All Manner of Evil

The remnant of thinking white Aryans in America today are getting a dose of Jew perversion shoved down their collective throats! Its not bad enough that the movie industry, TV, and most all print media are full of lying Yid propaganda intimating that our male population have thrown their crowns of authority to the mongrel beasts of the earth.

Now comes the fruit of our induced perversions: an ego maniac named Biden must have read Fenton’s translation of Bible scripture that translated that the word Shinar signifies Biden-land. So BIDEN thinks its his land? So being full of anti-Christ filth, inventing lies which are dutifully proclaimed by the Jew press, radio, and TV. We go to WAR against the land and people in BIDEN land. 

There is an old German saying “When aliens defile our land, Hate is our law and revenge is our duty” With Bombs & tanks, backed by the worlds largest stockpile of (weapons of mass destruction) we attacked a nation that had no air force no army to speak of that offered hardly a token of defense. 

If white and not ashamed of it, then you’re a hater according to the Jew media. True it is as David said of God’s enemies “Do I not hate them, I hate them with a perfect hatred” Now David while not perfect “was a man after Gods own heart” This concept of hate, where did it come from? Anyone who has read scripture can guess that it started when Cain and Able were talking and Cain slew Able. That was the first murder, which came after the first lie according to Jesus the Christ. 

The Alpha and Omega; The end will be as the beginning with one species gone and one Victorious. Check the unconditional promises given to the elect sons of Adam for which one. 

Our adversaries now have unlimited “money”, power of the press, Television, publishing and military might, plus the souls of men in positions of power as judges. This seems to be overwhelming? Our Father wants to prove to His elect that the satanic power will be as nothing when His judgment reigns. 

So the adversary says all manner of evil against you falsely for your stand in His infinite Law and Word. Rejoice and be exactingly glad for great is your reward in His Victory!

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