The Importance of Race in History

History itself may very well be considered the greatest evidence as to the inherent differences between the races in the capability of forming and/or maintaining civilizations. Just as we measure a student’s performance in school on what grades he or she receives, we can also measure the performance of the human races on what they have accomplished throughout history. While most people are aware of the White origins of the ancient Roman, Greek, and Sumerian civilizations, fewer are aware of the White origins of the ancient Egyptian, Central American, Indian, Chinese, and Japanese civilizations. In essence, upon examining these civilizations, we can find not only that they were indeed created by White people, but that their decline and fall can be attributed to the fact that the creators of them intermarried with non-whites with the resulting offspring unable to maintain what their ancestors had created. Though we lack the space to cover this massive topic as thoroughly as it can and has been covered in other sources, I hope that the information which is provided below (from the book, White America) will enable you to understand that Race has played a crucial role in history, a role which our people would be wise to recognize lest we should continue our current path of “colorblindness”, a path which can only result in the destruction of the civilization our forefathers created for us. Written records cover but a short last chapter in human history. To grasp the results of contact by races, it is necessary to push back the curtain of history and trace earlier events. Prehistoric migrations of the Whites since the dawn of time carried with them the germs of intellect and culture which would later develop. When races are in permanent contact, there is racial intermarriage creating a mongrel race. However, the language, carvings, statues, and monuments remain to prove that members of the White race once built the civilization. Members of the White race have always been in motion, being away from Europe almost as much as they have been there. Civilization dawned along the Nile and Euphrates. Early White people ventured out to Greece, Rome, and Carthage. To the East they travelled to India and on to Asia. These race movements can easily be followed by skeletal remains, skull formations, implements, burial mounds, etc. A sign of the ancient White man was his burial cell and block (which led to todays vault and tombstone). J. McMillan Brown calls them: “A Caucasian track across the earth.” Renown British ethnologist Prof. A.H. Keane wrote: “These neo-lithic monuments, all of the stone cell and block types are found in Asia, Iran, Syria, Palestine, Arabia, Northern Africa, Ethiopia, the Crimea, the British Isles, and China.” This megalithic engineering is not found among the yellow or black races.

White Egypt

Sir Harry Johnston, the foremost authority on Egypt, in his book, History of Egypt, says that Egypt was a White nation. Early Egyptians recognized that inter-breeding with the Negroes to the south in Nubia would dilute their race. Through race-mixing, the decay would eventually destroy their civilization. Besides the massive evidence that exists otherwise, the idea that the Egyptian civilization was founded or ruled by Blacks is easily dismissed by the simple fact that the Egyptians named the land to the south of them (after they had conquered Nubia), “Sudan,” which means “land of the Blacks.” If the Egyptians were Black themselves, it would make little sense to classify the land to the south of them as “land of the Blacks.” Egypt was divided into two nations–Upper Egypt and Lower Egypt. The first Pharoah, Menes, ruled in the year 3400 B.C. Menes conquered the Black Nubians and built a great dam to divert the waters of the Nile. Thus they were able to drain the swamps and build a vast farming community in the fertile land. Under Menses, hieroglyphic writing (the first alphabetic signs) were developed. It would be 2,500 years later before any other people thought up an alphabet. Egyptian mummies have been exhumed which are complete with hair, eyes, and skin which are strictly from the White race. The great engineering skills which resulted in the construction of the huge pyramids declined as interbreeding between the races spread. By breeding downward their culture gradually disappeared. It was a slow retrogression of both mind and body. Under the Pharaoh Namar, the first huge stone temples were erected using 120,000 Black Nubians as slave laborers. The following six dynasties (years 2,929 B.C. to 2,475 B.C.) saw the development of a formal religion, an orderly government, society, industry, and art. All would be superior to that which would follow them. The Egyptians were the first to discover the use of metals as tools. Thus the drill was developed which would cut slabs of stone blocks twenty to thirty feet long weighing fifty to sixty tons. They had drills of copper, long copper saws, which brought forth mighty weapons. Pyramids were built that would be very difficult to build today. The Great Pyramid was built of two million three hundred thousand stone blocks each weighing two and a half tons. They were floated on rafts from quarries south of Cairo and raised on enormous ramps. This single project took ten years to complete. The Great Pyramid is 481 feet high and the blocks are so close that the edges are fitted one ten thousandth of an inch together which is equal to optical work today. The Sixth Dynasty began the use of Black troops recruited in Nubia against their enemies. This had much to do with the final decay and collapse of Egypt. By the year 1,500 B.C., half of the people of Southern Egypt were of mixed blood. Some 800 years later, all progress ended when Teharka became the first mulatto Pharaoh in 688 B.C. Blacks came to Egypt as soliders, slaves, and captives from other nations. They lived in squalid settlements along the Nile outside the White communities. Certain Pharaohs sought to prevent the mongrelization of the Egyptian race and made it a death penalty to bring Blacks north. One fort was erected on the Nile in central Egypt to stop the passage of Blacks to the north. However, important people were always able to circumvent the law and their slaves were permitted to pass. This is similar to what happened in this country, where even though interracial marriage was against the law in the majority of states until the late sixties, racial intermarriage still occurred both during and after slavery was abolished. The White Egyptian race is now extinct. The later mulatto Pharaohs also wanted to be buried in pyramids but could not figure out how to build them. Thus they removed the name of an early Pharaoh and inserted their own and were buried under the old pyramid. Art, science, and literature died out. White India The ancient Aryans came from Persia and entered India by way of Afghanistan (where their White descendants can still be found). To the south, they conquered and enslaved a dark aboriginal race. These people can be traced to the Asiatic branch of the Black race. Historian Madison Grant found that the Aryanized Whites of India spoke a language directly traceable to the old Sanskrit of the Mediterranean White people. The great Aryan civilization of India existed from 2,000 B.C. to 1,400 B.C. Their writings reveal a vigorous White society, a conquering people, well organized, respecting their women and already in possession of ancient laws. They glorified in agriculture, were passionately religious, and imposed their faith and culture on the surrounding colored population whom they referred to with contempt. They called themselves “a people of fair complexion.” Besides complexion, a high bridged nose elevated a person over dark people who have a round-wide nose. Even today, the “nasal index” influences the status of Indians in the caste system. The Aryans set up the caste system to prevent racial intermarriage and they established the Hindu religion which promoted the ideal of maintaining racial purity. The caste system of segregation helped to prolong the Aryan civilization, but eventually, mongrelization set in. The big question was–how to preserve the White race and still utilize the inferior colored peoples? They decided that the answer was: “caste, enforced by law and religion.” Originally, caste divided the people into five divisions–warriors, priests, farmers, merchants, and laborers. The first was made up of the purest of the Aryans and the last of the subjected mixbreeds. People were required to marry within their own caste. The very black lowest race was not even allowed to enter the system and were called “outcasts.” They were considered barely human. This is how the term “outcast” originated. Caste prevented mixed marriages but was incapable of preventing illegitimate sexual unions. The Aryans were intent on retaining the purity of their White race, but were unable to discover those engaging in sexual relations with the “low caste coloreds.” Thus, they turned their wrath on the “half-castes” (half-breeds). They were not allowed to live within the confines of cities. Under certain conditions, soldiers were permitted to slay them without mercy. With time, the mixed breeds multiplied and the caste system broke down. Today, less than 10% of the Indian people can be classified as “White.” Nevertheless, these Whites still make up the ruling class.

Whites in Asia

Professor Keane wrote: “The dominant position in society seems destined into the future to be held by the large and much convoluted brain of the White Caucasian people.” A branch of the White race followed a Northern route into Northern China, Mongolia, Korea, and to Japan. It is admitted that some people living there today are partly White. Furthermore, the early Chinese civilization has been linked to that existing in Babylonia (a White civilization) in prior centuries. The people of southern China and Indochina are a much darker race than the “Whiter” Asiatics to the north. The Japanese are of part White ancestry. Even to this day, the White “Ainus” people live in the mountains of northern Japan and are definitely White people. They are also found on the northern Japanese island of Yezo. The Chinese have the ability to hold on to science but not to advance it (which the Japanese–a more Whiter race–are efficient at). The Chinese suffer from arrest of mental development (further development of the brain) by the closure of the sutures of the skull (like the Blacks) at an earlier age than do the Europeans or Japanese. The Races of Man, by Deniker, page 363, states: “Southern Siberia and North Mongolia are covered with stone circles, barrows, burial places, skulls, iron and copper, which are of European origin.” Early Chinese records refer to blond tribes and there remain fair-skinned blue-eyed people in Manchuria and Korea today. The rulers of China for the most part have been of hybrid-White descent. The Chinese civilization was more creative 2,500 years ago than it is today–especially in the southern provinces. Madison Grant, in his widely acclaimed book, The Passing of the Great Race, wrote: “The Chinese seem to be almost as incapable of progress as the Negroes themselves. The only essential difference being that the arrest of mental development comes later in life for the yellow man than for the black.”

Whites in South America

Prominent ethnologists are confident that the White race is responsible for the cultures of Mexico and Peru. The American Indian came from Mongolia in Asia. They ventured here from Siberia to Alaska and down into Central and South America. Did the White follow the Mongolian on the same route to America? We also know that the Vikings came from Greenland and Iceland to settle in western Canada and the New England states. The White race built an early civilization in the Americas. By the time the Spaniards arrived, their society was already crumbling. The White aristocratic leadership exhibited very different racial features than do the Mongolian Indian population which make up the vast majority of the people living in Mexico today. They built mighty pyramids like those in Egypt and originally had a religion similar to that of the Whites in India. In fact, there is substantial evidence that Egyptians themselves sailed in reed boats across the Atlantic and settled in Mexico. This would explain for example how it is that the Castillo pyramid on Mexico’s Yucatan peninsula is an exact duplicate of those found in Egypt. Thor Heyerdahl indeed built a replica of an Egyptian papyrus-reed boat and sailed it safely from Egypt to Mexico to show how the White Mayans arrived. These pyramid builders did not have the slanted eyes of the Indian nor the short round nose-the art that these builders created demonstrates this full well. For example, the sculptures which have been found all reveal a people with a high-bridged nose, thin lips, and often times beards-all characteristics which Indians do not share. There is no doubt that these people intermarried with the Indian people, which, like Egypt and India, caused the downfall of their civilization. The American Indians The mysterious American “Indian” mounds were not built by the present day Mongolian Indians. The White pioneers asked the Indians about the pyramid type mounds. They did not know how they were constructed or for what purpose. We now know that a mixed people from Mexico journeyed up the Mississippi and spread east building the pyramid mounds as grave sites (like in Egypt) and as defensive fortifications for their rulers.

Why America Is More Advanced Than Mexico and South America

Far more slaves were brought to South America than to the U.S. The Blacks and Indians freely co-mingled with many of the original Spanish and the Portuguese. Thus there was interbreeding on a massive scale. This is why a continent, far richer in natural resources, lags far behind the U.S. in progress. Garcia Calderon, a Peruvian diplomat in his book, Latin America, wrote: “The Negro is a formal influence in Latin America. They are revenged for their enslavement in that their blood is mingled with that of their masters. South American civilization is dependent upon the numerical predominance of the Spaniard over the mulatto, the Negro, and the Indian.” As mentioned earlier, when the White and non-white intermix, the result will be offspring of with higher intelligence than the non-white parent, but intelligence lower than the White parent. Thus, the offspring are unable to continue the accomplishments of their White ancestors. This explains why America, with fewer natural resources than Mexico and South America, is so grossly superior in standard of living, culture, technology, etc.-not only do White people form a majority of America’s population, but much less racial intermixing has taken place. In addition, it cannot be said that the deciding factor has been our Constitution and democratic ideals, since both Mexico and most of the Central and South American countries have Constitutions and democratic ideals quite similar to ours.

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