Beware of the Agent Provocateur

The agent provocateur may be a paid, or unpaid agent enlisted by the enemies of our Race. His function is to infiltrate, disrupt, and/or destroy.
Like a Trojan Horse, the agent provocateur works to destroy our Kindreds communities from within. He does this by first winning the trust and confidence of those he has targeted.
There are two kinds of provocateurs: the soft provocateur, and the hard provocateur. Both are dangerous to the white Race, so be on guard.
The soft provocateur is an expert at the three D’s of destruction: Dissension, distraction, and disruption. His arsenal includes fabrications, distortions, misrepresentations, and misinformation. He spreads slander systematically and craftily; seeking to undermine the kindred leadership, and thus deny it of it’s driving force. He plants seeds of doubt with the object of turning our kindreds attentions away from Kindred activity, and instead diverting it and it’s resources against itself. His modus operandi is: divide and conquer!
The hard provocateur is a more direct animal, and therefore a bit easier to detect and contain. He presents himself as a man of action, and is consistently trying to lure others into illegal actions. It is implied that if you don’t follow his plans of illegality, then you are somehow lacking in spirit or dedication. He thus uses intimidation and peer pressure to entrap otherwise intelligent folk into participating in illegal schemes that are both doomed to fail, and designed to place the kindred in a poor public light.

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  1. Jackie2015 says:

    So true. I have been always suspicious, especially to strangers. And even more so when they are extremely friendly. My alarm bells start ringing to wake up the red flags.
    GOOD post and very well explained.

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