A Message to White Youth

Stay healthy and strong. Band together. Drink a little beer, if you must. Avoid drugs like the plague. Study. Think. Talk among yourselves. Never doubt your superiority. True history and good eyesight proves it. Set the example for the little ones, and love, respect and protect them. They are flesh of your flesh, and blood of your blood. They are you. And, in the future they will exceed your wildest expectations.
Your parents have proven by their apathy and inaction they care little about your future, your children’s future, or future generations of your Race. To be like them means inevitable racial oblivion.
Stay free. Stay in school. Learn. Exercise your mind continually. Never become depressed. Be happy young warriors in this final struggle for the survival of our kind. And never doubt the truth as you will come to know that truth. Truth will open your mind and set you free.
Jew television is enemy intelligence. Watch it. Study it. And analyze it closely. The filth, evil, and animal-like degeneracy promoted by the “puke box” is plain to see. The Jews seek to lead you into ruin and racial suicide.
Keep your Race pure at all costs.
A strong man can defeat ten cowards. Study the martial arts. Lift weights. Look strong, be strong. Become obsessed with physical and mental power.
Respect your mate. Otherwise, no one will. And be faithful. Let the “others” wallow in filth and degeneracy while you become stronger, wiser and united.
Band together in groups. Your solidarity will inspire others. Defend, but do not attack. Truth is on your side, and truth spoken loudly and persistently always prevails.
Hidden within your young minds lies the solutions to all problems, and the path towards the survival of your Race and the spreading of your genes throughout the universe. Bringing forth and implementing that genius for yourselves and for future generations will not only give purpose and meaning to your lives, it is why the God who made you White, put you here upon this earth.
You were born in bondage to the Jews. Your parents are programmed and contented slaves too paralyzed by fear, intimidation, and ignorance of the truth to free themselves or you.
Therefore, you were born to fight.
Look into the beautiful light faces and innocent bright eyes of the little ones. That heavenly sight dictates what you must do.

Unite! Organize! Educate! Expose the Jews!
Fight and no surrender!


  1. milissa61 says:

    I sent this to two of my teenage granddaughters.

    1. Johnny Eaton says:

      Such great words. Will be sending this to all 5 of my grandkids and pray that there eyes shall be opened.

      1. milissa61 says:

        You must love your grandchildren 🙂

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