Taking Back America!

Can you imagine a place where our streets are safe, free of drugs, rape, murder, and savage riots? Where our children can play without fear of Pedophiles, and drive by shootings. An Aryan Nation, where our kin can get a good education; when the school systems are liberated from disruptive “minorities” and non-white test scores which lower the standards for the European Americans.

A state without illegal aliens milking our system dry, stealing our jobs, and Gangbanging thugs terrorizing our neighborhoods. Can you vision a country where Jewish Tyranny and corrupt politicians no longer reign? A society, where Christian Identity, and our other natural rights such as gun ownership are secure. An era where the government works for the people, rather than a communist, self-gain attitude. A utopian-society, which does not tolerate, nor believe, in vulgar, Jewish sponsored degenerate television and mass media lies which promote communism, liberalism, and fill our children’s heads with drugs, Racial-mixing, woman mistreating, obscene rap music and other abominations. An Aryan society free from chaos and destruction. An Aryan Nation without pollution, a country with deep blue sky’s, and rich forest where the redwoods grow so tall.

Almost perfect, eh? Oh, how we only wish things were this way, but somewhere we were derailed. It is truly a sad sight to see most of America suffering from this plague of spiritual syphilis. America is decaying, right before our very own eyes. The sworn enemies of the White-Adamic Christian are destroying everything holy, and right, yet we continue to tolerate it again and again, case after case.

WHY? There really is no excuse, we can play the blame game all we like, but ultimately it is us who are responsible for our current state. We are the ones who let so many social injustices occur, as we stood idly by doing nothing to stop our enemies from turning America in to a cesspool. For all hope is not lost, although time is against us and America looks like it will inevitably become a Turd-World slum (as it already looks like one and feels like one), we can still overcome! We must get back on the right track and continue to build a healthy, productive, clean, Aryan civilization. Yahweh is looking after His people, and together we can reclaim our Aryan Nation. It will take time, but we must for our cause is just!

It is up to us to fulfill Pastor Richard G. Butler’s Vision. Our forefathers founded this country as free, proud, White, Christian America, and that is the way we attend to keep it! So, I ask you brothers and sisters will you stand up for what is right? This is as simple as good vs. evil!

Now, will you put down your beer can, turn off your television and fight for a greater cause? A Holy cause, which is Gods cause to continue the progress, and Racial Purity of the Adamic Seed? Do you care about the future of your children and Aryan Nation? We do, and we will not let our people suffer, and die in this Jew World Order that our country is coming to. Alone we are strong, but together we are even stronger! We hail his Victory!

Ladies and Gentlemen, I ask you to join our patriotic effort for a better tomorrow. Everyone has something to contribute, all your talents and skills can be implemented. You, my friends can make a difference. Aryan Nations has members from every sect of society, lawyers, teachers, post office workers, writers, scientist, soldieries, police officers, and so on. Each and every man and woman serve and purpose in our organization, and are greatly appreciated. Come with us and help us build our infrastructure! We are such a beautiful, intelligent, artistic group of people and it is this reason why we must continue! It is for our children, for our heritage, posterity and for our God! Let us continue to reach for greatness as we continue to reach for the stars! We shall be glorious!


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