A Brief History of Baal Worship

Here’s a sculpture of Baal priest from ancient Ugarit. Notice how he’s clean shaven (Baal priests were described as “clean shaven”). Look at that yarmulke he’s wearing on his ugly head. Tell me this isn’t an ancestor of modern Jewry… this freak could go to any Synagogue and blend right in.

The Jewish Talmud wasn’t written until the 5th or 6th century AD. The fake Talmudic Jews of today are not the true children of Israel.Continue reading “A Brief History of Baal Worship”

Taking Back America!

Can you imagine a place where our streets are safe, free of drugs, rape, murder, and savage riots? Where our children can play without fear of Pedophiles, and drive by shootings. An Aryan Nation, where our kin can get a good education; when the school systems are liberated from disruptive “minorities” and non-white test scores which lower the standards for the European Americans.Continue reading “Taking Back America!”

Aryan Nations Math Lesson

Sure, Niggers are Pretty Much Retards. However, let’s take an Aryan Nations Math Lesson and Test the Aryan, who is Smart and Should be able to Understand Logics of Mathematics to Help differentiate Holohoax Facts from “Politically Correct” Jewish Fables.

According to the Holohoax myth, 6 Million Kikes were systematically killed by the “Ravenous Nazis” at Auschwitz alone, so let us do some mathematical calculations, so as to determine how this happened…..Continue reading “Aryan Nations Math Lesson”

Martin Lucifer Koon


When Black or other non-White people who live in a predominantly White culture feel disdain and hostility towards the society in which they live because their ancestors lacked the skills, knowledge or possessions of others in the dominant culture, often resulting in demands for reparations instead of accepting personal responsibility for their own situations and working to improve their lives through hard work, discipline, and other ethical means of achieving success and happiness.Continue reading “Martin Lucifer Koon”

The “god” of this World

Throughout my studies of scriptures, I have found that there is a clear process of selection for the Elect, and an obvious pattern of deception established for those who have not been selected, and in some cases, even to deceive the Elect. Now today we have terms such as; “political correctness”, “tolerance” and this loathsome cult of “Judeo-Churchianity”, for which we need to look for a common denominator which is in control of these basest of human degradations. It is clear and evident that the opposing powers are laid out within the Holy Scriptures, and the tactics of which are used are also evident. It is understood that before one goes to war, he needs to “know his enemy”, so likewise we also should look for the command and control structure of the satanic forces behind the world’s current depraved condition. First and foremost, we find that almost all humanity is in error when it comes to identifying the god of this World, most would say “Jesus”, or “God”, or “The Lord”, and unfortunately not only are they entirely wrong, but their answers show their submission to the demonic forces in enmity with Divine truth.Continue reading “The “god” of this World”

Aryan Nations Biblical History

Israelites were taken (between 745-700 B.C.) and became the so-called Lost Tribes of Israel. After a lapse of over 2,500 years, it might be thought that all hope of tracing the Israelites had been lost in the midst of antiquity. But archaeologists have, during the last hundred years, unearthed and published the original contemporary records of the Assyrians who took the Israelites captive, and it is from these records that vital clues have come to light. The clues, in the form of cuneiform tablets, identify the lost Israelites with the Assyrian name “Gimira.” They further recorded their migrations out of Asia Minor.Continue reading “Aryan Nations Biblical History”


Are you as weary as I am, and many, many more Bible readers are also, of the “anti-semitic” charges being bandied about so freely by modern day Jewry?

It is common knowledge that today’s Jews are made up of Ashkenazim and Sephardim, as described in my American College Dictionary published by Random House in 1968:

Ashkenazim: N. pl., German, Polish, and Russian Jews, (as distinguished from Sephardim, or Spanish Portuguese Jews). Heb. pI of Ashkenaz, a descendant of Japheth. (see Gen. 10:3)Continue reading ““Anti-Semitic””

1676 Thanksgiving Proclamation

On June 20, 1676, the governing council of Charlestown, Massachusetts, held a meeting to determine how best to express thanks for the good fortune that had seen their community securely established. By unanimous vote they instructed Edward Rawson, the clerk, to proclaim June 29 as a day of thanksgiving, our first. That proclamation is reproduced here in the same language and spelling as the original. Take note that I made the words “Covenant people” bold in the first sentence of this proclamation to demonstrate, that this is sound evidence, that our Forefathers were well aware of their own Israelite “Covenant People” Identity. Have a safe and Happy Thanksgiving…

-Pastor David J. MinerContinue reading “1676 Thanksgiving Proclamation”