Whatever Happened to the Canaanites?

I thought for the sake of understanding our point that the “jews”, as they call themselves today, are nothing like the people in the Holy Scriptures, so for starters, let us look at the archaeological pictures of the subhumans that we claim that they descend from.

The Nose god
This Hittite and Canaanite Deity is one of our favorites, after all, who else would you suppose should be worshiping the “Nose god”. I see pictures of Buddha represented as an oriental or a continental Indian, and I have seen our Messiah represented as an Aryan as he should be, but the point here is that nations usually worship gods and idols that represent themselves, unless they are animals, so we can assume that this Canaanite and Hittite [Heth-ite] “deity” looks like the people that deified their “Holy Presence”

Oy, the Source
This is an ancient drawing of a Canaanite, now please ask yourself, who today has this aardvark like beak, sloped forehead, and an obviously irregular profile. In the past we have labeled certain self professed “Chosen Ones” with this certain Pinocchio like feature as Toucan Schmeuls, Irregular features such as large noses, large ears, chins, or an absence of chins or forehead ridges is usually associated with inbreeding, or the hereditary effects of past inbreeding, for example, when Ham had sex with his mother, Canaan the offspring of incest would carry a weakened genetic code forever. This is a child of Canaan, what the prophets called, “Children of Incest”

As we can all see, these traits are evidently present in the self-professed “jewish” horde, however, now we need to look to where the hooked bill emanated from. It is obvious to even the brain dead, that the Canaanite features are now considered “jewish”, so lets evaluate the other dominant features, like the recessed chin, and the saucer lip.

The Hittite/Heth-ite 
These nasally well-endowed persons had a large protrusion, as well as the fold down effect, although the pictures of Hittites have variations from the large straight beak, to the medium through large hooked beak, the fact cannot be denied, the people that most closely resemble these condemned races are today those that call themselves the “Chosen Ones”, you can ask, how can that be? We can all see from the pictures all around here, that modern “jewry” has these features, in fact it is these very features that separates them from all other races, these features we know associate as “jewish” are actually evidence that they are mixed breeds of Canaanite Origin, this would also explain why Yahweh has rejected them for salvation, and has “Chosen” them for damnation.

An Ancient “jew”?
Notice the “jewish” features again, the recessed chin, the hooked beak, as well as what is called “saucer lip” is all to clear here, and these features are today associated with “jewry”. This is a Hittite warrior, this is what the race Esau interbred with, looked like, and this is also the race of the Chasers, after all, they once ruled the Babylonian Empire for a small time, and were then driven north into Kazakhstan, as it is known today. Shall we name him Schlomo, Schmeul, Jaime, or Yankl? What we can all call him is a Canaanite hybrid bastard, and he is the ancestor of what today calls themselves “jewry”.

Below is a chart explaining the origins of the modern “jew” from the Bible, please note, shaded areas on the side of Yahweh are those who were either divine rejects, or race-mixers with the children of Satan. This chart explains how the Canaan-Heth seedlines are now dominant in modern jews, as well as how they all ended up in Judah at the time of the Babylonian captivity, thus all sides declared themselves to be jews. This is what Yashua Messiah meant when he spoke to “Jews that believed”, vs. “jews” that “were not his sheep”. The word “jew” only meant a resident of Judea, and had no racial implication at the time of the Messiah, so read below and remember your Biblical Genealogies.

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