Aryan Nations Knights of the Ku Klux Klan

Johhny Rebel-Stand up and be Counted; Join the Ku Klux Klan

Aryan Nations, Hayden Lake, Idaho, September 14th, 1986 @ Aryan Nations. **Left Side: Betty E. Butler

The Aryan Nations Knights of the Ku Klux Klan is a separate entity within the Aryan Nations. We are composed of Klansmen and Klanswomen from groups around the country.

The Aryan Nations Knights of the Ku Klux Klan was a vision of Pastor Ray Redfeairn. With Pastor Butler’s blessing, Aryan Nations Knights became a manifestation of that vision, within the organizational structure of Aryan Nations in January of 2003. We are proud to carry on this legacy.

The Aryan Nations Knights was intended by Pastor Redfeairn to be a division of Aryan Nations to help broaden the membership scope of Aryan Nations and to build reverence for this sacred and historical, White fraternal institution.

Therefore: In honor of the legacy of  this giant of a leader and the man Ray Redfeairn, just as the Aryan Nations will forever be a Christian organization, the Aryan Nations Knights of the Ku Klux Klan will forever be a part of Aryan Nations.  

Furthermore; The Aryan Nations Knights was never intended to be a traditional klan organization which pays homage to or honors the current perverted American constitution, it’s now decadent flag or the depraved governmental body full of Jews, Negros, Hispanics and sell out White traitors. From the current JewBiden / mongrel and anti-Christian President to the various Jew influenced and Negro infested law enforcement agencies. None of them are any longer representatives of, or friends to, the mighty race of Anglo-Saxons who founded this once great, but now decaying nation.

Because of this we have thrown off, or altered the ideals of, several traditional klan symbols such as the Flag, the Sword, and the Hood. The old ideals that traditional klans still attach to these symbols are no longer valid in todays political and racial climate. We have also rewritten and revised the various Klorans and By-Laws to be more update and in tune with the political position of our Holy Race in todays world. The Aryan Nations Knights is the only Klan organization who has documents revised to be organization specific. The Invisible Empire to the Aryan Nations Knights is the Aryan Nations. The Aryan Nations Knights answer only to Aryan Nations and it’s respective leadership. By clinging to past traditions and outdated ideals in today’s debased society, a great mockery is made of genuine klan values and our Christian heritage. We cannot support such antiquated ideas. To do so would unhinge all that we hold sacred and render ineffective all of our efforts.

If you have a desire to be a member of Aryan Nations and possibly in the future it’s division Knights of the Ku Klux Klan, then please fill out the membership application for Aryan Nations. Mail the application to the Aryan Nations World Headquarters. Once you are accepted into the ranks of Aryan Nations and demonstrate that you are a loyal active participate in this struggle for the survival of our Race, you may be invited to join the Aryan Nations Knights. 

2001: Pastor Morris L. Gulett’s ordination ceremony took place on a Georgia hillside by the light of three fiery crosses surrounded by Georgia Klansmen performed by Pastor Ray Refeairn.

This Book Divine signifies that there is a God. No sane man of reasonable Intelligence can look upon the sacred volume without thinking of YHVH as its author, Righteousness as its aim, and eternal life as its end. It is a constant reminder that YHVH is our Father. Life is our opportunity, and heaven is our home. It reveals the way of life, the cause of death. It is a LAMP unto our feet, a light unto our pathway and the only sure guide to right living. It is the book of books and reveals the only true God who is called YaHWeH.

In a Klavern you will always find this wonderful book opened at the twelfth chapter of Romans. This is the most practical and the most complete chapter in the whole Bible on the CHRISTIAN living. It is a constant reminder of the tenets of the Christian faith, and is a Klansman’s law of life. Every Klansman should read it the first thing every morning and endeavor to live by it during the day.’ I BESEECH YOU THEREFORE BRETHREN BY THE MERCIES OF GOD,’ that you follow its teachings.

The most wonderful story of the sacred pages of this old book divine is the sad, sweet story of Calvary’s rugged but Holy Cross. This old cross is a symbol of faith. Sanctified and made holy twenty centuries ago by the suffering and blood of fifty million martyrs who died in the most holy faith, it stands as a constant reminder that Christ is our criterion of character, and His teachings our rule of life-blood-bought, holy sanctified and sublime.

It was once a sign of ignominy, disgrace and shame, but being bathed in the blood of the lowly Nazarene, it has been transformed into a symbol of faith, hope and live. It inspired the Crusaders of the Middle Ages in their perilous efforts to rescue the Holy Land from the Heathen Turks; and is today being used to rally the forces of Christianity against the ever increasing hoards of anti-Christ, and the enemies of the principles of pure Americanism.

We illuminate the cross as symbol for Jesus Christ, the light of the world and as characters of the faith, hope and love. The illuminated cross displaces the darkness and affirms us in the will and the resolution better humans to be.

This flag, a racial symbol seven points of spiritual perfection, the Beginning and Ending of the Message to a Race. The Crown: The symbol of our Father’s complete and immutable sovereignty over all things, the One and Only God, Whose Name is YAHWEH. The Three Jewels: Of the Crown symbolize the Divine and complete perfection, the Triune absolute of our Father, The Everliving God. The Shield: A symbol of our Christian Faith and Trust in His perfect Law and Covenants He has made to them that keep the Faith. The Two-Edged Sword: A symbol of truth that proceeds forth solely from Him and shall, by His Divine sovereign will, be the instrument of His vengeance upon all that hate Him. ‘The Revolving Resurrection Cross: Centered on the Sword of Truth, symbolizing the returning to the righteousness of our Race, who yet one day will be placed on the right hand of Christ in Faith of the sure promise of resurrection. The Cross of Jacob: Symbolizing the blessings to Israel centers upon the Sword of Truth and Resurrection Cross. The three bars on each of the four comers symbolize the twelve tribes of His Racial nation’s inheritance in His Kingdom. The Square: Outline symbolizes Divinely appointed four-square formation and order commanded by Yahweh of Hosts for the armies of the tribes of Israel in their beginning as His Nation and the symbol of the four-square city of His New Jerusalem with the twelve gates for the tribes of Israel, the Aryan Race of God.

To this flag we pledge our undying devotion and our never ending loyalty.

This unsheathed sword of the spirit of Israel, which is the word of God, represents the Law of YaHWeH. Its presence on our altar signifies that we as an organization, are solidly behind every lifelaw the Father put in motion since the foundations of the earth were laid in place. The laws of kind after kind and remain ye separate. The law that we are to be a Holy people unto Him above all people upon the face of the earth. Disobedience to His Holy Word we believe, is the reason we stand in the political quagmire that our Holy Race finds itself captive to this very day.

This sword also signifies that we are set for the defense of our flag the Aryan Nations standard and all that it symbolizes. YaHWeH’s Holy Word says that we are His Battle-axe and weapons of war. (Jeremiah 51:20) Our Racial Nation and all of it’s Holy tenets, laws statutes and judgements are of our Heavenly Father. We believe the Aryan Nations is the true and divine Holy Race of YaHWeH, the lost sheep of the House of Israel. We swear to defend our Holy Race by all justifiable means and methods, from any encroachment whatever, from any source whatever, whether it be traitors within or enemies without. This sword is a constant reminder of our obligation to defend our race and enforce the laws of our God, through God ordained authorities and justifiable means, not by devils who have snuck in unawares. May we wield it wisely and well in defense of our race, our families, our homes, our liberties and our God.

This God-given, powerful, life-giving fluid, more precious and far more significant than all sacred oils of ancients, is a symbol of the purity of life and the unity of purpose. With this divinely distilled fluid we have been dedicated and set apart, in body, in mind, in spirit and in life, to the sacred, sublime and holy principles of Aryan Klankraft. In this dedicatory service, we are solemnly admonished to keep our character as transparent and as clear and clean as the liquid in this glass. A drop of ink or blood in this crystal fluid will have the same effect as sin in our lives. May we keep our record clear and transparent free from the sin stains of evil and wrong doing.

As water is useful to human life, so may we as Aryan Nations Knights, be useful to humanity. As drops of water mingle and intermingle, thus becoming one solid mass, may we, as Aryan Nations Knights become so united, each with the other that we will become one solid mass, or one body in Aryan Klankraft. This we see the water is a symbol of unity, usefulness and purity. Who can fail to learn from these drops  of water, the lesson that real brotherhood is a common service to mankind?

As John the Baptist told the multitude, “And now also the axe is laid unto the root of the trees: therefore every tree which bringeth not forth good fruit is hewn down, and cast into the fire.  I indeed baptize you with water unto repentance. but he that cometh after me is mightier than I, whose shoes I am not worthy to bear: he shall baptize you with the Holy Ghost, and with fire: Whose fan is in his hand, and he will throughly purge his floor, and gather his wheat into the garner; but he will burn up the chaff with unquenchable fire.”

Just as we shall drink from the fountain of life freely, we will also be cleansed through the Baptism of Fire. Just as the three Hebrew children, Shadrach, Meshack and Abednego walked into and out of the fiery furnace unscathed, when the Great and Mighty King our Holy Christ and His Legion of Saints purge this land of infidels and evil tyrants, we the Holy Race will be left to reign in the Kingdom of Heaven and present to our Christ the King His Kingdom unblemished. But the chaff, the evil and the wicked shall be burned up with fire unquenchable.

The distinguishing marks of a Aryan Nations Knight are not found in the fiber of his garment or in his social, political financial standing; but they are spiritual, wisdom, a chivalric head, a compassionate heart, a prudent tongue and a courageous will: all devoted and consecrated to our race , our homes, our Klan and each other.

We use the robe to signify that we do not judge men by the clothes they wear, and to conceal the difference in our clothing as well as our personality. There are no rich or poor, high or low, in Aryan Nations Knights. As we look upon a body of Knights, robed in white, we are forcibly reminded that they are on a common level. By this an essential principle of the Aryan Nations Knights.

This white robe is also a symbol of the robe of righteousness to be worn by the Saints in the Kingdom of Heaven we shall establish here on earth. The sage apostle, a prisoner on the Island of Patmos, peered into the portals of the Great Beyond, and caught a glimpse of that Saint robed in white which was the righteousness of Christ. Taking Christ as our criterion of character, and endeavoring to follow His teachings, Aryan Nations Knights wear this white robe to signify that they desire to put on that white robe which is the righteousness of Christ, in that Empire Invisible which is our Holy Aryan Nations, the Sanctified Race of YaHWeH, that lies out beyond the vale of death where there will be no more parting and no more tears.

A lying scoundrel may wrap his disgraceful frame in the sacred folds of a Knight’s robe, but as the scripture says, a whited sepulcher is still full of dead mens bones. Therefore, as we seek to be Holy Aryan Knights, may we through the grace of God and by following His Christ, be able to hide the scars and stains of sin with the righteousness that is Christ when we stand before His Great White Throne.

Waylon Jennings (ft. Johhny Rebel-I’m an Alabama Nigger

The Peach in Georgia 2001

 We are always cautiously seeking out men and women to help us continue our noble fight for survival of the White race. We are an elite organization inside of Aryan Nations. We are not a prison gang. We are a legal law abiding organization. We are only looking for like minded people such as ourselves that can contribute to the cause. It is not now nor will it ever be the intention of this material to threaten others in any way, shape or form. We are not a hate group! The Aryan Nations Knights of the Ku Klux Klan possess what it takes to seek out and accomplish our goals as did those before us. Our primary purpose is to unite white citizens of our country together to fight for our rights, Christianity, our women, and our children, as did the original Ku Klux Klan. Spirituality is the ultimate aim of Klancraft.  It emphasizes the reality of spiritual things, and seeks to build up belief in the reality of spiritual life.  It will cultivate the highest ideals and aspirations. It will develop faith, courage, confidence, sympathy, responsibility for others, self sacrifice and service. It will make these qualities operational in every aspect of human life and conduct. Its method is instruction, and its medium is the ritual. It recognizes that without the cultivation of Christianity, a man possesses neither a strong Character nor a TRUE life. The life of a TRUE Klansman is noble, unselfish, loving, and pleasing before the eyes of Almighty GOD.

1. I am an Aryan Warrior. I serve in the movement, which guards my race and our way of life, and I am prepared to give my life in its defense.
2. I will never surrender of my own free will.  If in command I will never surrender my men while they still have the means to resist.
3. If I am captured, I will continue to resist by all means available, I will make every effort to escape and aid others to escape. I will not accept parole or special favors from my enemies.
4. If I become a prisoner of war I will keep faith with my fellow prisoners. I will give no information or take part in any action, which might be harmful to my race or it’s cause. If I am senior, I will take command if not, I will obey the lawful orders of those appointed over me and back them in every way.
5. When questioned, should I become a prisoner of war, I will evade answering any questions to the utmost of my ability, and I will make no oral or written statements disloyal to my race and its allies or harmful to our cause.
6. I will never forget I am an Aryan Warrior responsible for my actions and dedicated to the principles, which made my country free.  I will trust in my GOD and in the movement.
7. We must secure the existence of our people and a future for white children, and to HELL with the rest!!!
Aryan Nations Congress 2000

Out of the wonderful story of the sacred pages of this old Book Divine comes the sad, sweet story of Calvary’s rugged but Holy Cross. This old cross is a Symbol of Sacrifice and Service, and a sign of the Christian Religion. Sanctified and made holy nearly nineteen centuries ago by the suffering and blood of fifty million martyrs who died in the most holy faith, it stands in every Klavern of the Aryan Nations Knights of the Ku Klux Klan as a constant reminder that Christ is our criterion of character, and His teachings our rule of life-blood-bought, holy, sanctified and sublime.”

We have taken the cross, once a sign of ignominy, disgrace and shame, and have transformed it into a symbol of Faith, Hope and Love. We have added the fire to signify that Christ Is The Light Of The World. As light drives away the darkness and gloom so knowledge of the truth dispels ignorance and superstition. As fire purifies gold, silver and precious stones, but destroys the dross, wood, hay and stubble; so by fire of Calvary’s cross we mean to purify and cleanse our virtues by burning our vices with the fire of His Sword. Who can look upon this sublime symbol, or sit in its sacred, holy light without being inspired with a holy desire and determination to be a better man? “By This Sign We Conquer.”

Paul stated he could not glory, “save in the cross of our Lord Jesus Christ” (Gal. 6:14). Paul also said, “For many walk, of whom I told you often, and now tell you even weeping, that they are the enemies of the cross of Christ. . .” (Phil. 3:18). 

So as light drives out darkness, so knowledge and truth also dispel ignorance and superstition. The lighting of the Cross was originally taken from the lighting of signal fires upon the mountain tops of Scotland as a warning of danger from an invading enemy. The Aryan Nations Knights of the Ku Klux Klan light the cross as a warning signal to all men of the impending disaster that is facing our Nation if it continues on this present course without God. 

We also light the Cross, as a tribute to Jesus Christ in recognition of his sacrifice, and willingness to die for our sins. We endeavor to warn of the dangers of interracial mixing, and teach those who will listen and learn, the ways of the Klan. We feel it is our duty to prepare ourselves, and those of our race, for the hard times to come, while the Government over this Nation once ours, turns like a vicious animal upon the very people whose forefathers fought the revolution and framed the constitution. 

The Aryan Nations Knights of the Ku Klux Klan want you to understand that there is a difference between Lighting a cross and a Cross burning. The lighting of a cross is a religious ceremony, performed in reverence to the Lord Jesus Christ, in recognition of His sacrifice. 

The burning of a cross is an illegal act of violence against a person or a person’s home, while invading their privacy with the intent to harass or intimidate. This act of burning a cross is usually performed by juviniles, irate citizens or even the minorities themselves who do not understand the rules of the Klan, but wish to use the influence or the reputaion the media has given the Klan to scare their victims, or glean favor and support from public opinion and law enforcement for themselves, by burning a cross in some persons yard or their own. 

The Aryan Nations Knights of the Ku Klux Klan, wish to invite you to join us and help us build a better future for our children.


Aryan Nations Congress 2000

OLD KLAN FOOTAGE 1920’s-60’s

Dr. Hiram W. Evans

Second Imperial Wizard of the revived KKK. He reigned from 1923 – 1939.

I am appreciative of this opportunity to present a matter which is of interest to all Klansmen and Klanswomen. Foremost among the matters of moment which concern our national welfare is a laxity in devotion to the Godly ideals which once coursed vigorously through our national endeavor. If civilization is to continue to progress; if America is to continue to be a nation purposed by Almighty God to hold aloft the beacon light of truth and liberty, men and women of America must know that the fundamental thing is to recognize divine authority and human responsibility thereto for every action. We would return to the simple but sublime principles instituted by Christ for guidance of man’s relation to his God, his country, his neighbor and himself.

 America’s people lived for long decades a life apart, dependent only upon Almighty God, and then as the population increased our people became more and more interdependent upon each other. We have been a homogeneous people in the main, thinking and acting alike, obeying constitutional authority in the interests of the common welfare.  Today, our unity is threatened by hordes of immigrants who have sought shelter under our flag. They bring foreign ideas and ideals into our land threatening our unity through a foreign propaganda that is pouring into the hard fibers of our national character. This must be counteracted if we are to remain a united nation of Americans rather than a polyglot mob.

 To mold all those now residing within our borders into a united people two things must be done. First, we must stop the influx of the foreign; second, we must, through education, bring all our people to a common program of acting and thinking. The ideals and fundamental principles of the nation which our forefathers fought to create and died to preserve, must be taught to and instilled in the hearts of our composite American citizenry.

 To accomplish these great purposes, all who love America, whose hearts beat in fellowship for fellow men must be united forming a band of patriotic, God fearing Americans who are willing to labor with purity of heart and singleness of mind for a united, awakened, vitalized nation to guide civilization along her charted way. (This address on record, No. 75004.)

Sadly these things Mr. Evans speaks of are merely ideals of a bygone era. The Aryan Nations and the Aryan Nations Knights of the Ku Klux Klan no matter how much reverence we have for the man and his words, know and understand this, and I will quote our founder  at this point “The last refuge of race treason  is wrapped in the flag of patriotism”  Richard G. Butler- founder Aryan Nations.

With that understood, the current leadership of Aryan Nations is in full agreement with our dearly departed founder Pastor Richard Butler. We know and understand that the noble and patriotic words of Dr. Hiram Evans were of a time that has escaped our people and our nation. It is too late for the things he speaks of. The American flag or the United States constitution no longer represent the White race. Not one single thread of the American flag today represents any White man , woman or child. Not one word of this bastardized document that these modern day politicians call the constitution represent any member of the Holy White Race. It today represents defeat and failure for our people. Today we are a captive people, living in a captive land enslaved to the international monetary system and the mongrel race of Jews who created it. The nigger hordes they force our children to cohabitate with in the public school system, the religious institutions they boldly but erroneously call Christian churches and every facet of life here on American shores is more evidence of defeat and tribute.

Today our complete and total patriotism is to the Aryan Nations and the banner for which she stands. The banner which represents, the Twelve Tribes of Israel and our Holy Race. The Invisible Empire is Aryan Nations. We recognize that as our only authority. God the Father created Aryan Nations as a representative of our Father’s Holy Christian Empire and as His battle-axe. His authority  which is Aryan Nations is the Invisible Empire of the Aryan Nations Knights of the Ku Klux Klan. This is the position of the Aryan Nations Knights and has been it’s position since it’s inception as a division of Aryan Nations in 2003.  

Furthermore; We do not salute or pledge allegiance to a flag that we know represents our demise and total destruction. The American flag today represents just that for our Race. Our banner is waving below. We salute her and pledge allegiance to her only. 

In times past the Aryan Nations name absolutely was not to be used to identify your group, except as if to identify your heritage as one of the Aryan Nations tribal ancestry. Times have changed and so must our tactics. As you all may well know, only members of the Church of Jesus Christ Christian may rightfully use the designation “Aryan Nations Member” to identify themselves and this now includes our brethren serving time behind bars. Welcome to the Brotherhood.

The Invisible Empire

The Birth of a Nation