America’s Illegal Alien Plague

White Americans! We are at our most desperate hour!

Our Zionist occupied US government continues to wage total war against whites while many of our people slumber in ignorance. Uncle Sam’s declared war against the white race in the sixties and Americas state-sponsored genocide has continued steadily for over 70 years.

We are now seeing the end results of decades of our Zionist Occupied Government’s long goal to Eliminate the white European populace.

How did our race fall into such a desperate state?

Corrupt politicians introduced twisted Laws in the sixties that favored non-white legal immigration while discouraging white immigration. They left the borders open for decades, using only token law enforcement, which has allowed tens of millions of these dusty, turd-world beasts to shuffle across the border. With the Alien invasion came a vile alien culture that is highly destructive to our people. With future legal and illegal immigration made up primarily of non-whites, American’s demographics have shifted drastically. European American’s face the destruction of our culture, our people and our way of life.

Non White immigration, both legal and illegal is decimating America: As the brownskinned alien invaders continue to increase in number the white race is overwhelmed. The white bloodline is slowly descending into a cesspool of brown-skinned genetic filth.

The Mexican invaders breed like roaches. These mud women come from a society where sex with children is considered acceptable and they are constantly pregnant. In America, the aliens pop out kids that become instant US citizens due to an extremely evil law that grants Birthright Citizenship. Another tool of treason passed by our corrupt politicians with the sole purpose of legalizing illegal aliens. With plenty of legal anchor babies in America, the muds can even apply to legally bring family members in from mexico. The illegal alien baby-machines are allowed to stay in America and are rewarded all kinds of benefits like Food Stamps, Free Medical care, Public Housing, Welfare Checks and other giveaways that just don’t exist in Mexico. Our government rewards the Mexifilth with goodies while the white taxpayer is forced to pay the bill for the invaders that are killing us.  

Why would our Government promote minorities at the expense of the white race? The answer is very simple! Both of our political parties are corrupt and have sold out. America doesn’t allow slavery so illegal aliens are the next best thing!

Both political parties have together sold the White race down the river but for different reasons: The democrats want the Mexicans here because they almost always vote for democratic candidates. If the minorities didn’t support the liberals, the Democratic party would give a damn about the minorities so called civil rights. 

The rich republican business owners want the Mexican invaders here because they work for peanuts.

So for whatever evil reason and whatever pro-jewish political party you vote for, they both encourage the genocidal invasion and the end result is always the same: racial extinction for Whitey! Just Like a bad science fiction movie, our people are literally being replaced by aliens.  

 The great tragedy is how the children of illegals utterly demolish a white community. As the anchor babies grow up in America they become fluent in both English and Spanish. Their mostly Spanish speaking parents were content working on the farms and the doing manual labor that was once done by the slaves. With no education and a minimal understanding of English the illegal Alien parents were relegated to farm labor, landscaping and service industries like fast food. 

But this new generation of America-Born Mexi-filth is unwilling to work just the lousy jobs and live just on the Mexican side of town. The fully-grown anchor babies have swept into White American cities, like a invading army of locusts, absorbing traditional blue collar jobs in industries such as construction and  manufacturing. The influx of this cheap brownskin labor has had disastrous effects in employment. The Mexican-muds will almost always bring the wages down. They can even absorb most available apartment housing, causing housing shortages and drastic rent increases. The roads and freeways become seriously congested due to the influx of this brown debris, public resources are stretched to the limit, and crime skyrockets.

 The leftists tell us that diversity is good. They say that exposure to wondrous mexican culture will enrich our lives. Let’s take a look at a certain not so enriching element of their primitive society.

Most people don’t know that the age of sexual consent in Mexico would be a Felony rape charge in America. Mexico has 32 legal Jurisdictions with laws that vary but here is the breakdown: The age of consent in one Jurisdiction is 15.  The age of consent in seven Jurisdictions is 14. The age of consent in one Jurisdiction is 13 and the age of consent in 21 of mexico’s Jurisdictions is 12. Two Jurisdictions don’t even have an age of consent, allowing the child to get raped when they reach Puberty. 

A Map Showing Age of Consent Around the World. Mexico being DARK BLUE!

What this means: defiling children is legal in Mexico!

Now picture the illegal alien pedophile filth coming to America who grew up in a culture where it is legally and socially acceptable to rape children. A country that openly encourages sexual predators, do you think these invaders will just discard their perverted Mexican roots and suddenly take on American values that respect children?  The Mexican perverts will continue their vile activities in their new found home America. They will continue to target children but now in your community and maybe even your daughter!

 To someone raised in Mexico it is perfectly legal to marry children. The corrupt turd-world of Mexico is little more than a heaven for pedophiles.

As they say, everything is legal in mexico. Bribery and corruption are out of control. Mexican perverts that target children under the age of 12 can easily get out of criminal charges with the proper bribes!

This is the real reason why the Mexicans breed so very quickly, 
they’re forcing children to make children. 

The extremely ugly facts about the low Mexican Age of consent is available online to anyone brave enough to do the research. But, you can bet CNN or FOX news will never cover this story. Is this the grand Mexican culture that we are supposed to be enriched with? Brown-skinned perverts who grew up in a culture that accepts pedophilia, abusing white children?

 Our current system protects and coddles the worst of the worst, Stretching out a death sentences for 8, 10 and sometimes 15 years. The current legal system allows corrupt lawyers to keep these scum alive so they can milk more money from the state for legal fees. I say give them death! Legally Execute the perverts quickly with no endless streams of appeals. I promise you today that in a National Socialist Government the Pedophiles and perverts regardless of their race will receive capital punishment. Each Sick, twisted animal will feel the sting of the rope suck the life out of their filthy carcass!  

 It has been the US government’s job to secure the borders and protect the racial integrity of White America. They have failed miserably, and not by accident. The have allowed an inhuman invasion of baby-raping beasts that literally destroy everything in their path. Over 20 million of these vile creatures live illegally in America, Our borders are porous and on purpose. The traitors in our government have permitted this mexi-mess and have earned the ultimate in punishment for acts of treason.   

Advocates for the Illegal Aliens say that they contribute to the American economy. But a recent study by the Heritage Foundation exposes this leftist promoted myth. The Study found that illegal aliens, costs U.S. taxpayers more than $32,000 each in federal, state and local benefits. 

If the lower figure of 12 million illegal aliens is used for estimation purposes, the total lifetime tax burden is $2.2 trillion. Cheap labor is not cheap when you look at the drain on public resources. Huge expenses are incurred to imprison Mexican drug dealers, gang members and vile pedophiles.

Many of our public hospitals have been all but destroyed by the constant flow of non-paying Mexicans who are required to be treated under current law. This all translates into the cost of medical services skyrocketing to compensate for the losses created by the brownskinned thieves.  

Meanwhile the jew-enslaved traitors of our own government continue to push for blanket amnesty for all browners. Biden wants a guest worker plan, which will give the Mexicans an easy way to get in the country. Once the aliens get here they usually don’t leave. The guest worker program is merely a con, more smoke and mirrors from the corrupt conmen at the Biden Administration to destroy the white race. 

I’m tired of watching our world being destroyed by Mexi-invaders who are supported by the worst of the white race.  I am tired of seeing Mexican stores, restaurants and their rolling-roach kitchens spring up virtually overnight in what was white neighborhoods. I’m tired of seeing the stinking hordes of brown-skinned beasts standing by the side of the road awaiting a day job. I’m tired of these subhumans spreading their turd-world diseases that America had once Eliminated.  I am tired of the Orwellian Massmedia’s newspeak that is completely littered with pro-mud propaganda. I am tired of the constant brainwashing directed towards white America to just lay down and die. I am tired of seeing traitors within our own race aiding and abetting this White American holocaust. I’m Tired of reading about these savage brownskinned beasts Raping, Robbing and murdering in what were white neighborhoods. 

These savage beasts must be removed from our country immediately! I say round up the subhuman scum and ship them out! They need to leave this country now! Give them a choice: on a bus or in a box! 

 It matters not if so called conservative businessmen make billions! It matters not that a corrupt political party caters to it’s Illegal alien voting base. It matters not how much pain will be caused to deport the aliens. White America is being flushed down a third-world toilet and we need to take drastic measures.

How much worse does the invasion have to get before the fair-skinned Aryan Folk say enough is enough! 

When, White man when will you wake up and save your race? Will it take the losing of your job as it is outsourced to mexico? Will it take one of your family members being robbed, raped and murdered by the subhuman Mexican savages? 

Join with us now! before it is too late!

Pedophilia: It’s all legal in Mexico!

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  1. Jackie2015 says:

    Yes, we must share the truth. We must share who we, the White people, are and to Whom we belong to. There is only one God of Israel, the Most High.

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