At War!

A perpetual state of war exists and has existed over the span of three hundred generations of our race’s sojourn on this planet. The warfare of today is almost infinite in its scope of actions, counteractions, deceptions, subterfuges, feigns, conspiracies, briberies, plots, assassinations, etc. The classical concept of warfare in the mind of the average Aryan is that which takes place upon selected fields of combat, where disciplined, trained soldiers vie with other disciplined, trained soldiers, usually White Aryan against White Aryan. But the “Field of Honor” is only the small outward exposure of the REAL WAR, as General George Patton was to discover. His letters, noting this fact, became the “warrant” for his death.

There is much opposition to Jewish enslavement, giving excellent presentations of our plight, as well as an others view of how best we may throw off the yoke of the Jew. However, we must not be led into believing that theoretical measures alone can alter or affect a change in our present condition. Our fundamental object must be the total destruction of that which aims at our destruction, namely the Jewish view of life that permeates the very marrow of our racial culture. Scripture relates that “the heathen are for our instruction.” Well may we take note! The fanatical intolerance and enmity that the Jew has forever held towards the culture and religion of every host nation in which he has resided must be met by greater fanaticism on the part of the Aryan-Christian, if he is to survive. Compulsion can only be broken by compulsion; terror can only be broken by terror. These facts we must face.

John Locke’s treatises are the immutable definition as to what constitutes a state of war, and the right and duty of those upon whom war has been thrust. The signers of the Declaration of of Independence relied upon Locke’s precise definitions as the “Law of Right” on which the conflict would be waged. Jesus the Christ declared to the Jews that the state of war existed from Able’s murder onward (Matt 23:35) and that it would continue to total conclusion as expressed in Luke 19:27. The Aryan-Christian view of life can never share nor tolerate another master or view of life.

As Adolph Hitler noted, “Christianity also could not content itself with building its OWN altar, it was compelled to proceed to destroying the heathen altars. Only out of this fanatical intolerance could an apodeictic creed form itself, and this intolerance is even its absolute presupposition.”

The breakdown of the in-born will of our race to obey Divine, ordained natural law order was led by weak-willed, vacillating “Christian” preachers, who, for the “love of money,” started compromising with the Jewish poison of “tolerance.” Hence, whether we like it or not, today the fact remains as Werner Sombart stated in his work, Jews and Modern Capitalism, 1911, “America within all its borders is the land of Jews.” We cannot torture ourselves with Jews.” wishing or thinking how wonderful it would be if this or that condition did not exist; for it will not change the fact that the condition does exist!

As Hitler stated in Mein Kempf, “Political parties are inclined towards compromises, views of life, never. Political parties count with opponents; views of life proclaim their infallibility.” The “compassionate” Aryan-Christian may dispute this or recoil from its absoluteness; however, he cannot do so on the basis of Scripture, for he then destroys the foundation of his apodeictic creed of infallibility. A political party, even though called “Populist,” will never remove our bondage, nor prevent our race’s slaughter to gratify the blood lust of the eternal, destroying Jew. RACE IS THE ISSUE; there exists none other! From the Aryan Race came the culture, morality, and law. It can never co-exist in “equality” with any other race or sub-culture. Politics as we know it today is nothing more than Jewish duplicity and deception, bemusing the befuddled Goy “sheep”while they are being sheared prior to being led to the slaughterhouse as in Russia, Poland, Estonia. etc.

What do we learn from the failing “Movement”? Very much in the field of how and why each day we slip deeper into the swine pit of death yet there are kinsmen all over the world who are fighting to arouse our race spiritually and physically to fight the enemies of our Creator’ order and of LIFE. The issue is the same whether we live in Flanders, Belgium; London, England; Edmonton, Canada; Berlin, Germany; New York, U.S.A.; or Sydney, Australia — that wherever the war is being fought, it is the Jew and his shabbas Goy, obedient slaves that are the enemy of God and man — that ONLY a worldwide Aryan movement, built of determined, fanatic fighters for a God-ordained view of life, with Divine providence, shall prevail and deserve to prevail. Granted, the existing world order is Jewish in all its expressions and manifestations; so be it. That which is in us is greater than that which is in the world!

The movement of Aryan Nations must then be a “Declaration of War” against this existing order, against an existing condition, against an existing conception of life in general. “… Make yourselves a new heart and a new spirit,–for why should you die, House of Israel (Aryan Nations)? Ezekiel 18:32, F.F

To the New Spirit Order!

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