The “Whitehouse” is the Jew-House! 

Our own Race has betrayed us. 

Many whites have lost their facilities after drinking the poisonous wine of diversity, handed to them by the filthy jews. They have grown soft, stupid and easily manipulated. Our race is full of cowards, brainwashed sheep-people, mindless pawns who are easily used. Not all of our people are in this poetic condition, a few hearty souls and free-thinkers still exist, but their cries of anguish are often drowned out by masses screaming “Black Lives Matter”, the “Holocaust”, “Fags are descent people”, “Jews are our allies”, and the list goes on and on.

Whitey is in big trouble and we have our own Race to blame.

Our people have allowed the jew to gain such a firm foothold in this country that they can run our government like marionette. Jews scream their poision and most of our people are more interested in swelling beer and watching niggerball games to notice.

The jews now have their pet niggerbeast….these kosher beast creatures and their mud allies should have been purged long, long ago, but our people have chosen slavery rather the removal of the evil within our society. 

Just like the niggers whom were brought to America (by the jews) as slaves, our own people have sold us into slavery. It is a slavery to the jew, using their Kosher Beast, the niggers, to inject the communist poison.

We are now seeing a gradual erosion of the right of whites and a steady increase in our slavery. Some oppression is happening quickly, but the overall destruction of all of white people’s rights is still orchestrated by gradualism. They are boiling us to death by slowly turning the water up. This is how the jews got in the Whitehouse, through decades of tele-jew and media brainwashing.

Hell wasn’t built in a day, and our brave, new nigger-controlled world will be exactly that for whitey: A total Living Hell!



  1. Milissa says:

    In most of the schools today White Children are already living in hell, not just from the physical attacks from negros and all nonwhites, but from the Marxist teachers with their agenda if destroying the pride of being White with their CRT, but also with the class they call social studies. You are 100% correct in saying this will never end till we end it; parents who do nothing while their children are being mentally and physically attacked are just as guilty as the communist system we call school.

    1. Thank you, Milissa!!!
      Well said. Our enemy is within.
      We must expose and weed them out…
      RogueOps offers solutions.

      Take care Stay safe!!

  2. Jackie2015 says:

    Tnank you. Reposted.

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