The Whiteman’s Right to Survive

The Bible teaches us that Adam was the first man created in the image of God. The word “Adam” comes from a Hebrew word that means, “to have a ruddy complexion or to show blood in the face. Only the White man has this characteristic, SO this tells us that Adam was White.

The Chinese and the Black are not a product of a freak accident of nature. They did not Come from Adam. They were also created by God but for a different purpose.

The White man is not teaching hate when he teaches separation of the races, he is teaching love for his Race and love for what God created. If any man teaches mixing of the races, he is in fact teaching hate – hate for his Race and hate for what God created.

We, the White Christian, must fight to preserve our Race. No one has the right to change or destroy what God created and called good. If we mongrelize our race, we have procreated something God never called good and, therefore, sinned against the Most High God. He created everything the way He intended and never gave US the right to change His creations. We must recognize that anyone who teaches mongrelization, changing or destroying that which which God created, is guided by the spirit of Satan and not by the Spirit of Jesus Christ.

We are not teaching hate, we are trying to protect our Race to keep it as God’s perfect creation. Our White brothers and sisters are constantly being told that they are guilty of oppressing the other Races, that they have no right to do this because God loves the other races just as He does the White, and that the reason the other races have been so far behind the White Race all these years is because we never gave them the opportunity to be what they can be.

While the White man is busy trying to overcome this guilt that has been falsely instilled in their mind, the colored races are being told that they have been oppressed by the White and that they must stand up and fight against the White for their rights. So while the white is busy feeling guilty, the coloreds are being organized and laws are being passed that deny the White the right to speak out for their rights and for the survival of their Race.

If you truly believe in The Most High God and our Savior Jesus Christ, you cannot just sit back and watch the servants of Satan destroy that which God has created. Please join in this fight for our right to survive and remain White. Help establish a Racial Nation for our people.

The truism stated by Jesus the Christ forever holds: “No man can serve two masters, for he shall love the one and hate the other..” The question today is, shall we serve Him or hate Him? Shall we continue to allow this Babylonian government to rule over us, or shall we establish a government under God for our People?

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