Aryan Nations Youth Action Corps

Hello Kinsman,

Sick of seeing your town or city, school, and country going down the drain? Tired of Non-whites picking on and beating up Aryans just because they are white? Don’t you think it is not fair that you are not allowed to have a European Heritage club, but blacks can have Black pride clubs, and Mexicans Hispanic pride, even Metcha clubs on campus? Gay, and Asians are also awarded clubs, do you not find this wrong? Wiggers, graffiti, drugs, gangs, disruptive degenerates, affirmative action; vulgar, sexist racist rap music, anti-white, anti-Christian television and sediment? So are we, and we are willing to make a difference and clean up our community, and eventually our country! The Aryan Nations Youth Action Corps (ANYAC) is a youth organization, seeking to make a difference, and stand up for what he believes is right. He is tired of feeling guilty for being white, especially when he / she has so much to be proud of! A youth strives to excel in all aspects of life, family, school, sports, church, community, nation etc. The ANYAC wishes to build the youth both physically and mentally. 

-Hikes, campouts, BBQ etc. 
-Sports, self-defense, physical training etc. 
-Distribution of printed materials (Leaflet drops) 
-Community Service (graffiti removal, recycling, trash removal, service to the elderly etc.) 
-Parade marches, rallies, protest 
-Bible Study 
-Other projects/Activities 

-Public Speaking 
-Moral Values 
-Valuable life skills 

– Are dedicated, loyal, discipline, and ready to learn and participate in all activities of the ANYAC, and who will be a true comrade. 
-Are proud of their rich European and American heritage. 
-Strive to do well and succeed in all aspects of life and be the best person of character they can be. 
– Reject all alien influences (Rap, gang elements/styles, etc) 
-Are willing to live by the ANYAC code of Honor, and oath. 
-Are outgoing, and believe they can make the world better for their people. 

An Applicant must be: 
-Between the ages of 14-20 year of age 
-Of only European stock (no Jews, or non-whites, mongrels etc.) 
-Have parental consent 
-Drug free 
-Fill out an application 
-Willing to participate in ANYAC activities, and operations 
-Willing to live by the ANYAC code, and oath 

If you feel like you have what it takes to become a member and participate in the ANYAC contact us today! If you have leadership skills, and feel you have dedication it takes to lead a unit let us know, and there may be a position of rank for you! (Being a leader is strenuous, and requires that it does not take away from your school work, or interfere with your family life.) 
The ANYAC is an excellent experience, you will learn a lot, do a lot, and have fun in the process. As you will be trained to lead the movement into the future!


A Message to White Youth

Hail Victory!