Aryan Nations Youth Action Corps

Aryan Youth,

Sick of seeing your town or city, school, and country going down the drain? Tired of Non-whites picking on and beating up Aryans just because they are white? Don’t you think it is not fair that you are not allowed to have a European Heritage club, but blacks can have Black pride clubs, and Mexican (Mestizos) Hispanic pride, even Metcha clubs on campus? Gay, and Asians are also awarded clubs, do you not find this wrong? Wiggers, graffiti, drugs, gangs, disruptive degenerates, affirmative action; vulgar, sexist racist rap music, anti-white, anti-Christian television and sediment? So are we, and we are willing to make a difference and clean up our community, and eventually our country! The Aryan Nations Youth Action Corps (ANYAC) is a youth organization, seeking to make a difference, and stand up for what he believes is right. He is tired of feeling guilty for being white, especially when he / she has so much to be proud of! A youth strives to excel in all aspects of life, family, school, sports, church, community, nation etc. The ANYAC wishes to build the youth both physically and mentally. 

Forever remember this fundamental fact: Your Race is your Nation, and your country is the land upon which your nation lives. This land is the Territorial Imperative for the life of the Nation. So many square miles of dirt do not make a “nation, “but the capacity of the people intellectually, morally and industrially to use the land upon which they live to benefit their lives and the welfare of the nation’s people as a whole do make a nation.

When young men are summoned to “defend their country,” it truly means the boarders of the land upon which their national household dwells, i.e. to repel invaders who wish to seize land, crops, cattle, homes, women, and to make slaves of men.

History confirms that whenever a people’s will to live is lost; they shall cease to exist for instance, as the Aryan cultures of Persia, Greece, and Rome. “No two objects can occupy the same place at the same time.” This law of physics applies also to governments, beliefs, and nations (Races).

Since World War II self-discipline has eroded to the point of near extinction, aided by the Jew perversion life. America’s moral decline “if-it-feels-good-do-it” view of should be obvious to even the most casual observer America is the world’s per capita leader in violent crime, promiscuity homosexuality (sodomy) , alcoholism, drug usage, teenage pregnancy, teenage suicide, occultism child abuse, incest, divorce. In most cases this moral decline is pornography, and aided and abetted by the existing de facto government. Moral debasement always precedes the demise of the Nation (Race).

We, who believe that the Aryan Race was begotten for a divine destiny, hold fast to the promise of our Father that those who “return” and keep His life Law shall be leaders of the new world dominion by and of our Race. Therefore, we seek those who have the “Will” – the determination, the courage and loyalty to persevere in the sacred duty imparted to us by our forefathers. Through deceit America, along with all White (Aryan) nations, are fast reaching the depths of hell’s pit of filth, slavery and death! Let us again return to the two witnesses of life: The National Social Order of Holy Scripture and the National Social Order of the Third Reich.

The Aryan youth of today hold either the promise certainty of extinction of regeneration Or the With the hope and prayer that perhaps ten percent of Aryan youth still possess the will to live, we struggle to impart knowledge to those who shall be the future leaders of our people.

In view of these things, among many others we seek to return to the standard code of conduct that once made us a great people as servants of our Father.

Aryan youth aims to be educated spiritually, mentally and physically for the service of the Race so that our Race may fulfill its manifest destiny and purpose. Youth movements, both for boys and girls, are a vital part of all Aryan States.

In young men the Aryan ideal is of physical and athletic fitness, reliability and determination of character, proficiency in chosen livelihood occupation, and general usefulness to the community.

In young women the accent is primarily on fitness for motherhood and homemaking, but also on athletics and arts.

Aryan youth regards its racial unity as indispensable to its continued strength. The concepts of race and nation must dominate all other social divisions. In unity and comradeship is the strength of the whole Aryan order. Aryan youth is sturdy and proof against all trials, is fearless and determined.

Aryan youth believes in action rather than in words and in the principle that youth must be led by youth. The Aryan does not devote himself /herself exclusively to personal interest. The ideal of service to the community predominates. To steel the body, to prepare and fortify the mind in order to serve race and God is the creed of Aryan youth.

Aryan youth knows first how to obey. Only he who knows how to obey can learn to command. Alongside the training and hardening of the body is the task of obedience and disciple in youth.

Aryan national discipline breeds love of order in the world in contrast to the parliamentary democratic chaos. Aryan youth is consciously idealistic and believes in sacrifice for the greater good of the community.

Aryan youth believes in the ideals and hard virtues necessary to the foundation of great peoples which never surrender or weaken before the blows of life.

Aryan youth is God-believing and abides in the Laws of God.

-Hikes, campouts, BBQ etc. 
-Sports, self-defense, physical training etc. 
-Distribution of printed materials (Leaflet drops) 
-Community Service (graffiti removal, recycling, trash removal, service to the elderly etc.) 
-Parade marches, rallies, protest 
-Bible Study 
-Other projects/Activities 

-Public Speaking 
-Moral Values 
-Valuable life skills 

– Are dedicated, loyal, discipline, and ready to learn and participate in all activities of the ANYAC, and who will be a true comrade. 
-Are proud of their rich European and American heritage. 
-Strive to do well and succeed in all aspects of life and be the best person of character they can be. 
– Reject all alien influences (Rap, gang elements/styles, etc) 
-Are willing to live by the ANYAC code of Honor, and oath. 
-Are outgoing, and believe they can make the world better for their people. 

An Applicant must be: 
-Between the ages of 14-18 year of age 
-Of only European stock (no Jews, or non-whites, mongrels etc.) 
-Have parental consent 
-Drug free 
-Fill out an application 
-Willing to participate in ANYAC activities, and operations 
-Willing to live by the ANYAC code, and oath 

**Any White Aryan Youth of good character between the age of 14-18, who believes in the principles, Biblical truths and Life Laws, of our Heavenly Father and the Victory plan laid out by the Leader of ARYAN NATIONS, is eligible.

If you feel like you have what it takes to become a member and participate in the ANYAC contact us today! If you have leadership skills, and feel you have dedication it takes to lead a unit let us know, and there may be a position of rank for you! (Being a leader is strenuous, and requires that it does not take away from your school work, or interfere with your family life.) 
The ANYAC is an excellent experience, you will learn a lot, do a lot, and have fun in the process. As you will be trained to lead the movement into the future!


The purpose of the Aryan Nations Youth Action Corps (ANYAC) is to get the message of Yahweh God to all the White, Aryan Youths of America. Aryan Nations seeks to regenerate all Aryan Youths to their God ordained mission, the education and survival of Our Glorious Aryan Race. For in the Youth lies the next generation of leaders that will bring us closer to the Ultimate Victory Day! We are making a call to all male Aryan Youths to form their own branch of ANYAC in their state/town. Each Youth Corps leader will work side by side with their State Leader of Aryan Nations. The time to make a stand is long overdue. We must educate ourselves and those around us to the truths contained in The Holy Bible, and to expose the Jews for who they are, (the literal Children of Satan)

The ARYAN NATIONS YOUTH ACTION CORPS (ANYAC) is the youth counterpart of THE CHURCH OF JESUS CHRIST CHRISTIAN – ARYAN NATIONS, and as such, part of the mighty, invincible movement, which is continuing the heroic, earth shaking struggle begun by our Leader and Founder, of ARYAN NATIONS, Pastor, Richard G. Butler. This mission was passed on to him by Dr. Wesley Swift. The ANYAC comprises young WHITE ARYAN PEOPLE dedicated to the preservation and building of a racially pure homeland.


We seek the formation of youth which will carry on in the finest tradition of White Aryan Youth world-wide. A youth that is swift as a greyhound, tough as leather, and hard as Krupp steel. A youth which is upright, loyal and disciplined, a youth that is healthy, strong and proud. An idealistic, moral, responsible youth that is willing to sacrifice all for our Aryan survival. A youth which demands excellence and rejects all forms of pettiness and decadence, whether it be Negro Rap music, effeminate hair styles, sloppy clothes, vulgar talk and Jewish thought control. A youth in revolt against every manifestation of democratic degeneracy, and the materialism of youth.


The ANYAC will work directly with all State Leaders and Regional Directors to set up ANYAC chapters within the existing State Chapters. All Chapters of ANYAC that are formed will be under the direct jurisdiction of their State Leader or Regional Director.

1.) The Leader is always right.
2.) Never violate discipline.
3.) Never waste time in idle chatter, nor in self- gratifying criticism, but take hold and help.
4.) Be proud but not arrogant.
5.) The program is your dogma; it demands your complete surrender to the cause.
6.) You are a representive of the Corps; govern your appearance and behavior accordingly.
7.) Loyalty and unselfishness are the first commands.
8.) As a true Aryan Nationalist you must be a real comrade.
9.) Do to your comrades as you would have them do to you.
10.) In battle be steadfast and discreet.
11.) Courage is not recklessness.
12.) Whatever serves the interest of the movement, and through it the Aryan Nations and the Aryan people, is right.


  Unhealthy minds – Minds corrupted with alien values, multi-culturalism, womanizing, murdering, stealing, raping, suicide and all other degeneracies common among todays youth.

1.) Drugs – Drug addicts, users etc. Drugs are unhealthy and unnatural and only lead to destruction, never progress.
2.) Race mixing- Goes against biblical and natural law.
3.) Abortion – Abortion of white babies is murder, murder is wrong, period!
4.) Pollution – We cannot have people trashing our planet, we cannot have unclean air, and toxic wastelands. We need to preserve our environment or there is no future.
5.) Immigration – We cannot continue to give away our resources to aliens who only bring crime, pollution, welfare, and non-white culture.
6.) Multi-Culturalism – Diversity is only hurting us, we are losing our culture, and slowly losing our distinctive traits which define our people as of European descent.
7.) Affirmative Action (Racial Quotas) – Blacks and other non-whites have had plenty of time to catch up. They do not need any more special privileges. It is not fair they we may and do lose our jobs and college positions to under-qualified non-whites simply because of the color of their skin.
8.) And all other degeneracys and injustices.
COURE DÕALENE, ID – June 23, 2003: Children of Aryan Nations members play in the Coure DÕAlene, Idaho yard of Aryan Nations Founder Richard Butler the day after the organization held its annual A.N. World Congress, June 23, 2003.


A Message to White Youth

Hail Victory!