America’s Illegal Alien Plague

A Blanket, a Bowl, and a Stick
In the matter of racial comparisons
The media shouts to the moon
About all the historic achievements of the Redskin, Spic and the Coon
Yet strangely when strolling museums
The white mans creations stand thick but all we can find of those others is a blanket, a bowl and a stick
No telephones, timeclocks or engines,
No lights that go on with a flick.
No airplanes or rockets or radios
Just a blanket, a bowl and a stick
Not one sioux indian submarine,
No african ice cream to lick, not a single mexican × ray machine, it’s a blanket, a bowl and a stick
So remember when history’s the subject, and revisionists are up to their tricks, the evidence tells quite another tale of a blanket, a bowl and a stick.

A poem by A.Wyatt Mann


When Black or other non-White people who live in a predominantly White culture feel disdain and hostility towards the society in which they live because their ancestors lacked the skills, knowledge or possessions of others in the dominant culture, often resulting in demands for reparations instead of accepting personal responsibility for their own situations and working to improve their lives through, inventions, creativity, hard work, discipline, and other ethical means of achieving success and happiness.

White Americans! We are at our most desperate hour!

Our Zionist occupied US government continues to wage total war against whites while many of our people slumber in ignorance. Uncle Sam’s declared war against the white race in the sixties and Americas state-sponsored genocide has continued steadily for over 70 years.

We are now seeing the end results of decades of our Zionist Occupied Government’s long goal to Eliminate the white European populace.

How did our race fall into such a desperate state? Continue reading “America’s Illegal Alien Plague”