Aryan Nations is not some right-wing political party, nor is it some racist prison gang, or anything of the sort. We are a Christian Identity association, meaning we believe & practice the tenets of true Christianity that is for our people & to our people. Aryan Nations is the political expression of its Church, the Church of Jesus Christ Christian; & its mission is to witness to our Folk the Gospel of the Kingdom of God & His Truth. We believe His Truth to be both Racial & Spiritual. It is the continuing work of Jesus Christ & the Apostles to the “Lost Sheep of the House of Israel”-Christendom-the White Race.

The Church of Jesus Christ Christian was founded in 1946 by Methodist minister Dr. Wesley Swift. Upon his passing away, the Church was handed down to his stalwart student, Pastor Richard G. Butler. Pastor Butler’s vision of the Church becoming a community & a witnessing tool led him to north Idaho to give birth to “Aryan Nations”, the political arm of the Church. Both entities were intended to complement each other. It was to be a Christian Identity organization that was part of a Christian Identity Church.

The late Pastor Butler was a great man with a great vision. Just prior to, & after his death, however, many destructive & degenerate elements crept into Aryan Nations &, like parasites, fed off the good men involved & its kind-hearted Pastor. These wolves in sheep’s clothing tried to usurp Aryan Nations. They managed to cause a bit of chaos & factionalism that is somewhat still with us today in the following days after Pastor’s death in 2004. These renegades DO NOT share the late Pastor’s ideals & vision. We do. They DO NOT share the original mission of Aryan Nations-to spread the Christian Identity message to our racial kindred. We do. We are legitimate & are carrying on the Church’s banner of Folk & Faith. There has been a lot of restructuring & re-organizing going on in recent days. The reason for this is of utmost importance. It is time to get back to the basics. Aryan Nations is getting back to its roots & back to Pastor Butler’s vision. It is getting back to what it always was intended to be: a White Christian theo-political movement that reflects the Church that had birthed it; a White Christian community for White Christians, by White Christians. We will gladly work with other kinds of White Nationalists that share common goals & respect our stance, but we will remain & must remain Christ-centered on the Truth of Yahweh-God’s Law-Word. If you are anti-Christian, then we have no business with you! For us, being “God First” IS being “Race First”. We cannot, nor will not, separate our Race & Yahweh our God!

We welcome those of like mind & of good character to join us in our Sacred Struggle for our GOD, RACE, & NATION.

The Church of Jesus Christ Christian – Aryan Nations has always been, and always will be, the reason Jews walk down the street in fear, and why the enemies of our people cannot sleep at night, one never knows when the Phinehas Priest will strike, one never knows when they may become the target of opportunity for the Aryan Righteous Indignation, one never knows when sudden death will stop their abominable acts, because of the working hands of the membership of the Aryan Nations. Some say this is the sort of actions used by street gangs, thugs and terrorists, but then, we ask, what results have other methods ever had against sodomites, race-mixers, corruptors of youth and the surgical weapons of mass destruction held by the abortionist? When Yahweh God gave us His orders in the Holy Scriptures, these being the laws, when certain acts are committed, and of these, some being worthy only of death, where does it ever state in scripture that we are not to issue these judgments? On the contrary, Yahweh warned that if His laws and judgments were not carried out, such disasters like “strangers devouring your land and wealth” and “strangers devouring your children” [race-mixing] will be punishment. “Babylon is My weapon of wrath” Yahweh stated to Israel, and Babylon is synonymous with multiculturalism and diversity. 

We are in a state of war against International Jewry, we did not declare it, it was declared upon the world for the purpose of the Jew, and for no other benefit, the Jew uses the strategy of divide and conquer, and waging war through deception, putting other parties against each other as they nefariously work against all parties. Many claim that the Jew is intelligent, however, intelligence is also marked by an ability to adapt and concede when necessary, this is not a genetic trait of the Jew, on the contrary, they carry out the Talmudic processes again and again against each and every host nation only to destroy it, or to be forcibly removed with dire consequences. The sign of insanity is someone repeatedly doing the same action while expecting a different result, we state that the Jew is an insane mongrel horde, still up to their old tricks, and will again suffer the consequences, however this time the concept of “Aryan Indignation” has been added. We also see the failures of the past, the Jew when beaten, uses the “protection of Cain” clause to escape Aryan wrath, with the misuse of the Holy Scriptures, they have always managed to live to fight a different day, and this time, no such “protection” will be acknowledged. 

The Jew is a satanic Mongrel (hybrid), the offspring of an infernal union between the “serpent” a member of the “tree of the knowledge of good and evil” KJV and Eve, the first Aryan Woman, created as Adam’s wife, the first Aryan. This statement is based upon the Chaldean, Hebrew and Aramaic lexicon for the word translated as Adam, which in antiquity meant, “the blushing man”. Thus, all non-Aryans are not descended from Adam, or are genetic hybrid mongrels, further, the Jew, not having a race is self evident being a mongrel horde, for example; Captain Kaik, Mr. Spock, and Lt. Ohura are all of the same race, or how about Fivel Finkel, Barbara Streisand and Sammy Davis Jew-Noir? Can these differences possibly represent a race? Or, as we assert, are they Canaanite mongrels, the descendants of those that “mixed the Holy Seed” with “daughters of a strange god” or cursed descendants of Cain, Canaan and Esau, abominations by hybridity, worthy only of death. 

We make no illusions as to our purpose, we are here to use whatever means necessary to restore Yahweh’s Law on earth, and everyone that stands in our way forfeits their lives, we are allowed to destroy all that refuse Yahweh’s rule as scripture orders us. The question has been raised, when do we strike? The answer is always; where Yahweh ordered justice, the Aryan Nations delivers, and when this collides with any state laws, the state is in error, and will be assumed to be accomplice to the same crime, and will pay the same fate, “from the least of them, even unto the greatest”, as Yahweh ordered us to do so. 

As far as learning about the hierarchy of the Aryan Nations, the Ruler and Führer is Yahweh Incarnate, our rules are His, our judgments are His, we are simply obedient servants to a Higher Government, the Fuhrer of Earth and all of the cosmos. When a member of the Phinehas Priesthood, or a cell of Aryan Forces strike, the Jew, the governments of the entire world, whores to Babylon that they are, the dragon that the Red [communist-Jew-world government] Whore rides upon in Revelation, they all recoil and react with such force and determination, it shows that it is not any other faction that they fear, it is the servants of Yahweh that they fear, and Yahweh is full of Hatred and Wrath towards them, thus they create Hate Bills, and Hate Legislation against Yahweh’s elect, having ridiculous consequences against all that do righteousness, to us, this is proof that the government, alias, “Uncle Satan” is simply a demonic entity, and what they fear is the righteous, and the actions of the righteous, and for good cause, they are abominations and they will surely feel the wrath of the servants of Yahweh, whether in life, of the afterlife. 

Those that stand for Yahweh, come hither and draw your sword, the others, remember the faces of the righteous, they are your executioners. Praise Yahweh; the gift of their bloodshed is greater than any wealth, any mortal comfort, and any perversion, nothing is more satisfying for a child of Yahweh than to be like Yahweh, and Yahweh is our Father, and our laws forbid any disobedience among our Israelite, Aryan Peoples. 

Our Purpose

Our Purpose will be respected as Butler’s commission to every member and every man that ever spoke to him, “Spread the Word”, thus as a sanctified organization, we will start with the prime directive, Yahweh First, organization second. The Aryan Nations will begin with what we term, a skeleton crew, there are many persons out there that have claims to the Aryan Nations, some legitimate, others false, we have lost count of claimants, and lost concern for rising a mass membership just for the sake of having an organization, our objective is to restore the credibility of the Aryan Nations, this will be done by restoring the prime directive, raising the Priesthood First. The day will come when gatherings and the politics can begin anew, this to us is an interference for our purposes present. 

One must set ones house in order first, we begin again with what we were born to be, a Nation of Priests and Rulers.

 Without Yahweh’s Laws, and without recognition of Yahweh’s Laws as our guide, all retaliation, resistance and purpose is based upon misguided anger, disarrayed and chaotic bonds, a loosely bound ideology is weakness, bound to fray. These days are over, this is the New Beginning, Under Yahweh, For Yahweh, as Butler would have willed. 

We will not issue a claim to the name Aryan Nations ONLY by words or paperwork; our actions will earn the respect due, our performance will be our measure of worthiness.

Who we are, and who was Richard G. Butler? We are the continuing direct-line Church of Jesus Christ Christian as originally founded by Dr. Wesley Swift of Lancaster, California. After Dr. Swift’s death, the church has been carried on by Richard G. Butler, who named Harold Ray Redfeairn his successor to Aryan Nations in 2003. 

The church is now, as of 2016, being carried on within Aryan Nations by Pastor David J. Miner, Morris L. Gulett’s successor, who was Harold Ray Redfeairn’s successor, through a Warrant of Authority issued by Kingdom Identity Ministries, the official successor ministry of Dr. Wesley A. Swift. The Church of Jesus Christ Christian is the true Church of Christ, teaching not the “doctrines of men” – but rather the doctrines of the Prophets and Jesus The Christ, Yahweh Yahshua….

Mr. Butler received his formal education and training in southern California, including Aeronautical Engineering at Los Angeles City College. His early experience in the aircraft industry included management of maintenance assembly and repair of major assemblies for commercial and military aircraft in the United States, Africa and India.

In 1946, and the following 18 years, he organized and operated a machine plant for the production and precision machining of automotive parts and engine assemblies and aircraft parts. Subsequently from 1964 through 1973, Mr. Butler was a marketing analyst for new inventions. In 1968 he became a Senior Manufacturing Engineer for Lockheed Aircraft Co. at their Palmdale, California, plant, where extensive development was under way for the L-1011 aircraft. He resigned from this corporate associate’s to devote full energy and time to his greatest and all-consuming desire to serve God and Nation.

Pastor Butler is a co-inventor for rapid repair of tubeless tires and holds both U.S. and Canadian patents thereon. He is a pilot and during World War II was among other duties, a Flight Engineer Instructor in the U.S. Air Force. His background reflects a broad experience in the United States and foreign countries concerning alien races, their work habits, status of “culture” and “religions.”

Returning home from wartime activities in 1946, Mr. Butler was deeply troubled concerning the future of his nation from what he had observed first hand overseas and events resulting from governmental edicts that seemed to be always contrary to the best interest of the nation, and of the White Race, in particular. While active in business life, the closest thing to his heart was the future of his nation; therefore, most all available spare time was spent studying and delving into various service and political organizations, trying to arouse attention of friends, acquaintances, members of fraternal organizations, and business associates into action concerning the threat of Jewish communism.

The media publicity received from these efforts, while nearly disastrous to business and professional life, turned out to be the greatest of all blessings, in that he was led to Kingdom Identity with the meeting and forming of the closest, most rewarding of all personal relationships with Dr. Wesley A. Swift, starting in 1961 and continuing until Dr. Swift’s passing in 1971.

The years of study were spent under Dr. Swift in his magnificent library with line upon line, precept upon precept, and revelations over the years from Dr. Swift and Rev. Bertrand Comparet. They shared the blows of the enemy from their combined efforts in the Christian Defense League, of which Pastor Butler was the National Director from 1962 to 1965.

Upon the passing of Dr. Swift, Mr. Butler continued holding services for the congregation of the Church of Jesus Christ Christian, until he moved to northern Idaho to expand the Kingdom Identity program and to form the foundation for a “Call to the Nation” or Aryan Nations.

We seek to let every Aryan son and daughter of Yahweh know what their duty is to the Covenant (Constitution) that Yahweh their God has made with them as Nations of His people and His blessings come to, or are withheld from, a Nation-so is it that each citizen of the Nation is either blessed or cursed. The rewards are in direct proportion to the ACTION and WILL of the Nation, for our people have the “Law written on their hearts.” We seek to live and establish a government under the Law of God, for Your Race is your Nation. 


While watching the tube on conventions, 
I noted that both so called parties

emphasis was safety for Americans!  Bush for 
instance says the reason we are at war with 
Iraq is to protect Americans from terror! 
Therefore we must give up a little 
liberty in order to have safety!

I remember a quote. Ben Franklin’s I believe ” Those who would give up liberty for safety deserve neither liberty or safety”

We must renew in our minds who we are and our mission on earth is, We were given a mission by our Father in Heaven to live as Conquerers and Rulers! Not SLAVES in safety!

Gen. I : 28