Questions: Fielded By Pastor Richard G. Butler

Of Myriad Questions Fielded By Pastor Richard G. Butler and Church of Jesus Christ Christian-Aryan Nations personnel, especially those often piqued by media sources, perhaps the most prevalent, if not most important, are: “What exactly is Christian identity? What does it mean for me? What does it mean for non-Whites?“

Such questions do not have readily simplistic answers. Here, to best advise those seeking the Truth as taught by Jesus Christ, we can only address the basics and leave the aspiring disciple to search out the deeper meanings leading to Racial and Spiritual Revelations for themselves. Of a certainty, one cannot be told how to be an Identity Christian and then simply act accordingly as if it were no more difficult than learning to ride a bike.

FIRST: One must be called to Kingdom service by our Father Yahweh. Once chosen of the many called — yahweh instilled in His disciples a driving initiative to seek out and prove the Truth of His Laws (having the ability of discerning them from the corrupt doctrines of false teachers), and find our Spiritually evolving place in the realm of all things. Once gaining conscious personal vision of that calling and choosing to His Service, and as Jesus the Christ plainly said, the rest becomes a matter of promise: —“Seek and you shall find. Knock and the door shall be opened unto you!”

SECOND: There are many references where one can start in the study of Identity, yet the primary knowledge driving forward the Identity Christian faith is a statement Jesus Christ made clear in Matthew chapter 15:24: “I was sent only to the lost sheep of Israel.”

That Selectively “Identified” Race of people, The descendants of the patriarch Israel, was confirmed in Matthew 10:5 when Christ gave his apostles explicit instructions before sending them out: “Do not turn aside unto the Gentiles (Meaning Non-Israelites! Not non-Jewish as the Synagogue of Satan would have you believe), nor enter into the towns of the Samaritans; but go rather unto the Lost Sheep of Israel.”

Biblically correct, the “Lost Sheep” are the descendants of Adam, through Noah, to Abraham and then Israel — those who “lost their national Racial / Identity“ through Babylonian and Assyrian captivity; those systematically indoctrinated by pagan cultures and religions.

THIRD: it is imperative to know that the “House of Israel“ comprised all the descendants of Jacob, who was renamed Is-Ra-El (Issue-Reigning-With El, or YAHWEH) and our Father Yahweh mandated that the patriarch be Abraham. Israel would be the father of nations and a company of nations, —the greatest nation(s) on earth.

THAT BEGAN WITH ISRAEL’S SONS FOUNDING the Twelve-Tribed Nation, Israel. Their descendants established the company of nations, Great Britain and later splitting-off to the United States. The founding peoples of those later nations were exclusively of Anglo-Saxon/Germanic and Kindred peoples. This fact alone bears witness that we are the True Israel. Yahweh said absolutely that His people shall be known in Isaac’s name. No other Race can make that claim. Only those of Anglo-Saxon descent.

The kingdom of Israel — later divided into the two-tribed southern Nation Judah and the northern ten-tribed nation Israel — was then, and is today, the descendants of Israel’s 12 sons who’s progeny today make up all the tribes of Israel.

FOURTH: It is extremely important to understand that patriarch Israel’s heritage is traced directly to Adam. Our mortal existence, necessarily, also begins with Adam. Knowing the difference between the Adamic Race (and all the other “men & women” of varying races (Caucasian, Negroid & Mongolian) and sub races (mixed race / sub species) is equally important in knowing your Genetic Identity.

In Genesis, the event is vividly recounted where Eve was beguiled (Hebrew Translation=Seduced) by the Serpent and Eve conceived. For her transgression, Yahweh told Eve that He would put enmity between her seed, and the seed of the serpent. Yahweh also said that he would multiply her sorrow in her conception. Evidently, and unmistakably, Eve gave birth to a child, one directly resulting from her conjugal foray with the seductive Serpent.

FIFTH: Throughout the Bible, from Genesis to Revelation, the “Serpent“ is nowhere alluded to as anything other than the Devil and Satan — unless distinctly referring to a literal snake. And here, one of even elementary intelligence can logically conclude that Eve did not conceive and give birth to a human child by means of seduction and sexual conjugation with a literal snake of the field.

SIXTH: The offspring resulting from that conception was Cain, the first White Mongrel. His progeny being the seed of the Serpent that Yahweh placed an enmity with the seed of Eve — righteous Able and later Seth’s progeny. Cain in his inherent wickedness, slew Able. As an aside, one can further corroborate that Cain is not Adam’s son in Genesis 5 where The progeny of Adam is painstakingly delineated and nowhere is Cain mentioned.

SEVENTH: After Cain slew Able,  Yahweh cast Cain out from the garden and into the Land of Nod.

Cain then appealed to Yahweh? Fearing for his life — that all who would come upon him would kill him — so Yahweh placed a mark on Cain to identify and protect him from harm. Cain at once took himself a wife and began the building of a great city.

By reason of that painfully obvious and simple biblical fact, it is absolutely necessary that Cain Took his wife from a non-Adamic people already long existing on earth. Thence, the adulterated strain of the Adamic/Satanic Mongrel-Line (Brown / Yellow people) procreated in Cain’s genealogy to this day. Search in biblical times were called Canaanites or Kenites. Today known as false-Judeans, the Jews.

Since Yahweh created all things (pure), these millennia upon millennia-old non-Adamic peoples living in the land of Nod (Outside the Garden), were evidently creations of Yahweh during prior errors or ages either here on planet earth or were originally from elsewhere in the universe and brought here.

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