Are you as weary as I am, and many, many more Bible readers are also, of the “anti-semitic” charges being bandied about so freely by modern day Jewry?

It is common knowledge that today’s Jews are made up of Ashkenazim and Sephardim, as described in my American College Dictionary published by Random House in 1968:

Ashkenazim: N. pl., German, Polish, and Russian Jews, (as distinguished from Sephardim, or Spanish Portuguese Jews). Heb. pI of Ashkenaz, a descendant of Japheth. (see Gen. 10:3)

Japheth, son of Noah, brought forth the seed line of Gomer, Magog, Tubal Meshek, etc., Ashkenaz and Togarmah being sons of Gomer; ALL prophesied to come as a cloud (covertly) AGAINST the House of Israel in Ezekiel 38 and 39.

Shem Semite), another son of Noah, brought forth the seed line of Arphaxad, Salah, Eber (Hebrew), Abraham, Isaac, Jacob (Israel), Judah, and Christ Jesus (Gen. 10:22, Luke 3:36).

Ashkenazim seed of Japheth are NOT seed of Shem (Semite); they do NOT possess Eber (Hebrew) blood; they are NOT seed of Abraham, Isaac, and Jacob (Israel); but surely they are fulfilling the above Ezekiel prophecy, as “Jewry” covertly oppose and “take a spoil” (Ezek. 30:10-12) from CHRIST’s CHRISTians in CHRISTendom (Num. 6:27, Acts 11:26).

In the much quoted Genesis 12:3, Yahweh is speaking to Abram, a Semite seed of Shem; the last part of that verse is seldom read: “in thee shall all families of the earth be blessed. What “blessing” has ever been forthcoming from Jewry? The Atomic Bomb? While the only people who produce more than they consume and give freely to all are CHRIST’s CHRISTians in CHRISTendom.

Jesus Christ told them who they were (John 8:44). John described them to the church at Ephesus (Rev. 2:9), and again to the church in Sardis (Rev. 3:9).

It is little wonder to me that historically the Jews have ultimately made themselves hated in every land that has ever granted them entry; while God’s perfect timetable marches on, unhindered by the teachings, or misteachings, of His Holy Word (Matt. 7:15-29, Matt. 24:4-5)


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