Prophesies Against Esau / Edom

When I hear the tele-evangelists and the radio prophets speak, there is always this soft message of universal acceptance and we can save everyone in the world. Just out of curiosity, I was wondering from which Bible they received this information? One of the reasons that I prefer different translations of the Holy Scriptures is that they can be compared to the generally accepted translations, and then the reader can verify my work. One of the advantages to attaining advanced and multiple translations is that we can compare the translatorís interpretation, and in conflict, we know to seek advice through concordances, original Hebrew and Greek texts, and then linguistic lexicons to verify the correct intent of the writer. These translators, such as Noah Webster have already undertaken this task, so their work is more accurate than organized multi-denominational translation projects, or government sponsored projects. The translators are subject to interpreting to their own prerequisite ideals, so we still need to do original research to verify that they were entirely accurate. However, with the exception of the most modern translations, prejudiced by judeo-Christian cult heresy, and some of the earlier English translations, where the men involved used the Latin Vulgate instead of the Hebrew and Greek texts, there are some excellent works out there. Even with the newer translations, the intent can not be misconstrued beyond recognition, and by comparative study, the intent of the writer comes clear no mater what.Continue reading “Prophesies Against Esau / Edom”

Frequently Asked Questions About the Holohoax


1) What is historical revisionism? 

2) What is the Holocaust? 

3) Do revisionists ‘deny the Holocaust?’ 

4) What aspects of the Holocaust do revisionists believe to be supported by evidence?

5) What aspects of the Holocaust do revisionists believe to be unsupported by evidence? 

6) Wasn’t the Holocaust proven at the war crimes trials? 

7) Didn’t the Nazis themselves admit there was a program to exterminate the Jews? 

8) Do the photographs taken at the Nazi concentration camps at the end of the war prove the Nazis were exterminating people? 

9) Do captured German documents prove the Nazi regime was exterminating people? 

10) What was ‘the Jewish question?’ Continue reading “Frequently Asked Questions About the Holohoax”

Truth Behind A.I.D.S.!

I am for AIDS. It is an answer to my prayers to God to rescue and preserve the White race. Many of us have prayed to God to help and protect the White race. God is answering our prayers with the racial disease of AIDS. With AIDS, God is changing us White people from losers into winners. With AIDS, God is eradicating the jews, negroids, race mixers and sodomites; thereby preserving the White race, His people. I praise God for AIDS, We are now certain of White victory because of His victory over His enemies.Continue reading “Truth Behind A.I.D.S.!”

The Usurpers

Within the Scriptures, there are countless occasions of both the Jews being called the Children of God, [John 10:34-35] and also, the Jews being called Satanic, or the Children of Satan, [John 8:44] and this has caused much confusion as to who the Jews of the Bible truly are. Now for starters, we need to understand that the term Jew in the Scriptures is in fact not a racial term, but a regional term, such as American or Canadian, whereas whatever nationality turns up, seems to get the title American of Canadian whether part of the National Body or not, which in itself is not possible. Now the word Nation is rooted on Nationality, or Nativity, which is a racial term, however, an Aryan in South Africa is considered an African, by location, but obviously not by race. Let us examine the word Jew from the original languages. Strong’s Numbers;Continue reading “The Usurpers”

Nigger-Beast and Jews: NOT “in the Image of God”

The conduct of the negro at the present day and time, as in the past, demonstrates that the negro is a beast and not created in the image of God. With a black revolution and a race war already under way in America, The Church of Jesus Christ Christian / Aryan Nations is recruiting men and women who are willing to take the initiative stand against the enemies of our race.Continue reading “Nigger-Beast and Jews: NOT “in the Image of God””

Miracles of Yahshua

This teaching today is for the soul purpose of telling some of the Miracles that Yahshua (Jesus Christ) performed while here on the earth. All who wish to grasp this message, must strive beyond this to attain all knowledge available from here on out. For it is not nearly enough just to realize the miracles. We, the Aryan Kindred, must strive to be Like Him. We must be the major influence that other people take example from. As the true Children of Israel, we know that we are constantly being attacked by Satan and his minions. Yahshua was even attacked by Satan, but even Satan knows his reign on Earth is temporary. His existance here is prolonged by his spawn, the Jew.Continue reading “Miracles of Yahshua”

The “Whitehouse” is the Jew-House! 

Our own Race has betrayed us. 

Many whites have lost their facilities after drinking the poisonous wine of diversity, handed to them by the filthy jews. They have grown soft, stupid and easily manipulated. Our race is full of cowards, brainwashed sheep-people, mindless pawns who are easily used. Not all of our people are in this poetic condition, a few hearty souls and free-thinkers still exist, but their cries of anguish are often drowned out by masses screaming “Black Lives Matter”, the “Holocaust”, “Fags are descent people”, “Jews are our allies”, and the list goes on and on.

Whitey is in big trouble and we have our own Race to blame.Continue reading “The “Whitehouse” is the Jew-House! “