Are you Called to Serve?

The ARYAN RACE has responsibilities like NO other Race. Seeking OUR identities is the very first step toward being responsible as a Race. This of course is refering to realizing where you stand in your own spiritual walk. Like no other Race, you and you alone have the capabilities of bearing the “True” Israelite Heritage! The ARYAN Heritage! And by Yahweh’s word, you will live as an Israelite.

But this seems to prove difficult among many Whites, probably because they don’t truly share the Blessed Heritage. How will we know? The answer seems to be apparent… we must filter through their facades. There is always an answer for those who search out the truth.

And even then there are still steps which must be taken to ensure that the proclivities of an individual do not override their spirituality. In the days we live in, mistakes cannot be afforded to often. This is why “Opportunism” is not tolerated. This is simply a carnal doctrine which feeds on ARYAN values, and rapidly eats away at morality. Our Christian way of life does not put value on things which lead to an individual becoming meritricious, nor is that a respectable act as a Christian. People do not need to know of your personal societal status, nor do you need to feed off of theirs. This vain attitude is built from lack of scriptural knowledge.

To live as an ARYAN you must give up your previous stature as a servant to these incompetent Jews, or a follower of these black savages. No longer would your desires even direct themselves toward such indecency. Your mind will be purged of all these incongruous thoughts, and will turn toward the Sword of truth. Once knowledge of the indecency is attained, your straying would be forbidden.

Knowledge is absolute, like nothing else. For the Jews, not having complete control to dominate ARYAN life, would famish just like a hunger strike. Even quicker. The Jew is always content with spiritual corruption. This is where you can truly begin to realize the disease which has overcome many Whites.  The Jew is a hard disease to decontaminate! But for some who may share White skin, the disease is inseperable, which should be cause for alarm. Not all Whites are Israel. Israel is a select few who have chosen to follow Yahweh. Just because you may understand RACE, does not make you an equal to those who serve Yahweh.    

Which could easily present a problem for someone who cannot stand on a firm ground. Women, for instance, are ruled by their emotions. Men are ruled by the Law. This is why the adeptness attributed to Men is easily understood when broken down. True Christian Men will make NO concessions when it pertains to their respected Christendom. A man who willingly lays aside his faith, to ease his own suffering, is no man at all. He is a pawn for destructive purposes. Making these concessions can only serve to help the cause of the Antichrist Jew, and nothing else. The tolerance displayed on a mass level by Our current Government toward immorality, is dispicable. Understanding the facts of History, you would know that crucial decisions left to women are handled on a purely emotional basis, with no thought toward eventual deficiancy as a Race.

If their is a Natural disaster, women in power automatically wish to help these displaced individuals, whether financially or whatever. A Man, of the True faith, would only seek to help those who share His spiritual bond, and NO ONE else. This has to be the case, for the other choices have been attempted and have failed miserably. ARYANS must care for their own, and NO ONE else. To be ARYAN means to be of “Nobility”. Not just a White man. It means you are a White Christian! Hence, you should be taking care of your White Christian brethren, and not those who wish to destroy True Christianity. For if they are Antichristian, they surely serve Evil. The soul of an ARYAN is tempered through the spirit of Yahweh, and holds within it, sacred rights to worship. This is certainly why we must break away from these fence- sitting, “White is right” people, and hold to Our True faith by slamming the door on apostate fools!

The time has long come, where the door to eternity is longing to shut. We know that the seperation of peoples according to birthright is signifigant, as well as Natural. The appeasement of Federal tyrrany must end, to eradicate the stupid decisions Our Congress has made in the past. This can only happen through a strong faith- based initiative towards ARYAN superiority. Meaning “WHITE CHRISTIAN” superiority. Like it or not, some of those whom you would call a friend, because they may understand Race, do not have reason for their rhyme. Which makes them a danger to Our beloved Christendom. For they cannot share in Yahweh’s wealth, nor should they be involved in important decision making, when it concerns the well- being of the ARYAN populace.

For even the smallest of their concessions shall turn into the utmost blasphemy. Their “minor” concessions regarding tolerance of an individual status, have led to rampant faggotry, legalized abortions of innocent children, racemixing in all of it’s abnormal freakishness, a tyrannical Governmental policy based on Communism, etc. And they tell you to just be tolerant of others. Tolerance is a mechanism of the Devil, used to influence the masses through emotional breakdowns, usually promoted by either Women or Nonwhites. Go figure! This absurdity deserves a harsh punishment for promotion of such vagrancy of spirit. This is a calloused way to gain a status, but it has proven useful, although underhanded, for the Jews back to ancient times. The Racial debasing is beneficial to those seeking to destroy a Holy Order, and to defile it’s very ranks.

The best solution is for an absolute decision to be made by ALL who lay claim to Christendom. We must decifer what will be best for Our Children, and their existance in this Heretical society. Not by infusing Christian beliefs together with mythology, but by staying steadfast in the “words long written down.” A deceitful world is calling for your assistance to build their “NEW WORLD ORDER“, or you can fight the tyrrany, and follow the everlasting to a Victory over Death and Hell. Which will be comprised, I might add, of these tripe who were begging for your tolerance!


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