…And No Shots Were Fired!

How does a country lose it’s Sovereignty without the enemy truly firing a shot? The answer is quite simple. When a country decides it’s time to completely dissolve it’s Moral standards, and set aside Christian principles, No chance is left for redemption. The ONLY hope we as the TRUE AMERICANS have, is to study the Word of our father Yahweh (God), and try to place His word into the hearts and minds of our people.

       From about 1820 to 1900, America saw the largest influx of immigration. Among those immigrants were a massive amount of Jews. Jews from nearly every country in the world had been expelled and were subsequently sent here. Romania booted their Jews around 1867, and 79% of them slithered to Our shores. Then, in 1891, Moscow succeeded in ridding themselves of most Jews, but the garbage floated to the surface in America. Now, we could have shut this travesty down many times, but with the Jew came financing for larger projects in our country which were deemed impractical before for lack of funds. These Jews created a money system for our country at the first World Jewish Congress in 1898. We use these methods even today. Other countries laugh at us because of this weakness…”white man’s guilt”. Any time the Jews have approached other countries with their money schemes, they are usually expelled, and sometimes disposed of with extreme prejudice. Halleluah! But, in this country, now labeled the “Nation of many Nations”, we open our arms to these children of the devil with no second thoughts. Our pockets are lined, and our morals are flushed! As long as we are able to further the One World Agenda, our political machine (the Jews), are content with their existence. It is very easy to claim you have been abused by Whites in this country. Some niggers make a living doing it. ALL JEWS MAKE A LIVING DOING IT!

     Yet, we continuously make it difficult on ourselves by allowing it. The so-called “preachers” in the mainstream have made full- blown heroes out of the Jews. They cause people to think that the Jews are God’s chosen Race. The biggest LIE in history. A lie that has destroyed any chance most people have ever had of knowing their true identity. A lie that has survived longer than any other lie. And because of the ” white man’s guilt”, every freedom enjoyed by Americans since our country’s inception, is now at stake. It is not because of a few mexicans or niggers, or even faggots. It is because of White people who sold their souls for a Luciferian existence. Ordo ab chao.

    If their is anything at all we can learn from handing over our sovereignty to the Jews, it is that We alone are to blame now. No reason for guilt. No reason for placement of blame other than toward the mirror. Rid your House of the very “Nature of the beast”, and eventually, you will conquer the Beast itself. Prolong the existence of your people by denying these Jews of your acceptance. Or maybe you like the idea of calling a nonwhite your Master!

   The Jews would prefer that YOU do not fight back. Most Whites are too sorry to stand up and look these Yids in the face, and say “I am here to reclaim MY sovereignty”!! Why can’t we jump into the battle with both feet?

    The facts of history tell us that on May 1, 1776, A Bavarian Jew named Adam Weishaupt formed ” The Illuminati”. The name means “bearers of light”, or “Bringers of the light”. This “most secret” society consisted and was birthed from 5 Bloodlines which can be traced to Babylon. And these men infiltrated most ALL secret societies, and have risen to Ultimate power as of this writing. Around 64% of the last century’s politicians were members. And ALL politicians in America serve them. Their goals are simple within the large framework, but to the average person, it becomes a complex maze of plots, murder, torture, a One world Government, and eventual worldwide Satanism (communism)! Their True master is The Angel of Light, Lucifer Himself. The fallen one.

     So now it becomes easier to see the extent of our persecution. With millions of lies floating around, one would need to spend their time wisely. It DOES matter what religion you are, because your faith in Yahweh brings Our Race victory! Your Idle time is not only useless to Our Race, but completely Luciferian in itself. If the greed of Our country had not overtaken it’s morality, the setting we live in would be different.

I pray hourly for enlightenment through the spirit. I beg to be shown his will, and I await His vengeance upon the Heathen with great anticipation. Our sovereignty will return again, but will You be here to see it? Or are you going to be counted beside the Heathen?

You see there was no need for weaponry when they stole our country, they just had willingness. To counter that method there exists only One sure thing…Yahweh.  

     Just remember that we were a great people once upon a time! And now look at us. Yahweh is surely Our salvation. Our salvation by Birthright!!! And this WILL BE the reclamation of Our sovereignty!        



  1. milissa61 says:

    There is no political solution to this infestation, only following Yahweh’s Laws can save us.

    1. Jackie2015 says:

      Yes, because the Law and Ordinances shall make us free. The blessings of our Heavenly Father would be a in abundance

      1. milissa61 says:


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