Aryan Nations Math Lesson

Sure, Niggers are Pretty Much Retards. However, let’s take an Aryan Nations Math Lesson and Test the Aryan, who is Smart and Should be able to Understand Logics of Mathematics to Help differentiate Holohoax Facts from “Politically Correct” Jewish Fables.

According to the Holohoax myth, 6 Million Kikes were systematically killed by the “Ravenous Nazis” at Auschwitz alone, so let us do some mathematical calculations, so as to determine how this happened…..

There were eight [8] ovens at Auschwitz… These were coal burning ovens, using European Coal, not American anthracite coal, a hotter burning coal…    Modern Crematoria with the use of propane or natural gas takes three [3] hours to cremate a corpse…   Anthracite Coal ovens take five [5] hours, European Coal, more than six [6] hours…   First; for the benefit of our planned Holocaust, let us look at how long it will take to burn up six million [6,000,000] Jews, with eight [8] modern crematoria…

8 crematoria at 3 hours a piece…

24 hours divided by 3 hours = 8 cooked Jews per day, per oven

8 oven stuffers per oven, times 8 ovens = 64 Jews per day

pause please……

6,000,000 Jews divided by 64 cooked per day = 93,750 days

93,750 days = 13,392.86 weeks

13,392.86 weeks = 3,125 months

3,125 months = 256.85 years

Now we, the membership of the Aryan Nations fully support the Federal monetary support for the “sacred institution” called the “National Holocaust Museum”, not for what spurious exhibits are on display now, however, for the pride and showcase of our coming Holocaust, where real exhibits, documentation of the works and righteous acts performed by our own hands, can be displayed forever, for our descendants to “never forget”, admire our conquest over zIonist economic and political slavery, our virtuous actions, our Holiest of causes….

Thus stated, we need far more than eight [8] ovens to roast our goal, in modern crematoria standards….

The Nazis were Superhuman

Now let us use WW2 German Technology to calculate how the Nazis cooked so many Jüdenswein…

8 crematoria at 6 hours a piece…

24 divided by six = 4 cooked Kikes per oven

4 oven stuffers per oven, a day, times 8 ovens = 32 Jews per day

pause please……

6,000,000 Jews divided by 32 cooked per day = 187,500 days

187,500 days = 26,785.71 weeks

26,785.71 weeks = 6,250 months

6,250 months = 513.67 years

Now for this to happen, the Holohoax needed to begin in 1431 Anno Dominae…


But the Holohoax must be real, because the Jews say so, and we know how they did it…..

Adolf Hitler enlisted Professor Huizenberg, the greatest physicist of his time, the man that made the first nuclear reactor, and in reality, the first atomic bomb… His students included Edward Teller, the inventor of the Hydrogen Bomb, and “Star Wars” anti-ballistic missile defense technology, a man that truly could create the dreams and advances that he envisioned, this man thought of it, and created the means…   Another student of Huizenberg was Albert Einstein, so “genius”, that he created theories only realized by twelve other Jews, so genius, he predicted that man would travel time at the speed of sound, once proven wrong, it was the speed of light…   So integral to the United States Atomic Bomb, that after “single handedly” masterminding how to split the atom, the US government let that Kike freely travel the world, including lecturing in Eastern Block Communist nations, well, since by quantum physics, we all live in seven parallel universes, [an Einstein Fallacy] let the commies think he made sense, and was responsible for the Atomic Bomb…  

Footnote, the Trinity Bomb was 5,000 pounds… The Fat Boy and the Skinny Boy, the first US nuclear weapons were each 9,000+ pounds…  The Trinity Bomb had a ring support on the top and bottom…   This would be useful if you had a rocket, and the only WW2 practitioner with rockets was Germany…   I recall “Enola Gay”, and “Bock’s Car” the two B29 Bombers being stripped of all Armour so they could carry the near 5 ton atomic bombs… Had the USA made the Bomb Tested at Los Alamos, why not simply reproduce it, or was there more to the story, as in a lack of technology?

The Persecution never Began, nor Ended

How the Nazis Killed 6,000,000 Kikes at Auschwitz, is where Albert Einstein’s true measure of “Physics” must come in play… Clearly the Nazis used Astrophysics, and found a “un-kosher” wormhole so as to abduct Jews for this alleged Holohoax, from times past and present, for example, Jews born in the late 40’s are victims of the Holohoax, Jews today are born victims of the Holohoax…   Some have tattoos with extra numbers, not found in the Nazi Register, but they get paid to speak at public schools… Perhaps Nazi U-Boats abducted Jews from Jew York to bolster the number, because according to census records for 1940, taken in 1939, there were less than 3.5 million Jews in all of Europe, from Spain, to Siberia, From Italy, to Norway…   The total German infestation of Jews was 550,000…..

Jews obviously count for more than goyim, since the mathematically challenged mongrel horde claims that more than 12,000,000 Kikes were cooked, cleaned up, or cancelled, one must just assume that Jews consider themselves 50 times the value of non-Jews….

Que Sera, Sera…..

Listen here Jüden, have fun with Mommy Dearest, and don’t forget to tip your Mohel…..

The Aryan Nations Supports Federal Funding of the “National Holocaust Museum”, a future tribute to our handiwork….

See you all at Armageddon…  The crossroads of the world, Mount Megiddo, the final battle between Israel, and the Serpent, and it’s recruited hordes….. 

As Yahweh told the “Serpent Race”, that it would eat “dust” all the days it survived… YHWH has Spoken.


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