Aryan Nations Skinhead Division

Aryan Nations Skinhead Division are Racial Soldiers, fighting a Racial Holy War (RaHoWa) for the preservation of the White Race. As Aryan Warriors we are sworn to fight to death: we are Skins for life. The conflict will continue until our land is pure.

However, we advise that the current campaign should be only an educational, psychological war directed towards enlightening fellow Whites. The time simply isn’t right to attempt Paramilitary action against the Jewish controlled U.S. “Government”.

In a perfect world, the Confederacy would have succeeded by completely destroying the Union. All the Niggers would have been shipped back to Africa, the Jews Racially purged and Hitler’s glourious empire alive and well. 

But we don’t live in anything close to a perfect world. This Talmudic-sick society does need to be brought down. The late Dr. William Pierce of the National Alliance would have agreed but also remind us that any action taken now is “foolhardy”. 

The American Jew-government must fall and it will, but now isn’t the time to start your own war. Don’t make the mistaken assumption that the U.S. De-Facto Government will follow their own laws. They can and will do whatever is necessary, legal or illegal to stop your hardcore actions. Your job as a Skinhead Warrior is to train the body and mind in the arts of war. 

Stay prepared for action.

If you must do something make sure it’s legal! The system is completely biased against Racial Patriots. If you get caught and end up in court you can expect to lose and receive the maximum sentence. Then you will be tried again and punished again for violating somebody’s “civil’ rights. This kind of legal terror used to be called Double Jeopardy and illegal. But it’s now the standard tool used against White Patriots to give the haters extra punishment.

Turn your hate for ZOG into action and do everything legally possible to educate White People. But don’t do anything even slightly illegal. Stay squeaky clean so you will be able to continue your efforts.

 If our Revolution will ever have a real chance of success the White public must learn about their Glorious Racial Destiny. You must bring more White People over to our side. Educating the masses is your primary duty, not beating up stupid Niggers, no matter how much fun it is!

We all have fantasized about wasting a bunch of Racial-Inferiors. But what would mass killings of non-Whites really accomplish? Sure the killings could bring a grand temporary feeling of pleasure. Taking out a bunch of Racial Trash can cause the White public to be afraid of us and we need them as allies. 

We don’t need anymore stupid Terrorists who cause more problems than they solve. 

Physical training is standard in all the worlds professional armies and the Aryan Forces should be no exception. We are not talking about 12 ounce curls with your favorite “brewsky”. Preparing for Racial War demands that you exercise regularly to condition your body into a lean, mean, Kike killing machine.

•  We recommend Jogging and weight lifting, a minimum of five days a week for least one hour a day. Better yet: 6 days a week, 1.5 hours a day. 

• Martial Art Kata’s (forms) will help to train the mind as well as the body and are important part of any skins preparation for war.

• Paintball is a lot of fun and will teach Aryans skills needed to survive in a firefight. Practice at least monthly.

• Get out and train regularly with the real guns of your choice; live fire exercises are best.

Stop watching the dammed Jew-controlled idiot box and read a book.

With this stated, Aryan Nations is Proud to announce to you the Aryan Nations Skinhead Division. The Aryan Nations Skinhead Division is a working mechanism within the framework and structure of the organization Aryan Nations. We are confident that the Aryan Nations Skinhead Division will open access to an artery pumping full with the lifeblood of energetic, vigorous, youthful men and women who desire to be soldiers in the Armies of our Holy Race.

What we are doing here at Aryan Nations is giving Skinheads around the world the opportunity to join Aryan Nations and still keep their SkInhead Identity while giving them an organization with aims, goals and structure to be a part of it. This is not necessarily anything new to Aryan Nations. We have had great success over the Years with other facets of Aryan Nations and no doubt with proper grooming and a little time the Aryan Nations Skinhead Division will enjoy real growth and success.

I am also proud to introduce to you the code of the ANSD and provide a glimpse of that code to demonstrate the character of the Aryan Nations Skinhead Division

1. Nobility is not a birthright, it is a character trait.
2. In all that you do, always consider its benefit or harm upon yourself and family.
3. Independence is a privilege reserved for the strong.
4. Never fight an unworthy foe unless they thrust themselves upon you.
5. Never strike a women unless your life hangs in balance.
6. Seek ever to expand your mind.
7. When you gain power, use it carefully and use it well.
8. A people ignorant of the past will defile the present and destroy the future.
9. An unarmed of non-militant people will be enslaved.
10. In battle never retreat from the enemy.
11. Racial loyalties must always supersede geographical and national boundaries.
12. Sexual pornography degrades the nature of all who are involved.
13. Respect must be earned; it cannot be demanded or assumed.
14. And remember a power system will do anything no matter how corrupt or brutal to preserve it.
Aryan Nations Congress 2000

Anyone who has been involved with the Racial Identity Movement deeply understands why we follow National Socialism. 

The Aryan Nations website was created for those confused souls who don’t fully understand our beliefs and are still struggling with the Jewish brainwashing pounded into their skulls since birth. 

It all Started in WW2-
History is written by the Jews. History is always slanted and distorted by the Jews who use the media to condition the masses. Both sides in any major war commit crimes against civilians. The crimes of the losers are always brought to trial while the crimes of the winners are concealed or downplayed. Such was the case of the Allied firebombing of hundreds of thousands of civilians in Dresden Germany. An American war crime, but war crime trials are for losers. The winners get away with murder. One man’s terrorist is another man’s freedom fighter. The difference between criminals and patriots is the difference between who wins or loses the war. The losers are demonized while the winners are glorified. Might is always right. If you win the war you control the courts, government, media and with it the minds of the people.

What about Hitler?
“Hitler killed sixty billion Jews in gas ovens, and this website is helping to push them into the fires. Don’t you know that all people are the same? You put your HATE HATE HATE on TV. What is wrong with you people? Bad potty training? How can any sane person support the most evil man who ever lived? Your sick Sick SICK!! “

We, at Aryan Nations, have heard it all before: the White masses brainwashed and repeating the poison from our Jewish media. Hitler is easily the most lied about man to ever walk the planet. Billions in Jewish money have been spent to demonize one of the greatest men who ever lived. When you understand that ultra-rich Jews control our media, you can see why they would go to such great extremes to paint Hitler as pure evil. For example, The History channel regularly does programs about WW2 which demonize the third Reich and all White nationalists. The History channel is owned by Disney/ABC/Capital Cities which is controlled by vile JEW who is Chairman and CEO. 

Adolph Hitler wasn’t perfect. He wasn’t a God. He had his faults like all of us do. But Hitler’s plan for fixing our world was completely perfect. It was a guide that stressed Racial Pride and Purification. The encouragement of what makes the Aryan Race strong and the destruction of the influences that are destroying us. Uplifting the superior and destroying the inferior, a simple plan that could purify bloodlines for a new master race.

America: The land of lies
we live in a Talmudic-society based on twisted Jewish lies. The colleges lie, the churches lie, the media lie, the governments lie, and the corporations lie. All Races aren’t the “same”. 

Hitler wasn’t the great Satan but the great savior. Jewsmedia lies are feed Zionist-poison into the Whites from cradle to grave. For example the nasty Jew Robert M. Bakish is CEO of the massive media monster CBS/Viacom. CBS evening news is really CBS evening Jews.

Media like CBS promote the idea that a White Racialist is the absolute worst person in the world. You would be better off being a child molester or serial killer than a Nazi. The Jewish lies we have learned can be unlearned but it will take time. The truth is that there is nothing wrong with Whites loving their own kind and hating those things that hurt your people.

White is right!

Why does Media encourage our destruction?
Why would anyone want the superior White bloodline mixed with inferior African genes? How does this help the Jewish media masters? These Jews, drunk with power know that the White man is the only force in this world that could stop their domination. Proud Whites, with pure Aryan bloodlines, could follow Hitler’s lead and put a swift end to Kike reign and existence. However, just a few generations of Race Mixing with Mud people genes and we will never be able to stop them. With the Whites bred out of existence the Jews will easily rule a twisted collection of stupid, subhuman, coffee-colored Mestizo / Mulatto trash. This is the future the media Jews promote and the same future we fight against. 

Media Jews like Rupert Murdoch of FOX Broadcasting are warping the minds of Whites and poisoning our children with zionist filth.

Politically-correct racism 
In society today racial-hatred is acceptable as long as the hate is directed against Whitey. Political-correctness is our official state religion.

When the high priests of the PC cult say, “encourage diversity,” It really means “anybody but whitey”. “Diversity” is a liberal code word for the glorification of discrimination against white males.

If you merely ask any of the following questions they label you a Hater:

We have a Black history month how about a White history month?

We Have Black entertainment TV why not White entertainment TV?

Colleges have special scholarships for Blacks why not special scholarships for Whites?

Schools have Black studies departments why not White studies departments?

Our Jew-infested world is sick and the policies of Hitler are the cure.

Mexican invasion is White genocide
the massive waves of subhuman brownskins from the south will be the death of us. The invaders breed 3 times faster than European-Americans. White-Europeans aren’t even breeding to the replacement level, while Beaners are banging out kids like rabbits. Combined the fact of high birth rate with the millions of spics entering our country illegally and Whites is a dying breed. The blacks are bad but Mexicans are worse because the long-term Spic growth potential is horrific. The white holocaust is real and if we would have followed Hitler’s plan our genetic future would be assured. Instead, Whites face extinction and replacement from a Sub-Race of genetically inferior sub-humans (Kalergi Children): genocide that is promoted by the Media and government.

In conclusion
Today White people need Hitler’s glorious Race-based plan more than anytime in history. Commrade forget the Jewsmedia lies and embrace you own race. 

Open yourself up to White Power!

1. Skinhead Division will be made of multiple factions called Units.
2. Each State will have no more than 4 Units.
3. A Unit will consist of at least 4 members.
4. Each Unit will be lead by a Unit Commander.
5. The Unit Commander must at least hold the Rank of a Lieutenant in the Aryan Nations.
6. To start a Unit there must be at least 4 Aryan Nations Skinhead Division members in your State.
7. The Unit Commander is not a leader so much as an organizer of meetings, rallies, and any other function to promote Aryan Nations.
8. The Founding Unit is Unit 83. Which will operate as a Board of directors for the Skinhead Division.
9. All Aryan Nations members are expected to conduct themselves according to the Aryan Nations handbook “The Seven Articles of the Aryan Code of Conduct.”

The “Movement” is on fire with Aryan anger. 

It is the natural outcome of our culture being discarded into the dumpster of history. We face the end of our existence by Government sponsored and media endorsed genocide.

The Jewish enemy controls our Mass media which controls the minds of millions of brainwashed sheepeople. Most of our blood 
are mere robots programmed by jewish media filth.

These desperate times can cause a patriot to lash out like a wounded animal; sometimes attacking both enemies and our own Kindred. 
Our situation is tragic, but it won’t be solved by turning against our own kind. Conflict within the White ranks only strengthens the Kike enemy.

The White Race’s only hope is to think and act as a unified Aryan Brotherhood using Aryan Skin as our uniform. 

All Aryan Nations, KKK, National Socialists, Skins, National Alliance, WAR, Creators, White Revolutionists, Volksfront are our BLOOD BROTHERS!

If you are White & love your race,
you are our Aryan family!

But non-whites will never be part of our Racial Family. They are merely subhuman debris afflicted with the genetics of inferiority. Even those “nice” non-whites who are lawabiding are still capable of doing massive destruction to our bloodline. 

If a
n Aryan Brother has done something to offend you must learn to forgive. Granting forgiveness doesn’t mean you should open your guard to potiential future attacks. For example, if an Aryan decides to act like a Nigger and steal from you, only a retard would expose themselves to becoming a victim again. However you shouldn’t shun the person completely. You should still be willing to work together to drop flyers, lead a rally, or promote the cause in other ways. Sometimes we are better off just swallowing our pride and taking one for the White team. 

When shouldn’t you forgive an Aryan Patriot who has offended you? When the racialist has openly embraced the Zionist-darkside. We should never forgive those who support our enternal enemies that kill our kin. White Race-Mixers, Jew-Lovers, Diversity-cultists, ect…These vile creatures are far worse than any sub-human Nigger and should be treated like the slimy treasonous maggots they are.

Aryan Brothers & Sisters: Forget the past and work for a whiter future. White Blood is indeed thicker than water and It’s the Blood of our own kind that can save us.

If we lose the war for Racial Destiny the entire human species will continue descending into animal status. Our world will completely revert back to the jungle and we will have lost all that our ancestors fought and died for.

Certainly this is more important than petty differences or transgressions. 

The choice is clear honky-cracker-gringo-Whitey: 
work together or die apart.

As the great Scientist and Patriot Ben Franklin said: 
“Gentlemen we must all hang together or we will most assuredly hang seperately.” 

Unite and let’s keep it white

Aryan Nations Congress 2000

“Setting the Standard” by Andrew Powers is required reading for members of the Aryan Nations Skinhead Division. In that booklet the author Quotes Adolf Hitler thusly “The folkish standard sees its chief task in educating and preserving the bearer of the standard. It is not sufficient to encourage the racial elements as such, to educate them, and finally Instruct them in the needs of practical life. The standard must also adjust its own organization to this task…”

Today the organization Aryan Nations is making just such adjustments. It is a new era and the time calls for new tactics and strategies. In the Aryan Nations we have seen many come and many go. The true soldiers stick around and endure the hardships that are thrust upon us by a society that seeks to suppress our message because they desire to destroy our people. our deeds and character they diminish by describing us and our acts with words such as “hater and “racist. We know perfectly well, just who the real haters and racists are.

Now I am going to quote Andrew Powers himself “As the standard bearers of a great idea. it is our duty to uphold its philosophies and its indoctrination toward future comrades – a great peoples movement is worthless without a philosophy or idea that binds all aspects of its structure together in a united bond. This doctrine for us is struggle! With this doctrine, we weed out the weak acceptance seekers and instead attract and embrace the strong of will and the true fighter. As the great leader or our race once stated, ”Struggle is lIfe’s law.” It is the fundamental behind the concept of true superiority. We young comrades of the fight are oppressed, vilified and attacked by every bleeding heart liberal in our path with this action known by all newcomers. It is up to the individual to decide if this fight is truly worth it. Those of us who are born to lead always say, “Yes!” Struggle is deep in the blood of our Aryan race. It is what built our mighty societies and what formulated our very fight today. it is also present in peace time and in production. The working class experience struggle with every blow of the hammer. The mother experiences struggle with each child born and reared. Struggle is at the heart of our Race.

Some men simply cannot live up to Aryan Nations standards because they are lacking in their obligations to this struggle for God, Race and Nation. Are you up to the challenge and ready for the fight that must be waged? If you’d like to speak with us about membership in Aryan Nations and our Skinhead Division as an individual or a unit then you’ll find contact information at the contact page of our website.

In times past the Aryan Nations name absolutely was not to be used to identify your group, except as if to identify your heritage as one of the Aryan Nations tribal ancestry. Times have changed and so must our tactics. As you all may well know, only members of the Church of Jesus Christ Christian may rightfully use the designation “Aryan Nations Member” to identify themselves and this now includes our brethren serving time behind bars. Welcome to the Brotherhood.

Romper Stomper

Russia 88