Miracles of Yahshua

This teaching today is for the soul purpose of telling some of the Miracles that Yahshua (Jesus Christ) performed while here on the earth. All who wish to grasp this message, must strive beyond this to attain all knowledge available from here on out. For it is not nearly enough just to realize the miracles. We, the Aryan Kindred, must strive to be Like Him. We must be the major influence that other people take example from. As the true Children of Israel, we know that we are constantly being attacked by Satan and his minions. Yahshua was even attacked by Satan, but even Satan knows his reign on Earth is temporary. His existance here is prolonged by his spawn, the Jew.

And we know that the Jew uses the Negro, or Beast, to carry out most of his dirty work. But as I said before, this is to be a lesson on Greatness, how well we treat one another! Greatness is sometimes measured by how well you treat others. Now, I, like everyone else, am no saint. However, I do treat our Kindred with respect. Which is precisely what I am charged with doing. I believe that Aryan people are the chosen children. I also feel that I must spread our loving message as far as I can. I wish to sort of list quite a few of the Great works Yahshua did, while also listing how it pertains to us being like him. Because I know that I am a mortal man, but I have the capacity, like all Aryan Kindred, to be a spiritual Giant.

This is not saying that I would tower over others, but it means that I would have attained my spiritual goals. Yahshua came as a man, but He was the son of Yahweh, the seed of Abraham, and the one true Savior. There is no perfect starting point, so we will start while Yahshua was considerably young. Now there is a period that not a lot of detail on Yahshua’s life on earth is given, but many scholars have voiced there opinions. Many manuscripts going very far back have been discovered. We can know for sure that Yahshua was enlightened far beyond what we can imagine. And was very sympathetic to those he ministered to. In Luke chapter 14 He speaks about having compassion for the lame, blind, and poor (in some translations, poor in spirit). Never the less, He taught while here that we are to minister to the unwise and make good gestures toward civilized and uncivilized society alike. The goodwill we show toward our brethren, is like fire from Yahweh. A fire that is everlasting. A spiritual fire.

Early accounts of his miracles are vivid. His temptation in Matthew only serves as a reminder of his steadfastness, yet, it serves as a reminder of his unbreakable spirit. While fasting (without food), Satan came to Yahshua and offered food, which was in turn denied. Yahshua was recieving a spiritual blessing while in the wilderness. Yahshua had no need to make a command of turning stones into Bread. This was Yahweh’s will. Then, the temptation of thrusting himself from the pinnacle of the tabernacle, offering that hosts of Angels would save him from the slightest scar. Yahshua answered, “thou shalt not tempt the Lord thy God”. Of course, the temptation against Yahshua from Satan was still ongoing. The next and last would be an offerance of All the Nations (races) of the Earth. But this to was denied because Yahshua would never bow to Satan. Nor would there be any reason for our Lord want to bargain for control over that which He already has dominion over. Remember that His reign is Supreme.

Yahshua made promises of many miracles in Matthew which he came through with. He cleansed the Lepers, healed the sick, and cast out devils! In the book of Mark 1:30,31, it states that Simon’s wife’s mother was healed of a physical abnormality, and her fever was lifted. Then, the book states that Yahshua cast out many Devil’s, and suffered not the Devil’s to speak, for they knew him. You see, His very presence and ministry was already disturbing to these demons. But, now Yahshua was actually cleansing those with afflictions. Then we see in John chapter 2:1-11, that Yahshua turns water into wine at a wedding ceremony. It also states that the Mother of Jesus (Yahshua) was there. She happens to be the one whom tells her son that They have no wine. Showing Her everlasting triumph in Faith. And from six waterpots made from stone, and filled with water, wine was brought forth. This Miracle was actually the Awakening to everyone, in that region, of the Son of Yahweh.

In Matthew Chapter 9, it states that He healed a man sick with palsy. Now, Palsy is usually a paralyzed part of someone’s body, occasionally followed with involuntary tremors. This is so magnificent in itself because some of those whom saw Him perform this Miracle, were thinking among themselves that this was Blasphemous for Jesus to tell this crippled man to be of good cheer and thine sins be forgiven. But, Yahshua then puts them in their places shortly thereafter. Then He told the crippled man to arise and walk and to take up his bed with him. So he did. Before moving ahead, I do want to mention that We, the Children of Israel, are Charged with carrying these messages of His glory. Remember that in Genesis 5:1 it states that this Book (the Bible) is the book of the generations of Adam. In the likeness of God made He Him Now, in the Bible we see that the Lord expresses deep concern for His people. Now, we could certainly learn from His examples. We aren’t even able to grasp all that We may accomplish. Our people, the Aryans, have always been the inventors. The explorers. The artists. The musicians. Etc. Now this is the time when we must learn from example and be so proud of our race that we actually begin to seep into people’s lives. We must seek out the hungry, out of work Aryan and feed him. Give Him food or shelter for the night. These are the things that make us who we truly are. Aryans. A Noble Race.

Again, moving along, in Matthew 12:22, Jesus comes upon a man whom is possessed by a devil. It actually states that the man was blind and dumb. Then it goes along to say that the man was healed of his affliction “insomuch that the blind and dumb both spake and saw.” Now again there were those around who witnessed this miracle and spoke in a negative light about it. They claimed that Jesus was there to do the work of the Devil. But the Bible says that He (Jesus, Yahshua) knew there thoughts and spoke against them. He tells them that every Idle word they speak shall be judged. Then in Matthew 14: 25- 33, it states that during a violent storm that the disciples were out at sea, and Jesus walked on the water to them. He told them to not be afraid and to meet with Him. Peter, a disciple, was called out to come forth onto the waters out of the boat and to walk to Yahshua, but He sank into the waters. Yahshua grabbed his hand and pulled him up with him. He of course had doubt and little faith as the Lord pointed out. Even though this sermon barely covers some of His wonderous miracles, it at least gives our people the general idea of exactly how much work He accomplished while here on earth. It should serve as a reminder to those in doubt, that our Messiah is working in Our best interest at all times and we should give the respect that is due. Even when our lives have taken a turn that we don’t see as necessary. Yahweh gives and creates perfection in everything.


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    We just cannot do without the Old Testament, because the Books are the very Foundation of the New Testament and Revelation.

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