An Aryan Vision

 I have a vision of the resurrection of the Aryan spirit across this great land of ours. I have a vision that once again little white communities will spring up all across this land, and that little white children will be able to go to school with other little white children, to receive an education in a system that is by, of and for White people and their children. So that an honest education can be had once again in this land, without fear of reprisal from special interest groups. Special interest groups who seek only to serve the non-white masses at the cost of an education that rightfully belongs to a mind that thirsts for knowledge. And not a group of beings that care not about earning an honest education, but only receiving unnatural props supplied by White Americans, so that the Negro and the Mexican (Mestizo) can feel like something that they will never be, and that is equal to those little White children whose eyes are so bright with learning and potential. I have a vision that once again in this land of ours, that little white children can go to a clean, safe, public park to play and laugh and run with the joy that is in their little hearts, without their mothers having to live in fear for their young precious lives and innocence. I have a vision for White America, that our wives and our daughters are free to go wherever they please without fear of a non-white thug dragging them from their cars, beating, raping and murdering them and then only to be left to a system that makes feeble excuses for the animal instead of exacting justice on a tree where the criminal deserves one fate and one fate only. And not only the non-white, but any white scum as well who would dare to harm one of his own. The scripture tells us that judgment must first begin at the house of God. Won’t you brothers and sisters join in, to bring this vision to a reality and this beast system to it’s knees. Join in the fight for independence and freedom from the slavery and oppression that has taken White America by the throat, and forces us to surrender our children to a system that seeks only to destroy their young lives. Stand up to this beast system that opens its arms to every third world scum that manages to make a pass across one of our borders. Stand up to a beast system that sends millions upon millions of your tax dollars in foreign aid to third world countries filled with inhabitants who hate you, and given the chance they would cut you and your children down in cold blood. Stand up for your lives and fight the enemies that threaten the people created in the image of the Most High God. Stand up, awake and take back what is rightfully yours White America, before it becomes too late.

Hail the Victory of Christ our King!

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