All Israel!

The Israel-Identity message is making progress and plowing through all the confusion created by Judaized Christianity. Strangely, signs of this pro­gress have manifest themselves through the outrageous claims of the very pulpi­teers who so vehemently set out to debunk the truths of the message. It seems that, similar to Archeology, each time they set out to prove the Bible wrong, they end up uncovering evidence which proves it irrefutably correct (see Romans 1:20).

 Each day there is more literature printed and circulated for the purpose of debunking Identity. Recently I had occasion to peruse a Dakes study Bible where an entire section of his footnotes are dedicated to refuting some of the pure precepts and tenets of the Kingdom Identity message.  Even Bible dictionaries and commentaries have dedicated time and effort to try to make Identity-Christians seem like “kooks” and “wackos” for daring to believe and teach the unrestrained message of scripture.

 In truth, Judeo-Christianity and Israel-Identity (true Christianity) are diametrically opposed to one another. One teaches that the Jews are true Israelites who missed their calling, while the other teaches that the Jews are not Israelites at all, and that the true Israelites of scripture can be found among the Anglo-Saxon (Aryan Nations) of the world. For this reason Judeo-Seminarians have set out to discredit the Biblical truths revealed by the Iden­tity message. They must, at all costs, keep the blinders on their congregants and keep them assured that the Jews are “All Israel.”  They want the world to believe that in the Jews can be found the totality of the 12 tribes of Israel. Never mind that this is a claim that the Jews don’t even make for themselves. It’s simply too absurd.

 These Babylonian theologians postulate that because the term “All Israel” was used in the book of Ezra and Nehemiah — in reference to the returning exiles of the Babylonian Captivity that this is proof that those exiles were made up of the 12 tribes.  This claim is contingent on the hypothesis that the Priests and Levites could only offer sacrifices for “All Israel” if, in fact,  All Israel were pre­sent. Scripture has already proven that to be a false premise, and had they done their homework, they would have found that to be the case, as well.

 In any case, lets take a look at some of the history leading up to the return of these exiles and then test their Judaized hypothesis against simple logic and truth.  Allow me to apologize ahead of time for the oversimplifications. I’m limited on space, yet find it necessary to review the history preceding the return of these exiles. Without knowing it, it is easy to fall prey to the pretzel-logic and Babylonian-baloney that comprises their doctrine.


The 12 tribes of Israel were peacefully united for a time under Saul, David and Solomon. During that time we find the term “ALL ISRAEL” being used in contradistinction to Judah (II Sam. 5:5).  Clearly, since this was during the time when the Kingdom was united, “All Israel” was represented by 11 tribes – excluding the tribe of Judah.  Later, however, the Kingdom became divided into two separate “Houses.” Each of these Houses having their respective Kingdoms and territories. The record of this split is found in; I Kings 11:11-13; 11:29-32; 11:34-36 and chapter 12.


Rehoboam was the King of Judah during and, for a short time, following the split. As the split took place, scripture records that “…there were none that followed the House of David (meaning Rehoboam) but Judah only” (I Kings 12:20). However, the tribe of Benjamin was given unto Rehoboam “as a light” (see I Kings 11:36; 12:21).  Obviously, some Levites remained as well (Dt. 10:9; Nu. 8:14-19).

 Scripture records that the Priests and Levites moved to Judah because Jeroboam and his sons refused to allow them to continue in service (II Chron. 11:13-17; 13:9). But this doesn’t mean that the Priests and Levites were no longer in service to All Israel. The Levites carried no specific loyalty for one tribe over another. Their duties were to Yahweh, the temple, and Israel.  So the House of Judah was comprised of the tribes of: Judah, Benjamin and some Levites.  The Kingdom of Judah was south of Samaria, west of Jordan and bordered on its southernmost end by Edom.


The “House of Israel” was comprised of the remaining 10 tribes. Under Jeroboam (I Kings 12:20) this became a Kingdom as well, taking greater Samaria as its territory.


The Kingdom of Israel existed for approximately 250 years (until 721 B.C.) before it was broken and taken captive by Assyria in a series of invasions and deportations (see II Kings 15:19,20,29; 18:10-11; 17:4-6; Isaiah 9:1-2; I Chron. 5:26; Hos. 8:8-9).  This was the end of the Kingdom of Israel, although there is evidence which suggests that the House of Israel had a continual succession of kings under different tribal names throughout their subsequent migrations.  Sennacherib, of Assyria, in one of his final forays into the land, went up against the fortified cities of Judah as well, (II Kings 18:13-16) taking some of its people captive.  An archeological monument, called the Clay Prism of Sennacherib, tells us that he (Sennacherib) took 46 fenced cities of Judah and deported 200,150 men to Assyria and placed them in the same region as the 10 tribed House of Israel.


The Kingdom of Judah continued to exist for another 120 years (after the Kingdom of Israel was destroyed by Assyria) as Babylon came into power. Nebuchadnezzar, the King of Babylon, subjugated the Kingdom of Judah and ulti­mately captured the city of Jerusalem, taking its inhabitants into Babylonian captivity (II Kings 24:11-16, 20; II Chron. 36:17-20; Jer. 39:6-10; 52:15, 29-30), leaving only the “…poorest of the land as vinedressers and farmers.” (II Kings 25:12; Jer. 52:16, 39:10; 40:7).

 This was essentially the end of the Kingdom of Judah which was never Jewish. (Note: It was at this time that the term “Judea” began to be applied to the former territories of Judah as it became absorbed into the Babylonian empire. The term “Judea”, or “province of Judea” first rakes its appearance in Daniel 5:13 and its rendered “Jewry” in the A.V.  It again makes a showing in Ezra. Hereinafter, it has common usage and is also rendered synonymous with Jewry.)

 It should be noted at this point in scripture that after the division of Israel into two distinct Kingdoms, there existed bitterness and strife between the two, continually. They battled each other for territory, with only a brief period of peace, and kept animosity toward one another even up until the cap­tivities.

Now, allow me to paint a picture of what’s going on in the broad scheme of things as both of these Houses exist in their separate captivities.

 The House of Israel has been in Assyrian captivity for approximately 120 years, almost <span>two generations, at the time that Jerusalem finally fell to Nebuchadnezzar of Babylon. They have been in the land of Assyria (Halah and Habor), living in the shadow of the Caucasus Mountains, long enough to have children and have them grow old.

 I find it’s easiest to put this in perspective when I think in terms of the U.S.A. and its time as a country. We have only been a country for a little over 200 years, yet our beginnings and our ancestry seem almost ancient at times.  During Israel’s captivity, Babylon grew in strength and world supremacy while Assyria itself became subjugated.  Babylon, having conquered the Kingdom of Judah, placed those captives hundreds of miles south of Halah and Habor (where the House of Israel were being held) and there they kept them not as captives, but as colonists for 70 years.

 At the end of the 70 years, Cyrus of Persia (the newly dominant world ruler) issued decree which allowed the exiles of the Babylonian Captivity to return to Jerusalem and rebuild the temple. (Approximately 200 years have now passed since the 10 tribed House of Israel went into Assyrian captivity.)

 The books of Ezra and Nehemiah record that there were 42,360 exiles who returned to Jerusalem, founding what would ultimately come to be known as the “Kingdom of the Jews”. (Not Judah).  This was a “remnant of a remnant” of those who were in Babylon. Many chose to remain in Babylon, having built lives for themselves, assimilating into Babylonian culture to a certain extent and amalgamating through intermarriage.  Preceding this total of 42,360 returnees mentioned in Ezra 2:64, there is a painstaking accounting of the individual families who returned. However, as anyone with a calculator would find, there is a disparity in the numbers – a surplus of approximately 11,000.

 This is where the conjecture, hypothesis, and supposition begins in earnest.  According to the Judeo – Seminarians and other “credible” scholars (like Dakes) “All Israel” could be accounted for in this surplus of 11,000. In other words, the 11,000 “…who could not identify their father’s house or genealogy…” were of the northern House of Israel” (10 tribes).  In order for them to make such an outrageous claim they have to theorize that somehow, even though there is no credible scripture anywhere that would stand up to such a theory, the exiles of the northern House of Israel – who were estranged and gone for over 200 years in a land hundreds of miles away – joined with the returning exiles to Jerusalem. Out of this postulation they summarize that the newly formed Kingdom of the Jews was made up of represent­atives of all 12 tribes.  This, my fellow kinsmen, is what could best be described as a fantasy saga of epic proportions and it’s all based on these two words in Ezra and Nehemiah, “All Israel.”

 Now, let’s let logic lead us and reason prevail. Aside from the scriptural examples which are following, let me give you the words of the Israelite historian Josephus as he describes the area in 70 A.D. following the return of those exiles mentioned above, as well as the crucifixion of Christ.  “…wherefore, there are but 2 tribes in Asia and Europe subject to the Romans (Judah & Benjamin) while the ten tribes are beyond the Euphrates till now, and are an immense multitude, and not to be estimated by numbers.” – Antiquities XI, v. 2

 So, if, as the proponents of the All Israel doctrine claim, all the tribes of Israel returned from Babylon, how did Josephus come to see the world otherwise?

 The fact is, the term “All Israel,” as it was used in both Ezra and Nehemiah, was used exclusively in reference to those returnees of the Babylon­ian exile. It is all too easy, especially for those with an agenda, to take this out of context and make it say something other than what was meant. The author used the term “All Israel” in reference to those returnees (of Judah, Benjamin, and Levi) quite simply because, in his opinion, those who chose to return to their old land were, essentially, all that comprised the term in his limited perspective.

 Looking at it through this scope, we can see that they had just left the great bulk of their fellow kinsmen behind in Babylon and the northern House of Israel were 200 years and hundreds of miles gone, yet Ezra didn’t hesitate to use the term “All Israel” in designation to the returnees.  In fact, even if you buy into their hypothesis and you believe that the 11,000 extra were of the House of Israel, this small number wouldn’t even account for a remnant of a single tribe. Therefore, no matter how desperately one wants to believe these theories, the large bulk – even millions – of the House of Israel and of Judah couldn’t have been there when Ezra applied the term “All Israel” to those present.  “Jew” is not a new name (Rev. 2:9; 3:9).


Now, these same proponents of the Judeo-Christian message that is the belief that Christianity is a branch off of “Judaism,” a rabidly Anti-Christ, Jewish, traditionalist religion,  also want you to believe that the Priests could not have offered sacrifices for “…All Israel, twelve male goats, according to the tribes of Israel…” (Ez. 6::17; 8:35 et al) unless “All Israel” were accounted for: all twelve tribes.

 I believe that most of the work we have already done proves that to be patently false, exposing the ignorance of these people, but let’s look to scripture and see if it solves this problem.  In II Chronicles 29, we find that this has happened before.

 Hezekiah, in his first year as King over the Kingdom of Judah – during a period when the great mass of the northern Kingdom of Israel had been taken into Assyrian captivity and the region was polarized by opposing political loyalties – ordered the temple cleansed and worship restored. In doing this, he had the Priests offer up a sin offering for  All Israel. (II Chron. 29:24.) 

 No one will debate, in this instance, that All Israel could not have possibly been present. In fact, II Chron. 30 tells us that “some” from “Asher, Manasseh, and Zebulun humbled themselves and came to Jerusalem” upon Hezekiah’s request that the “…children of Israel, return to the Lord God of Abraham, Isaac and Jacob; then He will return to the remnant of you who have escaped from the hand of the Kings of Assyria…” (II Chron. 30:6)

This small remnant, who consequently had to humble themselves not only to God, but towards Judah as well, went into Judah to worship at the temple.  But that hardly constitutes “All Israel.”  The small remnant of Israel spoken of here wasn’t to last long as 5 short years later— in Hezekiah’s 6th year as King of Judah      Shalmaneser, King of Assyria, came up and took the remainder of them away. (II Kings 18:10-12) (Note: It was in Hezekiah’s 14th year as King of Judah that Sennacherib, another King of Assyria, took the 200,150 of Judah into Assyrian captivity as well.)

 So, it seems clear that the Priests and Levites could and did offer up sacrifices for “All Israel” even in their absence. I would submit to you that it was the duty of the Priesthood to offer up sacrifices for All Israel with­out allegiance or loyalty for any tribe. To believe otherwise would be ridic­ulous and negate the Creator’s purpose for a Priesthood and Levitical order.


So who were the additional 11,000 who returned? I think we can say with a fair amount of certainty that they were a mixed multitude of Babylonians who were taken on as wives during the colonization of the House of Judah in their captivity in Babylon.

 Such people would not have been included in the Individual listings of returned families, being illegitimate, or at the very least, questionable.  This requires no great invention of the imagination or wild theories to be applied to make the pieces of the puzzle fit and verify ones doctrine. In fact, if one reads the books of Ezra and Nehemiah – which record the return of these captives – it becomes clear that these people had a strong propen­sity to do just that: Race mix and Introduce foreign culture in violation of Gods laws. (Ez. 6:21; Neh. 13:23-24) We find that even the “…leaders and rulers had been foremost in this trespass” (Ez. 9:2), as they immediately began to take wives from among the enemies of Israel, (compare Ez. 9:1 to Ex. 34:1.1- 16; Dt. 7:1-3, 6) By the time the Messiah arrived, this nation had so thoroughly amalgamated and proselytized the surrounding nation (Edomites and Itureans) that it had become completely foreign in both culture and religion to that of its forefathers (see Mt. 23:15). It had become a poisonous tree, baring poisonous fruit (figs) and was set up perfectly for the rejection and the Crucifixion of Christ, (see “The Jewish Paradox” by this writer)


To buy into the doctrine that the Jews are “All Israel” and that Christ­ianity and Judaism can be hyphenated and therefore peacefully reconciled, is madness. Both are an oxymoron. Two faiths and people who are diametrically opposed to one another by race, culture, religion, value and, quite simply, by definition.

 The Jew and his continual influence and permeation into our established religious institutions is the greatest threat to true Christianity today. To believe the doctrine that the Jews are All Israel diminishes the important role of the House of Israel in prophecy and corrupts the intended interpretation.

 Any attempt to apply the promises of Abraham, or the prophecies concerning Israel, to the Jews only results in mental and spiritual chaos. In fact, it does nothing but create confusion as people of good faith, with honest expect­ations, apply the scripture to the Jews only to find that they don’t, and never have, fit the bill.  Such a belief doesn’t rise to the demand of scripture.

 Consequently, many have come to reject God and scoff at scripture because of it. I would like to quote Robert R. Balaicius, from his book “Uncovering the Mysteries of Our Hidden Inheritance” (page 188) as he discusses this issue regarding men who ultimately rejected scripture, realizing it wasn’t being ful­filled in the Jews. “…Thomas Paine (1737-1809), the great British born American patriot, philosopher, and political leader, was a great intellect who dismissed the validity and veracity of the bible because the Jews had not been visited with the fulfillment of the glorious promises made to Abraham and his descendants, the Israelites.  The American political leader, orator, and scholar Robert G. Ingersoll (1833-1899), though the son of a congregationist minister, turned agnostic and scoffed at the Bible for this very same reason.  Ingersoll stated, “…God made to Abraham a great number of pro­mises, but few of them were ever kept. He agreed to make the father of a great nation, but he never did. He solemnly promised to give him a great country, in­cluding the land between the River of Egypt and the Euphrates, but he did not…God was…dishonest…always promising, but never performing…(some mistakes of Moses; p. 183)”  Balaicius goes on to warn the leader against falling into the trap of Judeo-Christian doctrines, saying, “…it is truly sad – Nay, tragic! – that so many fine people have been dashed in their spirits, led as­tray spiritually, emotionally, and intellectually, and that many have even lost faith in God and the Bible because they were looking to God’s Enemies(the Canaanites, the modern Jews) for the fulfillment of God’s blessings upon His people Israel (the Anglo-Saxon and related peoples).  How sad that the average person, simply because that person has an official title or degree…when the blind lead the blind, both are in danger of falling into the pit (Mt. 15:14).  Such a pit is often dug by the wicked, with the hopes that the righteous will fall into it (Ps. 35:7).  ”Indeed, the Judeo-Christian doctrine is so firmly grounded in all our religious institutions that there is little hope of ever erasing its malevolent influence on truth.

 If you believe that the Jews are Gods “Chosen People” who deserve the world’s pity because they missed out on their intended blessings in Christ, then you haven’t done enough research.

 Perhaps you have been taught that everyone, of every race, is a gentile except the Jews, and as gentiles they can magically become “spiritual Israelites” by virtue of a miraculous grafting.  The logical result of such a belief is that we are all exactly alike “in Christ” and what follows is multiculturalism and miscegenation – both of which are an abomination to God. Any doctrine which results in ungodliness is false.

 Multiculturalism, miscegenation, and inter-specie compassion are all gross violations of the laws of nature and natures God. (see Dt. 7:1-6; Ex. 19:5-6; Gen. 24:3; Ex. 23:32; Ex. 34:12-16, et al)  Israel-Identity encourages white men and women to think for themselves, earnestly searching the scripture for truth (II Tim. 2:15). It teaches the unvarnished and always unpopular truths found in the Bible and leads men of good conscience away from the curses of multiculturalism and melting-pot theologies taught by the enemies of true Christianity.

 No, the Jews are not All Israel. There was a time when those returning exiles from Babylon were largely genuine Israelites, but time and a consistent disregard for God’s Laws against foreign ideas and intermarriage made short work of that nation. (Please see Rev. 2:9; 3:9)

 Scriptural promises and prophecies have been and continue to be fulfilled, however. Christ said that He came for “the lost sheep of the House of Israel” (Mt. 15:24), while at the same time condemning the nation of the Jews (Jn. 8:37-47; Lk. 13:34; Mt. 21:33-45). We believe that the House of Israel is to be found in the white, Anglo-Saxon, kindred peoples of the world (Aryan Nations).

 If you would like to learn more about your race and nation and how that applies to scripture, we encourage you to write us. You will be delighted to learn that the Bible is not a book of chaos and God is not the Author of Confusion.

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