The Aryan Future: Good or Bad?

Have you ever wondered if the future for our Aryan Race will turn out good or bad? I myself can see a bright future; and if you can say that also, you are one in a hundred! There are so many non-believing Aryans who ask, “What is good for us today?” Then some of the ones who do believe in our race even ask, “Where is any future to be found with all the Jewish propaganda?”

Where do we find inspiration in the overbearing world leaders, who warn us that we must adjust to the Jewish ways?

Well, for those of the above prevailing concepts, the future must indeed appear discouragingly bleak, if they take a look at it instead of kidding themselves into the assumption that by ignoring the Jews they will somehow go away. They won’t go away!

There is a cause that the Jew has put us in today. And, there is a cause that will produce the peaceful and happy tomorrow for the Aryan Race. When the time comes, with the help of our Commander in Chief, Jesus Christ, we will rid the world of the Jews and all other children of Satan. When we do, it will be a wonderful tomorrow. Aryan people will cease suffering the painful consequences that have so long been upon them from the Jews. Our Great Aryan Race will learn the way to real happiness and find it. Life will be continuously interesting and strengthening. There will be world peace for the Aryan Race. There will be universal prosperity.

I’m not naive enough to suppose that this utopia will blossom forth automatically. This coming utopia will first cause much blood to flow on both sides, but we cannot lose because we are the “CHOSEN RACE” of Yahweh. And, Yahweh will send His Son, the living Jesus Christ, to earth again. That will be the greatest event of history. But this time, Jesus is not coming as the gentle young Man from Nazareth; bring the announcement that led to His flogging and death at the hands of the angry Jews. Jesus Christ rose from the dead! He went to the throne of the Government of the vast universe to be GLORIFIED and coronated as Supreme RULER over the entire earth.

When His Father, Yahweh, sends Him to return, the world will know the meaning of “THE POWER and THE GLORY!”

His eyes will flash like the sun shining in FULL STRENGTH. He will come with all the power that created the universe!

He is coming to help our Aryan Race, for we are the true “CHOSEN ONES”! He is coming to inaugurate a universal, Aryan World. He is coming to clean and rid this filthy earth of the Jews and all other Mamzer Scum subraces. He is coming to restore the Government of Yahweh as the all-powerful world government. Yes, I see a very good and bright future — just ahead for the Aryan Race.

It’s really the only good news in the world today!

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