The Importance of Race in History

History itself may very well be considered the greatest evidence as to the inherent differences between the races in the capability of forming and/or maintaining civilizations. Just as we measure a student’s performance in school on what grades he or she receives, we can also measure the performance of the human races on what they have accomplished throughout history. While most people are aware of the White origins of the ancient Roman, Greek, and Sumerian civilizations, fewer are aware of the White origins of the ancient Egyptian, Central American, Indian, Chinese, and Japanese civilizations. In essence, upon examining these civilizations, we can find not only that they were indeed created by White people, but that their decline and fall can be attributed to the fact that the creators of them intermarried with non-whites with the resulting offspring unable to maintain what their ancestors had created. Though we lack the space to cover this massive topic as thoroughly as it can and has been covered in other sources, I hope that the information which is provided below (from the book, White America) will enable you to understand that Race has played a crucial role in history, a role which our people would be wise to recognize lest we should continue our current path of “colorblindness”, a path which can only result in the destruction of the civilization our forefathers created for us. Written records cover but a short last chapter in human history. To grasp the results of contact by races, it is necessary to push back the curtain of history and trace earlier events. Prehistoric migrations of the Whites since the dawn of time carried with them the germs of intellect and culture which would later develop. When races are in permanent contact, there is racial intermarriage creating a mongrel race. However, the language, carvings, statues, and monuments remain to prove that members of the White race once built the civilization. Members of the White race have always been in motion, being away from Europe almost as much as they have been there. Civilization dawned along the Nile and Euphrates. Early White people ventured out to Greece, Rome, and Carthage. To the East they travelled to India and on to Asia. These race movements can easily be followed by skeletal remains, skull formations, implements, burial mounds, etc. A sign of the ancient White man was his burial cell and block (which led to todays vault and tombstone). J. McMillan Brown calls them: “A Caucasian track across the earth.” Renown British ethnologist Prof. A.H. Keane wrote: “These neo-lithic monuments, all of the stone cell and block types are found in Asia, Iran, Syria, Palestine, Arabia, Northern Africa, Ethiopia, the Crimea, the British Isles, and China.” This megalithic engineering is not found among the yellow or black races.

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Jewish Hatred of Jesus

Was there an organized Jewish conspiracy against the life and ministry of our Savior – the Lord Jesus Christ?

Let the Scriptures speak for themselves

“. . . of the Jews: Who both killed the Lord Jesus, and the prophets, and have persecuted us; and they please not God, and are contrary to all men: Forbidding us to speak to the Gentiles that they might be saved, to fill up their sin always: For the wrath is come upon them to the uttermost.”

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“Cabbala, Becoming like God”

Ba’al Shem Tov
Oy Gaveltavish!!!!!
Definitely not a cover model for G.Q.

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Febuary 23, 1918

A Fallen Hero Who will never be Forgotten… 
A man that gave his life to the cause and endured many a sacrifice.

A man who knew in his heart that the cause would be forever right.

A man who knew that we would not give way and dwindle throughout the night.

A man who we know will serve in the kingdom to come, as one of Yahweh’s Highest Knights.

Our history books will surely never mention of this date, born was a man whose courage and conviction was so profound, it had to be fate.

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Internet Nazi-vs-Racial Activist

I hope this missive is looked at with an open mind as it may shed light on a problem facing our collective Racial Movement. We have two types of people in this movement, now there are varying levels of these two types but basically everyone falls within these two groups. For sake of better terms I will call one group “Internet Nazi’s” and the other “Racial Activist”. Now most people in the movement have computers, that’s all well and good. The internet in theory was initially a means for us to network with each other more efficiently and be able to reach a vast number of people quickly with e-mail and websites. Oh yes the internet, the instrument that will tidal wave the movement through the 21st century. That was what we had hoped anyway. Well there’s more backbiting, infighting, gossiping, rumor mongering and overall disenchantment with people in the movement now than ever before. Think about that for a moment… and now think about this… it’s with far less people than in the days before the internet.Continue reading “Internet Nazi-vs-Racial Activist”