Internet Nazi-vs-Racial Activist

I hope this missive is looked at with an open mind as it may shed light on a problem facing our collective Racial Movement. We have two types of people in this movement, now there are varying levels of these two types but basically everyone falls within these two groups. For sake of better terms I will call one group “Internet Nazi’s” and the other “Racial Activist”. Now most people in the movement have computers, that’s all well and good. The internet in theory was initially a means for us to network with each other more efficiently and be able to reach a vast number of people quickly with e-mail and websites. Oh yes the internet, the instrument that will tidal wave the movement through the 21st century. That was what we had hoped anyway. Well there’s more backbiting, infighting, gossiping, rumor mongering and overall disenchantment with people in the movement now than ever before. Think about that for a moment… and now think about this… it’s with far less people than in the days before the internet.

Why do you think that is? Could be a number of things, one thing that is a problem is there seems to be more people inclined to be “Internet Nazi’s” than truly be active. Lets face it, it’s a lot easier calling someone a snitch from behind a computer screen, while wearing your face mask, and using a fake profile, than to his face right? Sitting there with a beer perched beside the mouse pad, underwear and t-shirt on and a smile on your face as you are sending an e-mail to about twenty or more people calling someone else a drunkard, snitch, whore mongerer etc…

“Internet Nazi’s” are as unproductive as the social sites that they frequent. If you feel someone is bad then don’t be yoked with them. It’s easy, don’t go where they are at and keep them out of your own event. It’s that simple. Don’t go starting an internet crusade on an individual about something you most likely don’t even know anything about, just what you heard or more likely what you read in an e-mail or on some social site. The people we need to shun are the trouble makers that thrive on doing just that. If you are a member of a group by all means strive to be a “Racial Activist” instead. Save your money so that you can attend events, get out from behind your computer and put out fliers in your neighborhood. Go find an old Confederate cemetery and clean it up, that would put your organization in a good light with the community and be a good deed as well. If people would start attending events we would have the numbers of old, such as the ones at Stone Mountain, Georgia in the 1980’s. Be active in your groups by keeping your dues paid up, printing and merchandise cost money. Keeping your dues paid up allows your organization to do more things that are productive and fun for all of us. By all means be a “Racial Activist”, be active not a trouble maker behind a keyboard.

To sum this up, if you have a problem with an individual, the best thing to do is to shun them. You won’t have a problem with them very long. Let them rant and rave and try to show up at events just to get turned away at the gate, they won’t continue to bother you for long. They will find themselves on an island with nobody to help them in their endeavors. They will then slink away most likely to underneath the rock from which they came.

Hail Victory!

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