tone quality characterized by a controlled pure sound, a lack of warmth and color, and a lack of resonance. Consisting of a wide range of frequencies — used of light, sound, and electromagnetic radiation. White light, White magic, White Book, White Flame, White wedding. “that’s very white of you!”
WHITE = GOOD!Continue reading “‘Racist’ Thesaurus & Dictionary “

Sodom and Gomorrah


This is a study of a very simple story from the Bible, however, when studied in detail, far more than just a simple scenario can be drawn from this event. As we know, Sodom, is a reference to the act of sodomy, the homosexual, sexual dis-orientation that again has come into the spotlight. The preachers speak of this as an example to the fact that sin will be judged, and not necessarily at the end time. This is true of coarse, but there is more to be learned from this passage. As it was back then, it is once again now, the democratic political party has made appeasement of sodomites one of their political goals, attempting to elevate them from the depravity of the gutter, into normal citizens, with “special interests”. To begin this study, let us look at what YHVH our God has to say about these sodomites being elevated into a position of “enlightened” citizens, by this illegal regime, which I unfortunately have to refer to as our Government.Continue reading “Sodom and Gomorrah”