Whom Ye Shall Fear

And I say unto you, my friends, be not afraid of them that kill the body, and after that have no more that they can do.

But I will forewarn you WHOM YE SHALL FEAR: Fear Him which after he hath killed hath power to cast into hell. Yea, I say unto you, fear Him. Luke 12:4-5

In these last days of the age, we hear and read many statements concerning the plight of the sick world in which we live. Well meaning people, perhaps, make comments which are really nothing more than wishful thinking. “Save the economy! Get back to the Constitution! We’ve got to turn things around! How did we ever get into this mess?”

The Democrats blame the Republicans and vice versa. Multi-million dollar industries are tottering on the brink of bankruptcy, if not already out of business. Unemployment stalks the land. Crime is on the increase at a rate which already is the equal of anarchy. Our Aryan people continue their pursuit of pleasure-“As in a day of slaughter.” James 5:5

We got into “this mess” by abandoning the immutable life law of our Father, Yahweh. It will not go away until we restore that Law. We will not turn things around to their former status because that was not the will of our Father from the beginning- only a stopgap measure in fulfillment of His Holy Word.

The Father is using His (and our) enemies to chastise us for our blatant disobedience. We are being put through the refining process. Those who emerge victorious over the satanic evil will stand at the right hand of Yahweh in His Kingdom.

We have permitted the land to be ravaged by anti-Christ Niggers, Spics, Jews, Gooks, rapists, pedophiles, homosexuals, usurers, liars, thieves, and murderers. We have sat on our thumbs while our cities have become a renewal of Sodom and Gomorrah. We, the White-Aryan Race are in economic bondage to the jew money changers and their turd world counter parts. They have us by the throat and will continue to tighten their grip until we are strangled to death or become enraged and fight back (Race War).

Our people hear of the evil taking place throughout the land, and fear grips them. In the large cities this fear keeps them behind locked doors. A murder was committed down on the corner. A car was firebombed right here in front of the house. The community convenience market was
robbed the tenth time this week. The lady next door was raped by two niggers; not a word about it in the paper.

It tends to create a sense of apprehension in the minds of those surrounded by such evil. The decision is made, rather automatically, to stay indoors as much as possible. See nothing, know nothing, tell nothing—it’s the safest way. If a thief breaks in, let him have what he wants. Don’t try to defend your property, because if you do, and draw blood from the intruder, you will be charged with using excessive force. You, the victim, will end up in prison, and the criminal will still be on the street to pursue his trade. So you try to ignore it all in the hopes it will go away.

But it will not go away. This frame of mind will not cause things to be better. The White Aryan must turn away from this evil of the beast system or perish with it.

A man in Utah is murdered by police (assassinated, perhaps, Is a better word) for protecting his children by keeping them away from the evil which infests the schools- drugs, muggings, pedophiles, rape, beatings by black beasts, and brainwashing according to Jew law. Home teaching of morality and decency is not allowed.

A group in Massachusetts are blatantly seeking to change the law which protects children from pedophile-queers. They contend that the children like this evil, that it is natural for them to want to be “loved” in this manner. They further contend that boys as young as eight should be allowed this “experience”. This rotten, satanic bunch of pedo-queers are spending a great deal of money in their efforts to have the protective laws tor children set aside. The jew press stresses continually the “need” for sexual preference. The total depravity of this fiendish mentality will turn the stomach of decent Aryans everywhere.

How long can the jew economic structure continue? A phony debt of more than 30 trillion dollars with an annual interest tab in excess of one hundred billion dollars is pure insanity. Think about it–who had this much money to loan in the first place? One will not have to dig very deep to discover that the satanic jew system of usury creates nothing but debt. It will continue to grow until the crash. President Reagan was elected on the pretext of “balancing the budget.” The more he works at it, the more the deficit grows.

How true the words of Maurice Samuel’s (Jew) in his book You Gentiles. Quote: “No matter what you do, you will never be able to satisfy us.” This would seem to prove the hate Jews have for White-Aryan Christians.

Yes, numbing fear grips the land. Fear at the loss of ones sustenance. It gnaws at the vitals of those Aryans who fear for the safety of their little ones being bused forty or fifty miles to a black-beast school where they are beaten and robbed of their lunch money all because of rulings by a group of doddering old men paid by Jewry.

The very uncertainty of the end time in which we live is charged with fear of the unknown—what will happen next? How will we feed the children? Will famine really stalk the land? Will we be pushed out in the cold for inability to meet the mortgage payment? Yes, many things to fear and be concerned about!

The jew malignancy which pervades our land eats away at the very soul of our race. But it is not the will of our Father that we shall all be consumed by this evil. He is sharpening up His surgical tools to cut out this cancerous growth. Those who do not assist in this operation are risking the loss of their heritage. To gain this heritage assigned to us before the foundation of the world it is incumbent upon us that we accomplish the mission for which our Father sent us. Those who have the “ears” to hear and the “eyes” to see dare not shirk the assignment.

In these times we are confronted by a vicious, paranoid Jewish enemy whose stock in trade is the bomb and other destructive weapons. With these, plus miscegenation, he expects to destroy us off the face of the earth. Let us assume for the moment that he could do this. It would only prove how utterly stupid he is in the ways of natural law. Since he is a parasite, depending on the Aryan-White Race for his sustenance, his Jew mongrel race would perish within two generations.

Of course, this is not in the plan of our Father. Our task is to work for the Kingdom; and, if we do so diligently and earnestly, we will be blessed with success. As we all know, the task is to bring our people together into one spirit and purpose. To accomplish this we must proceed with the strong faith of our forebears. We must ignore the two words failure and doubt.

It is through the use of words that our enemy, the Jew, has enslaved us down through the course of six thousand years. It is time that we put a stop to allowing him to scare us with words such as “anti-semitic, racist, nazi,”… and all the rest. We have all heard and read them many times. And, in any case, we Aryans are not anti-semitic, we are anti-Jew.

Our Father has drawn the lines very clearly. He has told us what we must do. We will do it in honor, or dishonor-.-but we will do it! So let us have no fear of our enemies. There is no way we can lose. If he kills us, we have resurrection into eternal life–the enemy does not. Once you have the faith of this truth, how can you fear the rantings of a few insipid kikes?

We must not lose sight of the fact that our enemies fit into two separate categories. The worst of these are the traitors of our own Race. They have already sold their soul to the ancient enemy for a few crumbs which fall from the Jew banquet table. When these traitors are brought down from their lofty perch, the children of Satan will lose their power and rule over us. This is what we must aim for—to take back the power we have allowed them to have.

“For fear of the Jews” is a quote found several times in the Bible. The time is at hand when we shall no longer entertain this fear. Our Father and Kinsman Redeemer will help us to overcome this weakness. All we need do is follow the path laid down for us. This means that we must have a fearful respect for our Father. It points up very sharply that we will pay a dear price for continued disobedience of His commands.


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