February 6, 2001: The eighth verse of the twenty first chapter of the sixty sixth Book of the law gave us an eternal final rule of conduct to be avoided by Aryan men. Those that are unable to comply with this standard are not of us and must be separated from us.

In this regard there are those who meant to do us evil, but Our Father means it for good. Therefore members who Believed the lie that our cause was dead “for fear of the Jews” have done our cause a favor by separating themselves from our midst. As Samuel Adams said “may the chains rest lightly on you and may we forget you were ever our Countrymen”.
Therefore any that fear the Jew more than they fear their Heavenly Father are invited to leave our company in peace, that we may continue our assigned mission on earth with Honor and dignity. Our Motto “SURRENDER NEVER”.
Pastor Richard G. Butler: Aryan Nations - World Leader
(Well said Pastor - Rest in Peace)
II Timothy 2:2.
“…and what you have learned from me, with many proofs, deposit with faithful men, who may be competent to teach others.”

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Pastor Richard G. Butler – My Side of the Story

“Remember, if you’ve ever worked for anything, if you ever stood for anything, you stand for it with all your life. They can take away from you, every material possession. But theres one thing they can’t take from you. Thats your Honor. The only thing you can do with your Honor is forfeit it. You have your Honor from the day your born till the day you die, unless you forfeit it yourself. Therefore, MY HONOR IS MY LOYALTY!!

~Pastor Richard G. Butler~