Febuary 23, 1918

A Fallen Hero Who will never be Forgotten… 
A man that gave his life to the cause and endured many a sacrifice.

A man who knew in his heart that the cause would be forever right.

A man who knew that we would not give way and dwindle throughout the night.

A man who we know will serve in the kingdom to come, as one of Yahweh’s Highest Knights.

Our history books will surely never mention of this date, born was a man whose courage and conviction was so profound, it had to be fate.

This man that I speak of is surely like no other, this man that I speak of is called Pastor Richard G. Butler.

He stood up for what he believed in, he would say it to their face, he took a stand for his people, he took a stand for our Race.

He was aware of something that few appear to see, he was aware that we are being bred right out of history.

There are those who preach about discrimination and equality, these same people are the ones who destroy racial purity.

They want to eliminate the White man, they will do this in time, we can’t let this happen, for there could be no bigger crime.

The odds are against us, so we must take a giant leap, we must not give in or we will be slaughtered like sheep.

The lies they spread, they do in the name of God, Pastor Butler has stood up and fought to expose this facade.

He has shown us that we must pull together, if we are to win this fight, we must all act as one, if we are to going to expose this deadly plight.

He has shown that we must join together before it is too late, we must do what it takes, we must take control of our fate.

We must do what is necessary, we must work to preserve our rights, cause the way things are going, it will soon be a crime to be White.

We are being suffocated by their beliefs and by what they call culture, we are drowning in their evil ways, and soon we will have no future.

They have stood on their soapboxes, and cried about Hitler, they called him pure evil, they called him a butcher.

He too, envisioned the future and the threat to his people, for trying to save them, he was seen as pure evil.

Pastor Butler has opened our eyes to see that our time is well spent, we must take back control from our biggest enemy, our own government.

So look all around yourself, and help to stop this degradation, Stand up and take part, for the survival of our own Aryan Nation.

For dedicating your life, so that white children have a future, May God bless you as I do, you’re a saint Pastor Butler.

February 23, 1918


  1. Jackie2015 says:

    Great was the love of this beautiful man,Pastor Butler, for Yahweh, the Holy One of Israel. He has received his reward that was waiting for him.
    The White Race is more or less destroying itself by believing the deception the father of lies and his wicked offspring.

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