Truth Behind A.I.D.S.!

I am for AIDS. It is an answer to my prayers to God to rescue and preserve the White race. Many of us have prayed to God to help and protect the White race. God is answering our prayers with the racial disease of AIDS. With AIDS, God is changing us White people from losers into winners. With AIDS, God is eradicating the jews, negroids, race mixers and sodomites; thereby preserving the White race, His people. I praise God for AIDS, We are now certain of White victory because of His victory over His enemies.

AIDS Is Kaposi’s Sarcoma!

There can be no knowledgeable discussion of AIDS without facing the fact that AIDS is a variant of the old disease of Kaposi’s sarcoma. Kaposi’s sarcoma was named after Dr. Moris (Moritz) Kaposi, a Hungarian jew dermatologist in Vienna, who first wrote about it in medical literature in 1872, over one hundred years ago. At that time it was mainly a jewish disease, until they spread it to Africans who are as AlDS-prone as the jews. Writers who are unaware of the fact that AIDS is merely Kaposi’s sarcoma in a more contagious and more deadly form are not familiar enough with the facts be writing about AIDS, I pay no attention to those kinds of people.

Of course, the big problem with researching and writing about AIDS is the fact that the anti-Christ jews and their jew money power have forbidden and made taboo any honest discussion about racial facts and racial differences. The Jew power structure forbids the free discussion of racial facts, not only in sports and in general, but also in public discussion of medical science. If the leading AIDS doctors were to dare to tell the true facts about the racial nature of AIDS they would be instantly fired from their jobs. However, since AIDS is SO racial, the real racial facts continue to leak out. AIDS is a racial disease of jews and negroids that, fortunately, also eradicates sodomites and race-mixers.

Read Real Medical Books About AIDS

W.B. Saunders Company, was headquartered in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, is the largest publisher of medical books in the world. In 1985 that company published an up-to-date edition of Conn’s Current Therapy, which contains the “latest approved methods of treatment for the practicing physician. On pages 626 and 627 it discusses Kaposi’s sarcoma. In regard to patients with Kaposi’s sarcoma, it says, “These patients often die of other causes, At the beginning of page 627 it says, “A recently recognized variant of Kaposi’s sarcoma has been found in young homosexuals, Haitian refugees, and certain immunosuppressed states (acquired immunodeficiency disease).” There you have it, in low key plain medicalese. That medical book, which was written for doctors, makes it clear that AIDS is a “variant” of AIDS. In other words, AIDS is a newer form of Kaposi’s sarcoma. That book goes on to say that “This entity, however, has a high mortality rate…and is often associated with Pneumocystis carinii infections.” That kind of pneumonia often kills AIDS patients; otherwise, they would eventually die with Kaposi spots all over their bodies.

Notice that the above-quoted book says that most often Kaposi patients die of other causes. That is also true of the variant of Kaposi’s sarcoma known as AIDS, There are about fifteen opportunistic diseases that kill AIDS patients before they can die of AIDS with the Kaposi spots – such as pneumonia, hepatitis, tuberculosis and many others. That is why it is SO easy for physicians to comply with the wishes of AIDS patients and their families to put something other than AIDS on the death certificates of the deceased AIDS patients. That also helps to conceal the full extent of the wonderful AIDS epidemic. Fortunately, that cover-up neither stops nor slows the invincible march of AIDS.

AIDS–A Basic Guide for Clinicians is the best medical book ever published about Kaposi sarcoma and AlDS, and it was published by W. B. Saunders Company in 1984. It costs $55, and you are urged to order a copy through your local bookstore real soon before the jew power structure censors or suppresses it. The jews may suppress it in spite of the fact that some of its authors are jews. The jews don’t burn books because it is much easier for them to suppress or censor them, Rush to buy a copy soon.

AIDS, alias KAPOSI’S SARCOMA: A Jew Disease On page 123 of AIDS, A Basic Guide Guide for Clinicians, it reads “For over half a century after Kaposi’s original description, the literature was mainly concerned with the clinical and pathologic aspects of the disease and its epidemiology in Europe, especially in Eastern European (Ashkenazic) Jews.

“The past three decades have seen remarkable and rather startling epidemiologic and etiologic observations in this previously rare disorder. An increased prevalence of Kaposi’s sarcoma (KS) was noted in Equatorial Africa. A compilation of the work of many investigators on this subject is found in a monograph published after a symposium on KS which was held in Kampala, Uganda in 1961.” What more proof do you need? There you have the basic facts about Kaposi’s sarcoma, alias AIDS, being a disease of jews and negroids. But, there is much more proof and it continues to accumulate. Let’s continue looking at the facts on page 123 of that medical book that has been published to halt physicians to treat AIDS patients, It is a pro-jewish book and partly written by jews, On page 123 it talks about the term AIDS being “coined. The book does not say why it was coined, but the obvious reason was to conceal its racial nature, especially its jewish nature. This pro-jew book says that when there was an outbreak of Kaposi’s Sarcoma (KS) males, the term appearing AIDS” at that time in homosexual was “coined* to describe it. The book also admits that other groups, such as Haitians, are suffering from this newly “coined” entity.

That book also reveals that during the past three decades prior to 1984, “an increased prevalence of Kaposi’s sarcoma (RS) was noted in Equatorial Africa. ” That was mostly prior to the mutation of Kaposi’s sarcoma into what now known as AIDS, even though old-style Kaposi’s sarcoma continues to increase in Africa as it strikes more young Africans according to the N.Y. Times, page l of Dec. 9, 1985. It has changed from being a rare disease of the old Jews and blacks to being a disease of their young.

The history of Kaposi’s sarcoma in Africa is that it only infected negroids and jews and not Whites who lived in the same vicinity. Medical reports have been written about KS in Africa as far back as 1957 by the Belgian Medical Society before its name was changed to AIDS. Why should the racial facts about AIDS/KS be mainly confined to medical books and be kept secret from the people of this country and the world?

AIDS Is Genetic
A team of British scientists reported about their research showing the genetic nature of AIDS, and their report was reviewed in Britain’s foremost medical journal, LANCET, in May of 1987. Most of the newsmedia suppressed this racial news, but a few did report it. The racial part was partially reported in the Washington Post of May 12, 1987, and U.S. News and world Report of August 17, 1987. Since then, it has been hushed up by the jewsmedia.

The British research team did find evidence to suggest that people with a particular inherited protein gene known as Gc 2 are relatively resistant to the AIDS virus. White people are the ones who have the Gc 2 gene that is resistant to AIDS.

The negroids have a hereditary gene that causes them to be AIDS-prone, There is a certain gene known as Gc. The Gcl fast gene transmits AIDS while the Gc 2 gene offers relative protection against it. Fortunately, Whites are mostly safe because they have the Gc 2 gene. Negroids mainly have the Ge 1 fast gene and are AIDS-prone for that reason. Of course, Whites who sleep with jews, negroids or sodomites are in great danger of catching AIDS. They are so depraved that they deserve to catch it. He who lies down with dogs will get up with fleas. He who lies down with jews, negroids or queers will get up with AIDS. That is why we must warn all loyal Whites, especially White students, to the danger that they will die from AIDS, if they have sex with one of those groups.

Civil Rights Movement Being Reversed by AIDS
In addressing the Presidential Commission on AIDS, U.S. Surgeon-General Koop said: “The AIDS epidemic has developed while the country is emerging from years of turmoil over civil rights and threatens to destroy progress made in that area. We have finally extended to all Americans – regardless of race, creed, color, ethnic origin, religion, sex or age – the birthright to freedom that is theirs. Will AIDS by itself reverse this trend of history? I certainly hope and pray that does not occur. but hopes and prayers may not be enough. Instead of praying against AIDS, Koop should have repent, stop opposing the will of God and start praying for God to continue rescuing the White race and White Christian America with His great miracle of AIDS. AIDS is God’s purification program. It is wonderful that God, with AIDS is reversing and destroying the evil progress of the jew-sponsored civil Fights revolution against us loyal White people. Every day and every night we should Praise God for AIDS. It is our Christian duty to give God the glory for His glorious miracles, especially His great racial blessing of AIDS, Fortunately with AIDS God is also eradicating the sodomites and the queer bloc vote so as to prevent America from becoming a new, giant Sodom and Gomorrah.

There is a way for us to protect innocent White people from AIDS. Blood in the blood banks should be separated by race. We must also win national political power so that we can use the power of government to round up all the jews, negroids, race-mixers and sodomites and move them out far away from us White people, so as to protect innocent Whites, Remember, with AIDS, our Lord Jesus Christ is winning His Victory over His enemies. Even so, He wants you to do your part because, in St. Luke, He said: “Occupy til I come.” That is why you should support The Church of Jesus Christ Christian / Aryan Nations, as we go forward. With AIDS Jesus is already separating the chaff from the wheat.

Hail White Victory!


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