The Most Unforgivable Sin (Abomination)

A bastard shall not enter the congregation of the Lord, even unto the Tenth generation …. if ever” (Ferrar Fenton-Deuteronomy 23:3).

Do you think your Heavenly Father would be so unforgiving to an ordinary child born out of wedlock as today’s modern translation of the word “bastard” has come to mean? If you will look up the Hebrew word translated “bastard” in your King James Bible, you will find it is “mamser” which translated literally means the off-spring of an Israelite (Adamic-White person) and one of another race. So you see, it has a far more significant meaning than your translators would have you understand.

Now the correct translation makes more sense and is in keeping with like admonition, commandments and judgments of Yahweh which He has handed down throughout the holy scriptures. Like kind begets like kind and follows the explicit history of Genesis creation “after its kind.”

What your Heavenly Father is saying is that He created all things, even people, after their kind and abhors everything mongrelized or mutated. No ox and ass were to be yoked together—linen and other materials were not to be sewn together, which were only instructions not to mix.

His admonition was important enough to be included in one of the Ten Commandments, “Thou shalt not commit adultery.” Again the word in Hebrew, just like the English word “adulterate,” for that matter, means race-mixing. Yahweh is stating that the judgment cited in Deuteronomy 23:3 will be a mongrelized child which will not have, even for ten generations (note that it doesn’t state after then that everything will be all right), the spiritual capacity to become qualified to be one of His messengers.

In the period just before the flood the sons and daughters of God (Elohim) began mixing with other races in that area, which resulted in “giants” in the land in those days, which again, certainly meant mutated mongrels. In any event, it was enough for our God to destroy every living person and thing in that area by the great flood, except Noah, who was “perfect” in his “generation”(or genealogy), and his family—meaning Noah had kept his bloodline pure.

After the seduction of Eve by Satan, producing another mongrel (this one with the Devil’s blood—John 8:44), Yahweh told Satan He would put enmity between his seed (Cain) and the seed of the woman (Shem) forever. A mongrel was not to enter into God’s congregation even for ten generations. So you can see that race-mixing carries a longer judgment on earth than any other sin.

No wonder the devil’s seed (Jews) today are working so hard to spread integration (race mixing) even by using force with the full power of our government behind them. They have succeeded in striking down every state law against the heinous crime of racially mixed marriages, which, at one time, every state enforced. They have succeeded in installing forced busing throughout the land.

Our Aryan kinsmen in the Identity congregations throughout this country can be proud of their heritage and dedication to upholding God’s holy Commandments by combating this evil, race mixing with every ounce of strength of their beings.

May Yahweh strengthen you in all your endeavors, for you are certainly carrying out His instructions to establish His “Kingdom on earth” and to “occupy” until He comes.

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